Advice needed

2021.11.27 01:52 trexemorock Advice needed

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2021.11.27 01:52 bfly1800 What was a great performance in an otherwise awful movie?

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2021.11.27 01:52 scottishsteel the first meme I've came up with myself

the first meme I've came up with myself
slaanesh lovers be like
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2021.11.27 01:52 FireANIMEniac1991 40 Pgems LF pul or mal

Ill Make sure there's some P ammys in there
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2021.11.27 01:52 Rmon_34 The CCP propaganda outside of China so bad

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2021.11.27 01:52 YoMamaThe3rd Why are these people treating this stupid promo pic like if it’s a REAL WEDDING to go to this is why I like JoJo

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2021.11.27 01:52 No_Land7725 Gamepass question

I just recently got gamepass with the deal that it's 1 dollar for the first month and the 14.99 after. Target had 3 month codes at a discount so I picked one up. If I enter the codes will it stack on top of my 1 dollar month and I won't be charged the 14.99 when this month ends or will I still get charged 14,99
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2021.11.27 01:52 tailgatemad My ham turned out great.

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2021.11.27 01:52 Pythonmsh Cheapies.. But these things are great.

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2021.11.27 01:52 ZackattacktheDude She got you there!

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2021.11.27 01:52 drainervessels I a on ambien

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2021.11.27 01:52 Jacko3000 Question: Benny XL interaction delay

After Benny q, does XL need to wait a second before casting q to ensure she gets the benny buff before snapshot, or is that delay not required?
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2021.11.27 01:52 SnoopBlade If I tell someone that a bear is cuddly, and they get fucking mauled to death, have I aggressed against them?

Reposting until I get a response lol.
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2021.11.27 01:52 WareHouse0 wET

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2021.11.27 01:52 nicetoes456 DM for full video

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2021.11.27 01:52 Relative-Money-2298 Natasha Lubczenko from WTNH8

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2021.11.27 01:52 muusandskwirrel Win11 install stuck at logo

Clean install stuck at logo
Brand new computer, and tried multiple flash drives and methods of burning the iso to the usb stick….. hoping for some pointers
Trying to boot from the flash drive gives me the windows logo (4 blue squares) and nothing else. No progress dots, nothing.
Tpm2 and secure boot are enabled
My 1tb m.2 is visible in the bios
What am I missing….
If it gets to the windows logo, it’s Trying to boot from the flash drive, isn’t it? So why don’t I get the option to install?
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2021.11.27 01:52 Ron_Sandalthunder RIP Blee

Murkrow (37) really thought Fatina would be a lot easier…Dazzling Gleam certainly felt different. That was brutal. Remaining team:
Ponyta (37) Gastrodon (39) Torterra (42) Medicham (40) Bronzong (39)
Need to add one now. Dustox? Drifloon?
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2021.11.27 01:52 Golfwang239 Rescheduled Rave show dec 11

Anybody with GA tickets can’t make the rescheduled show? Looking for two
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2021.11.27 01:52 hersheypoopbar How can I make this situation with a girl less awkward.

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago and she was my first kiss and everything. She got with another dude 2 weeks later and does some stuff with him and I think is dating him so it helped me move on a lot faster and the relationship ended horribly which Is a whole different story. But basically I'm saying this cause it shows how inexperienced I am with this and i wanna be clear I'm mostly over her and not tryna get with other girls just cause I'm sad about the breakup.
Well I made out with my ex maybe 2 times in the car and it wasn't awkward cause we dated. I then got with another girl in the back seat the other week just to make out and honestly it was pretty awkward. And I'm probably getting with another girl tomorrow and need advice on how to make it less awkward. It's not awkward once it starts and it's not awkward driving to wherever. However it seems to be awkward in the transition to the back seat. Any tips on what to say or anything to lead to us getting in the back in a non awkward way.
Yes I'm in highschool so I can't just bring girls home with my parents here.
Also would it be rude to tell the girl to tell no one. My ex is posting this new dude all over her social media and he's doing the same, and for me this made me realize I just want to keep a low profile and not have everyone know, maybe just 1 friend. Do I just ask her to not tell anyone.
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2021.11.27 01:52 WasALostGirl I'd still settle for "friendly stranger"....

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2021.11.27 01:52 Mrgrimm150 "I hear thunder. Pitter Patter." My attempt at a Furi Kyoshin.

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2021.11.27 01:52 zoboomafoo1 Who should I play at flex if Patterson is out?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 01:52 Cilantro42 [Heyman] Breaking: Starling Marte to Mets is done pending physical

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2021.11.27 01:52 Majet1cCoW Crush on my best friend

So I’ve had a female friend since I started high school 2 years ago and I’ve really started to catch feelings for her but I don’t want to ruin our friendship any advice
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