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2021.11.27 03:05 manikantv Jungkoon,me,digital,2021

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2021.11.27 03:05 gaming_dude_09 Bakuman [1080p x265 HEVC 10bit BluRay Eng Sub]

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2021.11.27 03:05 No-Consideration-938 Join

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2021.11.27 03:05 SilasLee33 What is the best fallout in your opinion and why?

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2021.11.27 03:05 retrolovebot Dropped Tail & Recovery

my little guy mushu dropped his tail the other day, but i have no idea how it happened. he’s several years old and has never had a problem with his tail before, and i feel so bad that he was scared enough to drop it. i found out he had dropped his tail when i was picking him up to check on him, i was so shocked and i feel so guilty. my best guess is that he got stuck behind one of his hides and the back wall, but he’s climbed behind that space before without any problems.
anyway, i just wanted to know if there were any tips on what i should do for him to help him recover. i am already feeding him a little extra, i cleaned his vivarium, and put paper towels as the substrate. i also got him a little christmas tree as a “i’m sorry about your tail i hope you still love me” gift.
i check his tail everyday and so far it looks really good and not infected. he also has been roaming around like normal and is eating.
he is just such a good boy and i love him so much, i feel so awful he was in a position he had to drop his tail so i just want to do what i can to help him feel better :(
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2021.11.27 03:05 MysterKey21 🔥 [HP Store, Price Drop] Self Configuration: HP OMEN 17t Laptop: i7-11800H, RTX 3070, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 1440p 17.3" 165Hz IPS Display for $1,358.99 after $250 off + 10% coupon code WINTER10 🔥

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2021.11.27 03:05 fedoraislife Quality of life/gameplay changes

Over my near 100 hours of playtime, I've been compiling a list of QoL/gameplay changes that I think would be interesting to discuss. Some of them are thought out and some of them were added after rage-quits, so take a few of them with a grain of salt.
I also recognise that a lot of these don't have a solution that's easily implemented, and I don't mean to imply that when I say to "fix" something.

- Supply lines should disappear and load in the next one more quickly, why do we need to wait
- Instant use pills, why do I need to hold it down for 0.5 seconds?
- Keep reloading even if you pressed 'E' to grab something
- Remain on the same Weapons tab when changing gun skins -> it keeps reverting to the Pistol tab every time you navigate out of a specific gun skin selection.
- Tighten up the ping system, often times there will be a lot of white pings around a special infected before you manage to successfully ping it -> Could be OP for players ping-spamming to try locate Mutations through Fog though
- When attaching the hooks to the cargo crates in Act 2, there's a ~1 second animation that plays of you letting go. Make it instantly let go so you can quickly shoot Ridden before they get to you
- Fix zombies teleporting around/behind you due to desync, can be super off-putting and make you take chip damage that is otherwise unnecessary
- Stop player momentum when a Hocker spits on you. I often have to chase a teammate who is sliding down a hill after behind pinned by the Hocker. They incapacitate from range, why add this extra element of difficulty? Combined with desync the player often stutter-slides away and in the heat of battle it can be tough to free them.
- Music cues for Mutations? I loved this from L4D but would be interested whether you guys think it would fit this game. Also probably not an urgent addition because with current spawn rates your ears would be getting demolished. Audio design could also be improved. In L4D I never had to rely on captions to know what type of Special infected were around the corner.
- Show more of the player's hands when increasing FoV. At the moment, the size of the hands/guns doesn't change when you increase FoV, making them feel gigantic on your screen
- Tell Holly to STFU about fish in a barrel. Long monologues are not made for games that are meant to be replayed over and over
- Fix up player hitboxes for zombies behind you. I feel like if I'm punching/running past enemies, they are able to hit me from behind from much further away then if I'm facing them. Maybe this is just me?
- Improve the visual language of Mutations -> huge undertaking, but I feel like the visual language with a lot of enemies is unclear. It's hard to tell when a Stinger is going to spit from the animation alone. I have to rely on the sound. There isn't really a visible "wind-up" to them doing it. Same goes for Tallboys going into a charge/overhead slam. They'll be 10-15 metres away and within the span of 0.5 seconds go into a charge/overhead slam. Not having an issue with it happening, more that it could be communicated better visually IMO. Maybe even a sound-cue that it's starting to charge, like the Chargers from L4D "mooing"?
- Be more clear about where Ridden can spawn from. In areas with a lot of "organic growth" it's very difficult to distinguish between a pile of meat that's there for scenery, and a pile of meat that Ridden can come from. Very noticeable on Act 3 final 2 missions.
- More "Fun" corruption cards. I think this is something really important for the devs AND players to reflect on. Is it "Fun" to increase the health of already tanky mutations? Are you having "Fun" by having to pump extra shells into them, or into an armored weakspot (essentially just removing the concept of a weakspot)? I think this game could afford to have a few corruption cards that actually make you invested to play. Things like maybe a certain type of Mutation does double damage, but also takes double damage or has an extra weakspot. Challenges that reward skill-based play rather than just upping the numbers. One of my favorite examples of a game increasing difficulty was Ghost of Tsushima, where on the hardest difficulty you'll die in 1-2 hits from enemies, but so will they, making the game a lot more focused on risk/reward and the combat a lot more high stakes. You also feel like a king if you take out a few enemies at once. I love coming up with ideas for alternative Corruption Cards.
- Drop the health on a few Mutations, or change what they can do. I understand that this is a team game and Mutations drop relatively quickly when everyone focuses them. But every other popular game in this genre, L4D, Vermintide, etc, have good counterbalances to the strengths of their special enemies, which is something I feel B4B lacks. For example, a charger in L4D is a tanky incapacitator, but easy to dodge and very vulnerable if you bait him into a wall. As it stands, the Tallboys and Reekers are too tanky for what they are gameplay wise, and don't really have a lot of exploitable weaknesses. Tallboys and their variants should be slow-moving hard hitters. Reekers should be fragile long-range and deadly if you let them get close. As it stands, everything is just too tanky IMO.
- Stick with your current group after finishing an Act, so annoying how it dumps you into a private lobby in Fort Hope again and you have to fish through a bunch of menus to get those teammates back in
- Auto-drop the money/items of a player if they leave mid-mission, or at least distribute their Copper amongst the players after the round ends
- Mix and match ALL cosmetic items and do away with item sets. Who honestly cares if different items have clipping issues? It's fun and adds a little more for the fashion-focused players. WoW adding transmog literally spawned an entirely new expansive branch to the game that you can invest thousands of hours into alone. B4B obviously isn't going to hit that level, but never underestimate how much freedom of customization can impact player retention.
- Private lobbies with custom settings. For the love of God, devs need to realise that if you give the players tools to make their own game modes, you've essentially given your game immortality
- See how much Copper other players have. Allows you to budget the odd accessory or attachment for yourself and for the team upgrades
- Balance out some of the HDR settings. On low-light levels, the combination of darkness with flashlight-illuminated whiteness combined with the sharpening filter is not kind on the eyes
- Remove or tone down the screen effects when someone has an Incapacitation-related card e.g. team healing when someone is downed
Would love to know what you guys think so far. I don't necessarily think that everything here should be implemented into the game, but I think quite a few of them would make it more engaging for the average player.
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2021.11.27 03:05 bot_neen IEPC ordena al ayuntamiento de Tecpan reponer elección de comisario municipal

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2021.11.27 03:05 Red_Dead_is_better On play thru I decided to not go out of my way for things like treasure or the arabians. Focus on the story missions. I resolved myself to bonding with a Morgan when the o'Driscoll's jumped me. I saw one had a Thoroughbred. Who ever saw an o'Driscoll with a Thoroughbred. Mine now

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Looking for teammates for all positions. If interested, Friend Request & Message me "Interested in club" on Xbox. User: BoHazardous
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2021.11.27 03:05 UniqueCold3812 Hermione's secret

You are doing whatever routine work you do like going to college, going to job etc.
Now Imagine you got the letter to join Hogwarts school 🏫 .you suddenly get introduced to the vast world of magic.
Wouldn't you rather spend all the time reading and learning about magic rather than doing whatever you did routinely.
I mean if I got all those magical books you aren't going to be able to keep me away from them.
Hermione was from a fairly mundane muggle family so of course she became very intelligent in Magical books cuz to her it was like getting a break from routine life .
In this way I think Muggle born are inherently good at studying and working rather than wizard born.For wizarding world children it's normal life as they grew up surrounded by magic ,it wasn't anything new for them whereas for muggle borns it was an entire new world.
P.S. By this theory Harry should be at the same level as Hermione as he was also bought up in a muggle family . But as we know from the books the Dursley weren't exactly supporting him in his studies so who knows if the Dursley were supportive Harry could also have been a genius like Hermione.
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2021.11.27 03:05 BlockOfDiamond Stick ore in dirt

In reality sticks fall from trees onto the ground and then get buried over the years so one should be able to find sticks in the ground in Minecraft (dirt blocks)
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2021.11.27 03:05 Arash_ghanavati 🎁Giveaway of Glitched MAYC #127 just upvote ⬆️ this post and drop your Eth wallet below

🎁Giveaway of Glitched MAYC #127 just upvote ⬆️ this post and drop your Eth wallet below The winner will be announced in 48 hours just upvote ⬆️ and drop your wallet address to become eligible for the giveaway
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2021.11.27 03:05 OrangesMarmalade Patched my couch cushion slip. Almost invisible.

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2021.11.27 03:05 dreams_and_dragons On learning comics,

So, I've been wanting to draw comics/graphic novels for a long time now and every tutorial I find always tells me to do one thing first: before working on any big comics, draw mini ones first.
I believe I know why I should but what I'm wondering is how should I go about this? How long should the small ones be and how long should I practice this? Should I practice full on thumbnailing for something that small? Any advice on this topic is greatly appreciated. (Also apologizes if there's a lot typos or stuff like that, it's late as of me posting this)
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2021.11.27 03:05 cabbagechicken Can you really get sued for helping someone in China?

On every post with an accident that happened in China, one of the top comments is always something along the lines of “people won’t help them because they can get sued”. I was wondering if this is actually the case and googled it, finding some stuff about a Good Samaritan law passed in 2017 that protects people helping others. So now I’m not sure which is true, could anyone shed some light on it?
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2021.11.27 03:05 SpecialPowerss My Top 3 On DONDA In Order Are Life Of The Party, 24, and No Child Left Behind. What's Yours?

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2021.11.27 03:05 ShadowDragonRB Just read about Thom-A293

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2021.11.27 03:05 koreamusic 친구 만나러 갔던 날 찍은 도림천

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2021.11.27 03:05 iranmorelikeidgaf anyone wanna jerk to pokimane or others? trade

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2021.11.27 03:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Best Buy store in Minnesota looted by 20-30 suspects; all get away, report says | FOX

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2021.11.27 03:05 kenton143 I debloated my fire but now the Kindle app don't work.

Hey guys I debloated my Kindle fire 5th generation with fire toolbox but now I can't install the Kindle app. Heeeellllllpppp.
Thank you.
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2021.11.27 03:05 Dalecoin AXIA Coin is hyper-deflationary and its staking program went live last week. You can earn up to 192% APY and it is compounded daily. Check out the project:

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2021.11.27 03:05 Dr_GIR Pittsburgh area domestic violence counseling center among five Justice Dept. grant recipients

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2021.11.27 03:05 OperationCornbread *** Dan Challenged Me To Do This ...

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