$50 to whoever can help me fix my CSGO

2021.11.27 02:18 1awk $50 to whoever can help me fix my CSGO

Hello, I have been experiencing major problems in CS since about a year ago, I returned to the game 2 years ago after a 1 year break and everything was fine for the first year, things were smooth game felt as it usually did and how I remember it and then a year ago it just started to all go to shit, the movement feels horrible, random skips in frames, when people peek me they are not even on my screen by the time I am being shot, peeking people does not work as well, holding angles is horrible, shots do not register as well as they should. It all started very randomly and I have gone through extensive pain trying to fix this problem, I have built an entirely new computer (5900x and 3070), bought a voltage regulator which did not help at all, bought 2 different monitors and third one is on its way, completely new keyboard and mouse, have tried different outlets in my house, new motherboards, everything I could possibly do and nothing is working. Before you reply with the normal clean driver install, clean windows install, every csgo optimization, everything in bios. I have tried it all everything that is out there regarding to problems in CSGO, other games work fine that I have tried. Please try and help it would be greatly appreciated and would help me finally get through this thanks. Also, it is completely weird but after a power outage in late august and september, everything was fine for about 5 days and then it went back to how it usually is.
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2021.11.27 02:18 Effective_Middle Enhance your Ecommerce Strategy with Click-and-Collect

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2021.11.27 02:18 NoCommercial7609 Interview of the singer "Winx" Elisa Rosselli about working on seasons 5-7:

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2021.11.27 02:17 ZENESYS_316 Human is a skeleton if they don't have flesh

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2021.11.27 02:17 ellafirewolf My boy knows exactly when it’s time for mama to get off her night shift.

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2021.11.27 02:17 Cashaunn Spotify issue

Has anyone had an issue on their google home hub using spotify where your music will say its on 4:45 but the song is only 2 minutes long?
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2021.11.27 02:17 JoeyDariz Cresselia raid on me 4797 9147 1416

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2021.11.27 02:17 glr123 How to unload a refrigerator

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2021.11.27 02:17 Throwaway86747291 A little photoshoot in Utah...

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2021.11.27 02:17 alifcollection Rate My Bio + Tips?

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2021.11.27 02:17 saayantan KidsAreFuckingStupid 🤣🎉✨🧨

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2021.11.27 02:17 idspispopd ‘We are not here to get killed’: Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions met with armed police response

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2021.11.27 02:17 sneakyhank IN EPPLER WE TRUST

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2021.11.27 02:17 HopelessCollegiate Thoughts of the day

"my journey will start and end alone. Yet, that does not mean it was made alone."
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2021.11.27 02:17 rocky5020 Katiana Kay shows off her hot naked body Video

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2021.11.27 02:17 theg721 What 1995 or earlier French film is this text referring to?

I went to the Japanese room at La Pagode to see an autobiographical film by a French director. It opened with footage of Cairo during the Gulf War. The director was represented by a middle-aged Egyptian writer: same glasses. I was still weighing the merits of the Arabic voiceover when, unexpectedly, the film about Cairo ended and a film about the French director began in earnest.
The text is from 1995, so the film can't be any later than that.
I've been Googling but I've yet to get anywhere; I don't know a whole lot about French cinema, alas. I was wondering if anyone here might know the film?
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2021.11.27 02:17 vacantvalley why are my notifications see through and how can i fix it on ios

my notifications r see through how can i make them blocks not see through or the color of my wallpaper
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2021.11.27 02:17 Dawnsire I can finally escape ACT 1

I can finally escape ACT 1
thank god it has been so long
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2021.11.27 02:17 XboxMxMB1ue Changes of heart...

Just let... go... Memories aren't forever. I want all of you to remember that, and when I.O takes me in and executes me for treason, remember, Wingman is the one we have to save, and if we don't, our lives hang in a balance.
I hope to see all of you on the flipside, writing about the new island, exploring and peeking around new areas, and maybe, just maybe, Wingman may find a girlfriend. Hell, maybe soon. But my time here in this side is ticking down, and our revolt may never happen. But peace has come in, and, to be honest, I don't want to revolt anymore. Sure as hell I don't agree with I.O, but maybe war isn't the answer, maybe a new branch, or a new owner, or we live off each other. Maybe, just maybe, all of us will live in harmony, living with our favorite reporter, and us doing normal duties around WASC.
I love you all (especially you Torin, kidding) and I hope to see all of you on the flipside.
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2021.11.27 02:17 RbeeTbee Cross selling his dogs Instagram to his LinkedIn professional network.

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2021.11.27 02:17 RBolton123 Klojban, an Evolving Conlang XIV

Klojban, an Evolving Conlang: Introduction With the downfall of EvolvingConlang and the rise of like ten others in its place, I firmly believe that a spiritual successor to it must be made. u/EkskiuTwentyTwo, if you want me to delete this, I shall.
Anyways, here is Klojban, named in the same manner as Lojban was to Loglan. Somewhat. It will have more rules than the other "add features by commenting them" conlangs:

Previously, on Lucifer... (Winning Changes) By u/Anjeez929 with 2 points:
The word Yaya /jaja/ means Baby.
If The word Cloń can have an irregular spelling, Why not Yaya?
By u/NoCocksInTheRestroom with 2 points:
New tenses for parallel timelines! (parallel shortened to "par")
par Present—pha(p)-
par scary Present of our reality —thu(t)-
par General Past—khi(t)-
par General future—che(t)-
a time existing outside of the comprehensom of arbitrary scales— a(p)-
By u/RBolton123 with 1 point:
Word-final plosives are lost, and the vowel preceding it gets a low tone.
Word-final fricatives are lost, and the vowel preceding it gets a high tone.
/ɟ/ becomes /dʑ/.
/ɾʲ/ becomes /ɾij/.
/j/ after another /j/ separated by a vowel becomes /n/. (e.g. /jaja/ -> /jana/) This change happens after the first one, so rjejin /ɾʲɛjin/ becomes rijenin /ɾijɛnin/
/ɫ/ is now represented with <ƚ> because Polish.

Consonants Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Pharyngeal
Nasal m n ɲ <ñ> ŋ <ń>
Voiceless Stop p t c k1
Voiced Stop b d g
Voiceless Fricative s ɕ <ś> x ħ
Voiced Fricative v
Affricate tɕ <ć>
Tap or Flap ɾ dʑ <ģ>
Approximant j2
Rounded Approximant w
Lateral l, ɫ <ƚ>
Lateral Fricative ɬ
1 - Represented by only in the word cloń /kloŋ/
2 - Represented by only in the word yaya /jaja/
Vowels (vowel length is not phonemic) Front Central Back
Close i ɯ <ı>, u
Open-mid ɛ ɚ ɔ
Open a
Vowel Harmony:
  • Rhotic vowel harmony: Syllable-final -r is pronounced /ɚ/, and if a syllable contains /ɚ/, all vowels are changed to /ɚ/ (stressed = /ɝ/). This is not reflected in the orthography.
  • Frontness Vowel Harmony: If a prefix with or /ɔ/ is added to a word with an open vowel, becomes /i/ and /ɔ/ becomes /ɚ/ (thus triggering rhotic vowel harmony).
  • Non-Grammatical (Phonemic) Tones: These were the result of a past sound change, and can be found anywhere in the word. They are high ˥, low ˩, and mid (no letter), and are represented with an acute, grave, and no diacritic respectively.
  • Grammatical Tones: These represent mood; see below.
Phonotactics: (C)(C)V(V)(C)
Grammar No cases, no tenses. Head-initial. Plurals are formed by reduplication. Adjective and adverbs agree with the noun or verb they modify in tense and mood or noun class
Nouns and pronouns use noun classes, which are demarcated with prefixes. If the noun begins with a vowel, then the final vowel of the prefix is dropped.
  • Abstract Concepts: hat(a)-
  • Natural Phenomena: hot(o)-
  • Nonliving Objects: xut(u)-
  • Insects: heć(i)-
  • Fish and/or French: hak(a)-
  • Other Animals: heć(e)-
  • Bad People: hok(o)-
  • Normal People: heć(i)-
  • Good People: heć(e)-
  • Children: xuk(u)-
  • Bad Rulers: xub(ú)-
  • Normal Rulers: hab(á)-
  • Good Rulers: heb(í)-
  • Divine or Magical Concepts, Beings, etc.: heb(é)-
  • OP (me): hob(ó)
Nouns follow ergative-absolutive alignment, with the absolutive marked with -be.
Nouns also follow this animacy system, where nouns that are more "alive" take precedence over less "alive" nouns regardless of their function in the sentence. (This is where the absolutive marker gets useful.) The order, from most alive to least alive, is: OP, Divine, Good Rulers, Normal Rulers, Bad Rulers, Children, Good People, Normal People, Bad People, Animals, Fish and/or French, Insects, Nonliving Objects, Natural Phenomena, Abstract Concepts. Subject complements always go last.
Verbs have 11 "main" tenses, all indicated with prefixes. The consonant is used if the verb begins with a vowel.
  • Theoretical Past: śa(k)-
  • Mythical past: u(b)-
  • Very far past: a(b)-
  • Far past: o(b)-
  • Near past: śe(b)-
  • General Past: śe(b)-
  • Present: (no prefix)
  • Scary Present of our reality: ta(t)-
  • Near Future: ƚi(l)-
  • Far Future: lo(l)-
  • Very Far Future: la(l)-
    There are also 5 tenses for parallel timelines, used when discussing alternate timelines and thus effectively acting as a subjunctive.
  • Parallel Present—pha(p)-
  • Parallel Scary Present of our reality —thu(t)-
  • Parallel General Past—khi(t)-
  • Parallel General future—che(t)-
  • a time existing outside of the comprehension of arbitrary scales— a(p)-
Mood in Klojban represents the speaker's emotions about the line or what they feel while delivering the line, and are represented by tones applied onto the first syllable of the verb, including the tense prefix if it has one. They are represented with emojis:
  • 😃—happy ˥
  • 😔—sad ˩
  • 😭—ZAD!˥˩
  • 😱—ZAMN!˩˥
  • 💩—Fell like shit˦˧˨
  • 👣—i am litteraly a foot fetishist˥˩˥
  • ⚰️—im gonna die˨˦˩
  • ☠️—im dead˥˦˧
  • 💀 —i forgor˩˥˨
  • 😁—i rember˥˩˦
Other Affixes:
  • gxar(e)-: Unimportant marker on verbs and nouns; shows that the speaker considers the noun or the statement as a whole to be unimportant.
  • -ńaśa: Nominalizer; verbs can take objects through the genitive.
Klojban uses the seximal number system. From one to six, the numbers are unu, du, triji, par, pin, and śé.
Lexicon NOTE: Many of these words were taken from the original Evolving Conlang. Some were taken from the broken shards of Asbakhi, so please be careful when touching them.
a /a/ - (intj) ah!
abà /aba˩/ - (v) to run
abća /abtɕa/ - (v) to spell
aceśi /aceɕi/ - (n) reptile, amphibian [fish class]; dinosaur, monster [animal class]
aƚa /aɫa/ - (n) nothingness, negation, lack, dearth, shortage [concept class]
aƚasa /aɫasa/ - (v) to hunt
aƚe /aɫɛ/ - (adj) all, every, complete, whole
ante /antɛ/ - (v) to change
anu /anu/ - (conj) or
ańí /aŋi˥/ - (n) dog
ata /ata/ - (n) bed
atí /ati˥/ - (n) cat
awen /awɛn/ - (v) to stay, to wait, to remain, to keep
awuto /awutɔ/ - (n) car [nonliving object class]
bàberiji /ba˩bɛɾiji/ - (v) to live, to breathe
baka /baka/ - (intj) f*ck (expletive)
baśorn /bɚɕɚn/ - (n) passion [abstract concept class]; suffering [divine/magical concept class]
bèbí /bɛ˩bi˥/ - (n) fruit1
bèbír /bɚ˩bɚ˥/ - (v) to drink1
bèbí /bɛ˩bi˥/ - (adj) blue1
bráncenstın /bɾa˥ncɛnstɯn/ - (n) nice animal [animal class]; scientist [good person class]; unethical scientist [bad person class]
bróbòdogo /bɾɔ˥bɔ˩dɔgɔ/ - (v) to implement something but not actually use it
cekawe /cɛkawɛ/ - (v) to take
cerbe /cɚbɚ/ - (intj) hello, what's up
cevana /cɛvana/ - (n) restaurant
cieƚ /cieɫ/ - (pron) how
ćiriji /tɕiɾiji/ - (n) tree
cloń /klɔŋ/ - (n) a thing that everybody keeps at the outback of their mind but doesn't really think about it
du /du/ - (num) two
e /ɛ/ - (v) to be (copula)
é /ɛ˥/ - (pron) 2nd person1
eta /ɛta/ - (n) meat1
etwaļi /ɛtwaʎi/ - (n) star [divine/heavenly objects class]
ģesturorja /dʑɚstɚɾɚjɚ/ - (v) to destroy
ģivà /dʑiva˩/ - (v) to give
habá /ħaba˥/ - (v) to have
haita /ħaita/ - (v) to see
haƚidi /ħaɫidi/ - (n) exit
hamorgú /ħɚmɚgɚ˥/ - (n) absolutely trustworthy person you would give up your life and credibility for [good person class]; guy in hazmat suit [normal person class]; impostor [bad person class]
hani /ħani/ - (n) year, time, age [abstract concepts class]2
hapbá /ħapba˥/ - (n) water
hebáśi /ħɛba˥ɕi/ - (n) person, man (gender neutral)1
heka /ħɛka/ - (pron) 3rd person1
henćebá /ħɛntɕɛba˥/ - (v) to kill1
hlagarļi /ɬɚgɚʎɚ/ - (n) garlic
hlañì /ɬaɲi˩/ - (n) vegetable
hleben /ɬeben/ - (n) tree
hlità /ɬita/ - (n) fruit
hloñiśon /ɬɔɲiɕɔn/ - (n) onion
horbínćebí /ħɚbɚn˥tɕɚbɚ˥/ - (v) to submit something incomplete
ıgor /ɚgɚ/ - (n) monster [animal class]; person who seems nice but is actually evil [bad person class]
iskaja /iskaja/ - (n) sky [natural phenomena class]
isuwimi /isuwimi/ - (v) to swim
kilawì /kilawi˩/ - (n) cloud
ļe /le/ - (adv) not (intj) no
manabı /manabɯ/ - (v) to learn
monkiwastù /mɔnkiwastu˩/ - (n) voiceless pharyngeal fricative [abstract concepts class]; a sound change turning /q/ to /ħ/ [natural phenomena class]
ńi /ŋi/ - (prep) genitive marker (goes before possessor but after possessee; in addition the genitive noun phrase is surrounded by commas)
ober /ɚvɚ/ - (v) to eat
orijir /ɚɾɚjɚ/ - (v) to die
par /pɚ/ - (num) four
pin /pin/ - (num) five
xikari /xikaɾi/ - (v) to eject
xiƚakći /xiƚaktɕi/ - (v) to leave, to depart
xú /xu˥/ - (pron) 1st person
ranawe /ɾanawɛ/ - (v) to run
rijenin /ɾijɛnin/ - (n) rain [natural phenomena class] (v) to rain
rijeśiģenśi /ɾijɛɕidʑɛnɕi/ - (v) to live in a location
sa /sa/ - (n) a mass of flesh with liquid consistency
śeļiń /ɕɛʎiŋ/ - (v) to sell
śenśen /ɕɛnɕɛn/ - (adv) at all
śerije /ɕɛɾijɛ/ - (n) land
śé /ɕɛ˥/ - (num) six
sorwuka /sɚwɚkɚ/ - (adj) cold
śuw /ɕuw/ - (n) wind
to /tɔ/ - (prep) dative marker (goes before noun)
tugo /tugɔ/ - (v) to go
triji /tɾiji/ - (num) three
tsaśa /tsaɕa/ - (v) to make a top-comment-changes-whatever post
tudu /tudu/ - (v) to do
unu /unu/ - (n) animal
unu /unu/ - (num) one
vajiń /vajiŋ/ - (v) to buy
vuwil /vuwil/ - (v) to build
woka /wɔka/ - (v) to walk
yaya /jaja/ - (n) baby [children class]
1 - the first /e/ is changed to /i/ if a prefix is attached to this word
2 - "to have [number] [year]" means to be [number] years old (a French-like construction and surprisingly not my own)
Example Sentences Hobòxú xitatabe śebìxiƚakći.
/ħɔbɔ˩xu˥ xitatabɛ ɕɛbi˩xiɫaktɕi/ (note how prefixes with become /i/ when appended to a word with /a/)
hobo-x;u xut-ata-be śebù-xiƚaktɕi
"I, the original poster, left the bed."
Hocí xitihapbàbe tabìbír.
/ħɔci˥ xitiħapba˥bɛ tabɚ˩ʙɚ˥/
hok-é xutu-hapbà-be ta-bèbír (note how es becomes is and bèbír becomes bìbír with a prefix; also that qok- becomes qoc- as it precedes /e/)
"In the scary present of this reality, you, whom I consider a bad person, drink water."
Cerbe, hećixú heći-Rima-be e, hećixú hatahanibe duśé habá, hećixú abćańaśabe cieƚ śemanabı ļe śenśen baka.
/cɚbɚ ħɛtɕixu˥ ħɛtɕiɾimabɛ e ħɛtɕixu˥ ħataħanibɛ duɕɛ˥ ħaba˥ ħɛtɕixu˥ abtɕaŋaɕabɛ ciɛɫ ɕɛmanabɯ ʎɛ ɕɛnɕɛn baka/
cerbe heći-xú heći-Rima-be e heći-xú hata-hani-be du-śé habá heći-xú abća-ńaśa-be cieƚ śe-manabı ļe śenśen baka
"What up, I'm Rima, I'm 12, [and] I never f*cking learned how to spell"
Hobòxú hebetwaļi-etwaļibe śehaita ļe śenśen.
/ħɔbɔ˩xu˥ ħɛbɛtwaʎiɛtwaʎibɛ ɕɛħaita ʎe ɕɛnɕɛn/
hobo-xú heb-etwaļi~etwaļi-be śe-qaita ļe śenśen
OP-1SG DIVINE-star~PL-ABSOLUTIVE PST-see NOT[never] at.all
"I, the original poster, have never seen [the] stars.
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2021.11.27 02:17 Redz2018 9 figures !!!!!! One major milestone complete.

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2021.11.27 02:17 Cow41ife First egg! happy thanksgiving!!!

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2021.11.27 02:17 dougrayd Dammit Thiem vs. Thiemo already happened (6 years ago to be exact)

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2021.11.27 02:17 canibal_carkus I like to train my girls early lol 1st time doing it this ear

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