[US] Selling Philodendron Jose Buono for $400

2021.11.27 01:47 allthingsplants [US] Selling Philodendron Jose Buono for $400

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2021.11.27 01:47 YoMamaThe3rd R

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2021.11.27 01:47 coinmonks Shiba Inu Listed by Exchange of Former Morgan Stanley Developers | Crypto News 27/11/21

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2021.11.27 01:47 Excellent_Flan_591 Took me hours but…

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2021.11.27 01:47 ISavage2007 Drew myself a pyro. Thoughts?

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2021.11.27 01:47 BigMagesty You and a celebrity of your choice are the only living survivors in a plane crash. Who's your celebrity of choice?

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2021.11.27 01:47 LDMR19902012-COOL TMNT Redesign for Leonardo done by me. Just a concept idea. Tell me what do you think. Does he look like he comes from the 1990s or something completely different? (Art by LDMR19902012-COOL)

TMNT Redesign for Leonardo done by me. Just a concept idea. Tell me what do you think. Does he look like he comes from the 1990s or something completely different? (Art by LDMR19902012-COOL) submitted by LDMR19902012-COOL to fanart [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 01:47 saiyankev Lesbians/gays have you ever had someone of the opposite gender you're attracted to become an exception to you because of how amazing they are?

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2021.11.27 01:47 Amaranth_devil I call absolute bullshit

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2021.11.27 01:47 SizzleOTG2 Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

I have a teleport staff that occasionally when I switch to will not let me teleport. I have charges and it is bound to a button, but it is red and unusable. If I rebind it to the same button, it works fine after that. Any ideas? I have to do this every 20 mins or so.
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2021.11.27 01:47 GreyLava11 Bored let’s talk (M15)

Wouldn’t mind some nsfw pms
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2021.11.27 01:47 damnshawty0k Daily Aqua : Day 266 super idol

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2021.11.27 01:47 parthpatel18 Selling stocks to purchase first home in 20s

I have almost $50k portfolio (net positive if exclude past trading fiasco) and cash poor.
Have been thinking about buying first home but concerned whether I should sell my stocks and buy a home ( if mortgage and all permits) or I should wait few more years (since I am single) . I know it depends on personal goals but need some guidance
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2021.11.27 01:47 that-john-kydd Got a dropship for my CJF binary. Not my best paintjob, fpund it hard to spruce up a space egg.

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2021.11.27 01:47 HelloIsMyUsername I didn't get my Hero of The Village advancement?!

I started a raid with my villager trading hall and an evoker spawned as well. There were 3-4 waves I think. Anyway, at the end of each wave, the bar was glitched. It showed that there was a raider remaining even though there wasn't. So I went through my nether portal and came back, and the next wave suddenly started. I did this until the evoker wave. I killed all of the pillagers, ravagers, etc. Again, the same glitch. I went through the portal and came back, and the raid had ended and I had won according to the raid bar. I didn't get the advancement though. What happened?
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2021.11.27 01:47 farhanmuhd13 100,000 Iranian women march against the Hijab Law, Tehran 1979. Thoughts?

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2021.11.27 01:47 KerasLoveShop am i being to over protective

so I have three ferets Sam dean and Claire all from supernatural. these guys are adorable and have helped me deal with my separation from my husband right now. I always believed of a animal wanted to stay they wouldn't fight you so if I pick them up to hold and they start wiggling I let them free I mean I am bad cuz I steal them when they are sleeping and cuddle them on the couch but they see me and go right back to sleep. but I have some friends that have this child only child spoiled kinda thing that sense I bought them she refuses to let them go when they start to wiggle and stuff then she gets frustrated because they won't sit in her arms I have explained that if they wanted to stay they would but don't hold them down for her pleasure the parents do nothing they just think it's cute am I in the wrong that I start making sure that they come out of their cage only when family is home and when no friends are over because of this one little girl who refuses to listen to me or am I being way to overprotective of them
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2021.11.27 01:47 SecondTimeQuitting My experience with Zotac Cards (3060ti) and why I will never buy one again.

So I just wanted to make this sort of a PSA from my experience, but stay away from Zotac 3060 ti cards with hynix memory.
I have recently got back into mining and decided to start to go full out. I currently have 11 cards running right now, 10 3060 ti's in rigs and one 6600 in my PC so far (475 MH/s). It should be 12 3060 ti's but I have had to finally remove two Zotac cards from my rigs. I could only ever get one of the cards stable, and that was if I had only 3 other cards running. If I tried to put a fourth card, I would constantly get errors and rig crashes. No chance putting two on the same board at all. Not only that, but these cards run hot, and even when they are stable they get about 4 MH/s less than my Gigabyte, Auros, or Vision brand cards, and my vision cards have hynix as well but run on the same OC settings as my other cards no problem. OC settings also do not matter, these cards were crashing on stock settings without any overclock. I finally had enough and removed both from my rigs and they are running smoothly, and actually making more now than with those cards because of all the downtime. I'm sure others have had positive experiences with them, but I have not and would recommend to others to steer clear of this headache.
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2021.11.27 01:47 Character-Glove5375 I am a cuck, I want to know how to get better.. How do I remove this unwanted fetish that is ruining my life? Any advice from former cucks?

(I am from Texas usa and I and my family are mix of white and hispanic) I can't not stop thinking about the hotest thing that would be some guy taking/stealing my mother away from me or her willingly pushing me her own son away to be a whore in my eyes and show how much of a whore for cock she is and how pathetic I am and how much she hates me. I genuinely want to get rid of this, but when i feel aroused, instantly, I want to imagine my mother nude and closing a door shut to bang another man. Wtf.. Why do I like being a cuck. Did she do this to me? She did sleep in her underwear and bra and snuggle me when I was a kid and I would see her sometimes without the lights off and she would even snuggle me and would try to put my leg in between her pelvic area and she would get mad. She would want mw to turn over after that so she could spoon me and all night and all throughout middle school she was in her late 20s at this point and she is pretty and her body was very matured. I remember it like the back of my hand.
She would make jokes about me jack off in my room at night and how when i would sleep with her when she was single because she would just ask and i didn't think twice. I loved the way my mom would give me affection but she would talk about how having a girlfriend was something I shouldn't focus on and instead it was school. I would end up snuggling with her for almost a half a whole year. It was routine at that point. I had younger sisters who would sleep in their own rooms together on separate beds and would always say it was so weird and cringe at me and mom... When they said "why do you sleep with mom.. Your so old mom" and to me they would say that's so weird and "you need to get a gf" then they would laugh a little and say "ew" again or just call me weird. But i always thought of what mom said.. The only thing i needed to focus on was school. And me nor my step sisters fathers were never around. I was 13 to 14 at that time. Im 17 about to be 18 now and don't live with her now. ) we had no father figure really. My mom would occasionally from year to other year.. Try to find a boyfriend and then it wouldn't last long. For that 8 months. I felt like my mom when i would go visit my grandmother for weeks and leave at a time and never tell anyone about how we snuggled or that she would sleep in her underwear and bra only or sometimes even thongs
. but would turn the lights off when it was to revealing clothes and i would only ever wear shorts she would hug me or sometimes i would face her and she would face me.. We'd face each other and sometimes my face would be in her kind of flat chest.. I would love it. I felt as if those were the best sleeps of my life. I would try my hardest to not get hard. I remember one time she went through my phone and was just checking every single little thing even though she probably knew i watched porn at that time already on my phone. It was so odd. I don't know what she was looking for.. But I do know my stupid 7th grade self had downloaded the pornhub app cause I had gotten tired of trying to go to the website to find the stuff I wanted to watch. I didn't think much of it but then I remember I had the app if you clicked the drawer button you could see it. And i panicked while i stood there like I didn't care, i felt like my heart was about to explode in the carpet hallway where i sat watching her as we didn't have a tv and we would play games all day or something else and go somewhere to movies, carnival, theme parks like 6 flags, beach, museums, or arcades etc...
I always think about this one time where she like wrestle played with me to not leave and how my face was near her crotch area and I felt like I wanted to bang her instead of going to my grandmas house, but I left anyways. It was weird. I still don't understand it to this day.. But I feel compelled to my mom as if she is this or my comforter.. Something like that. I packed my stuff and left that day and told her i was going to visit grandparents house. She was so saddened when I left.( this when she wrestled me to not go, she even said "don't leave me son" then she made a sad face.. And after i managed to get out kinda.. She grabbed me and aggressively said.. "Your not leaving me"in a sinister tone)my mom is very pretty, My mom didn't have many or little to none friends. She didn't go to the club like she used to when she was younger after my 4-year-old sister at the time was born it had been years. Our step dad was locked up in prison for 5 years. He didn't get out till another 2 years for violation of some kind.
My mother truly was lonely. It's as if because my mother talked to me about every single last to what I think of her problems.. Going from family to relationship to friendships to work life to what being a grownup is like and all the things she wanted to do. To all the horrible mean things she did. I felt so loved. And listening and me giving her my time because she was my mom was what I felt like I was supposed to do. I didn't know parents were not supposed to do things like that. But what I do know is that it's something like grooming. Every single second i loved her affection. She would sometimes rub my back and rub my stomach and chest softly and tickle me with her long nails. I would feel so relaxed. That was every night. I remember the heat i felt of her body and especially her smell. She would even smell my breath and knew when I didn't brush my teeth... She had a pet peve about this kind of thing.
We would talk and hug while we laid on the ground carpet w/ blanket and pillows as we had barely moved and didn't have a bed. We threw all our belongings away and i didn't know that was considered poor. We had money. Our 3 bedroom apartment. Her rent was about 1,500 every month. She had 1 car. And 4 kids. My sisters had beds. I didn't. I didn't care though. I loved my mom and that's all i wanted from her it was her affection her touch, to be held. And i felt as if she liked it when i did the same to her. It felt so intimate she said that i was so smart and told me how much she always loved me. Told me i was her prince. She said she all kinds of lovey dovey things that made me forget what i was going to say when she would hug me and tell me to hold her. It got to the point where her side of the family would criticize her and say thing like damn girl "you need to leave your son the hell alone, and find you a man... Hows his girlfriend going to feel when she knows his mom won't stop hugging him?" And etc. Stuff like that.. My mom would reply with stuff like in a defensive tone "he doesn't need no girlfriend.. He only need to focus on school and worry about him self.. Not no stupid girl right now. Right son?" She would look at me and I guess expect me to hug her. Which I did.
Nobody, not even my sister would say that we slept together in the same room.. No sex. No .. Well maybe now that i think about it.. I think i did try to french kiss my mom once but only cause she would always kiss me all up.. I still don't know if this is okay to do with a son? She would say I'm so mature minded and that's why she loved halving talks with me. I was physically slim but no so slim like a stick, girls would say at school i have a fat ass and loved to touch it. My mom would occasionally squeeze or smack it.. In an affectionate way I guess. I don't know to be honest. My mom i loved holding her when we rested next to each other. She would even after work during the day time when my sisters still were no home yet.. Ask me to come lay with her and rub her and massage her body. I felt all her body.. Except boobs.(i think maybe once i did squeeze them but then she just opened her eyes and looked at me.. At said no.m you don't do that to your mom.. And got up and out of the mood i guess.). Never her boobs. She let me squeeze and rub ever muscles cause she said i had good hands and when im older my future girlfriend will love when i do it to her back and head and neck and legs, thighs feet and arms too. I would sit and rub her. She would sit silently and some times say harder and lower and just regular stuff i guess you would tell to a massage therapist. Anyways my mom is in her late 30s now and I'm 17 about to be 18. A lot has happened.
I know a lot of people are judgemental and sometime the internet is the wrong place to ask questions like this but after a while I had stolen nudes from her phone.. I had jacked off to those.. I had cam and felt like it was better than the first time i had ever came. I love incest now and i love my mom more in a sexual way which has made me belittle the way i look at her now. I like the thought of being cucked and her being taken from me.. I have developed this through her getting with a couple of guys after that year and had stolen her nudes. I liked hearing her moan and fucked.. I always thought what a slut in my mind.. But i loved it to.. I hated her. And the more hate the better the orgasm i would feel. It would be like the middle finger to my mom and saying fuck you.. And every time i hated her more... The fuck you only got louder. And as the hate grew realized how devastated it left me afterwards. What a sick child i have become. I wish it was me in her boobs again and sleeping on the floor together again. We moved a long time ago to many places i eventually left last year. And she had moved in a bigger house where she decided she would buy. She turned into a shitty woman and has had more kids. If only time could go back to when i still felt like she was obsessed with me. My sisters grew up to both be lesbian. My mother got a divorce pregnant again and had a kid.. My little half bro. And I feel like this cuck hold fetish.. Not towards blacks because im kinda racist(in a sexual way) i truly ascended to the hierarchy of pieces of shit. And now i feel like I'm about to go red pill. It seems logical and manipulative in a Machiavellian way. And I like it. But not the rape part. That's fucked up. Then again. To have full control i also need to break logic and think like a woman to manipulate and trick everyone to reign my superiority to inflate not my ego as a whole but just in capability. Sadly.. I'm just another worthless idiot who is a cuck fuck.. So anyways. I don't have any suicidal thoughts. I already went through that phase and have come to a realization where i have given my self purpose and we are no different as life forms as that of an ant. I won't throw the victim card but i will say everyone has shit to deal with and i am not good at grammar.. Mainly cause i don't care. You can understand it. At least i hope you can. If you don't you can just ask.. Right? Ask me if you want to know anything more. And i am seeking some type of answer or thoughts and opinions on what people think of my cuck hold loving fetish. Its so taboo its sick.. But the guilty pleasure feels amazing and self loathing simultaneously.
I need help. I am desperate and don't want to tell anyone about this due to fear. Im trying to be as honest as possible here. Feel free to ask me anything.. I will be deleting this post when i probably delete my account in a month. I only rejoined reddit to make this specific post and only want to join it for the (mom ntr and mom son and mom bully and bang my bully .. Basically cuck and netorare subreddit.) So yeah.
TD;LR: i have serious mommy issues and am a mother son cuck american psychopath mind with my fantasies. I have slight abandonment issues and don't like to play the victim card. I love hitler. Im serious and can't burn in hell because I'm and atheist. I want advice to get rid of this beta male fetish. To be a better person.
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2021.11.27 01:47 beanbag300 Anyone else having long term side effects after vaccine?

So for a few weeks I’ve been having this weird feeling in my chest, mostly in the upper left side. It doesn’t hurt or anything but it’s more of a dull feeling. It went away for a few days but it came back but not as bad. Also, I’ve been feeling like I have phlegm in my lungs and throat but can’t cough anything up. Anyone else having side effects like this ?
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2021.11.27 01:47 GravyxNips Finally they named one after the show

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2021.11.27 01:47 dabear51 Made pumpkin spiced White Russians for thanksgiving

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2021.11.27 01:47 Blackpillsoldierz This plan will only be doomed to fail if you believe that.

As ugly people we must put our faith into something, as a community we're too pessimistic and that's why any idea we pursue will crash and burn. This idea will not and I'll make sure of that. You want purpose in life? Come to the ugly militia.
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2021.11.27 01:47 Emotional_Baseball61 What the F-ck?!

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2021.11.27 01:47 chiirpy witch one am i

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