With Morgan Avery

2021.10.26 02:50 PornGuru69420 With Morgan Avery

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2021.10.26 02:50 mememaker1211 Australia commits to 2050 net zero emissions plan but with no detail and no modelling

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2021.10.26 02:50 narayanvaibhav Am i the only one or this season's rank is tough (Also stuck at master 4 any help will be appreciated)

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2021.10.26 02:50 TheBamaify Montage #11

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2021.10.26 02:50 killHACKS heeeeeeeehhhhh

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2021.10.26 02:50 MediaTrafficOrg Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott

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2021.10.26 02:50 AcidicStation LF: Shield player to redeem my Zacian code will be willing to trade my shiny Zamazenta if i have to

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2021.10.26 02:50 No_Presentation5632 add me i need xp:) 2916 4571 0829

thank you guys
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2021.10.26 02:50 rinku_249 Demon not working as intended?

Demon got reworked due to the changes to the ouija board, it is supposed to take some sanity but not a lot according to the journal, however a demon just took 40 sanity off of me with a single question which was correctly answered. Is this intended?
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2021.10.26 02:50 House_Subs Talking to current owners or tenants.

Why do we have an arms length approach in the U.K. when purchasing a property. Rarely is the owner or tenants around for viewings leaving an EA to answer questions in a very vague uneducated way.
And in the occasions I’ve gone back to talk to owners and tenants over 50% have been caddy about taking to prospective buyers and been fairly offish as I guess it’s just not really done often.
Personally when selling I like chatting to prospective buyers, particularly at 2/3rd viewings. I get to sell why I loved the home and also gauge their interest.
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2021.10.26 02:50 glazednut69 May have lost my ONE?

Sorry for the newbie question:
I just tried sending my bag of ONE to the Murph Validator, but I believe I accidentally sent too much, which didn't cover the gas. Are these tokens gone forever or are they someplace else? Thank you for your help.
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2021.10.26 02:50 flissan Quiz - Klubbar på Engelska

1 poäng:
Ore Island The Animal Garden The Ball Club Ass The Public Sports Club
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2021.10.26 02:50 puddlepirate20 These folks made a candy shoot out of a drain pipe

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2021.10.26 02:50 Heerranjha708 Madhuri Dixit looking ravishing

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2021.10.26 02:50 appsaraby أرباح فيس بوك تتفوق على توقعات المحللين بالربع الثالث 2021

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2021.10.26 02:50 PawgRePost heres a 1 hour drawing of the warden,im not good with colors

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2021.10.26 02:50 SandwichAutomatic933 Lithium Australia

Its stock price at A$0.140 is not rising as fast as its counterpart in US at US$26, reasons?
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2021.10.26 02:50 throway22344 Regret destroying tulpa

Is there a possibility to reestablish connection? had her for 2 years or something like that and i felt like my life was too boring for a tulpa and i betrayed them too much so i destroyed them (without any guide). they haven't been talking as much but there are still pockets where i think its them. I regret my decision 1-2 months later (bad tracking of time) and want to get them back.
my worry is that I didnt "destroy them" exactly but instead they just muted and stopped talking. I'm now left with only my internal monologue which is different to how i perceived hers. If theyre just not talking to me then I worry i wont be able to ever reestablish connection. any advice?
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2021.10.26 02:50 butterscotch0219 yeah 😎

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2021.10.26 02:50 tilac Friend misplaced 40,000 FTM. I'm trying to help him recover it.

Yikes! He's not very tech minded and this is my first foray into the FTM ecosystem. I think I know what happened but am looking for confirmation.
So the story goes over a year ago he purchased 40k FTM. He wanted to send them from his exchange Coinspot to the Fantom wallet. He has the (empty) Fantom Opera wallet address.
What he also has is the sent transaction which shows a completely different address and a wallet full of ERC-20 tokens.
He claims he wanted to send them on the Opera chain but chose ERC-20 by mistake. This doesn't add up to me because the address is different. The only conclusion I can make is he sent them to another ETH address in a different wallet that he (hopefully) owns.
This is the only logical explanation, right? I have him currently scouring every wallet he ever made that can hold ERC-20 tokens to find the address that matches the etherscan. This is the correct path to follow in this instance?
Thanks for any help confirming my suspicion or suggestions on a path to follow to recover these misplaced coins.
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2021.10.26 02:50 Trick_State4451 Pedals spinning

When a tire is spun backwards on a road bike, are the pedals suppose to rotate as well? Don’t think I noticed that before. Also when putting the rear tire on, it naturally wants to be all the way to the left when I initially put it on the cassette. Had to make some micro adjustments earlier while on the wahoo kickr. Did I make an incorrect adjustment?
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2021.10.26 02:50 Baby-Baphomet Oof

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2021.10.26 02:50 Adam-best Multifunction Pillow A new 2020 memory cotton pillow is designed to prevent your arms from going numb while you sleep. Greet the day in the best possible condition. It's perfect for couples and makes your relationship closer. It can also be used for normal naps, with your hands in an optimal posi

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2021.10.26 02:50 AutoModerator Dragula S04E02 - [Live/Reaction Post]

Welcome to the live reaction thread!
Please keep all commentary about the episode as it happens in here. Following the episode we will have a post episode reaction thread where you can discuss the episode as a whole. Post episode reactions should be discussed in that thread, not as a new post to the sub.
MARK YOUR SPOILERS, and be courteous if you happen to be watching a live feed with faster commercial breaks. Failure to use spoiler tags will result in a ban.
Reminder that all spoilers and T should be posted in /spoileddragrace! Please see the spoiler policy for more details.
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2021.10.26 02:50 arkh4ngelsk What’s the oldest still-inhabited city in your state? Is it well-known/a tourist destination, or is it relatively forgotten?

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