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one suchness

2021.11.27 02:22 CosmosGatito one suchness

Alan Watts sums up the subject pretty succinctly.
life is one suchness with itself, and therefore with the entire universe. space and time are one suchness, with respect to themselves and each other.
the whole total universe "produced" at the origin of the cosmos is one suchness, everything you see is a variance of that one energy. the earth, a clock, a radio wave, a drop of blood. all varying musical notes performed at different vibrations in order to produce the most divine music of all.
this one suchness.
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2021.11.27 02:22 Veiled_Mistress Like my arch? Or toes🥰

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2021.11.27 02:22 cheeuschrist bobo's solo album is dam amazing

incredible listen
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2021.11.27 02:22 HistoricalCrab8 Who should I start?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 02:22 Sp4ghettiS4uce Not getting the match I need for challenges

Anyone else need a specific match type for a challenge but can't seem to ever get it? I need Total Control but I am never put in a game.
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2021.11.27 02:22 Kas1972 Stock “Suggestion”Services

If this is the wrong forum please delete and suggest another. Have any of you found any of the pay services useful, example being Swing Trader from IBD. I trade options with about 90% of my money. I’ll still do my own DD, but would love to have a service that narrows it down to 10-12 maybe. I have a full time job and don’t have as much time as I’d like to research.
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2021.11.27 02:22 BrakyProjector 2020 Renault Trafic oil change interval question

The manual says every 30k kms / 12 month service interval, but this van spends a lot of time idling (it has a freezer conversion so is running during loading). We are clocking around 50k kms per year so servicing is every 8 odd months per manufacturers recommendation.
My query is should I be changing the oil/filter every 15k kms considering the use? Should I use the oil specification recommended by Renault (RN0700) or will the correct acea rating and weight be ok? Oil with the correct specification seems hard to come by locally. Engine is a 1.6 tt diesel.
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2021.11.27 02:22 Ok-Pumpkin9343 Rank B Fleets Build

Hi, I started off doing two 500MP fleets and I completely ROI with that. Now I’m thinking of gaining more ETL with my next fleet. What’s the most optimal rank B fleet build that will give me good returns decent Roi and good percentages and maybe in the future upgrade it further. Maybe 1500mp? Idk what are the strategies here.
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2021.11.27 02:22 brbet Blur / Olympus Mju Zoom 80 / Ilford HP5 plus

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2021.11.27 02:22 jasonlowden1234 I need a tabaxi name for my gnome that has "holly" in it

long story short tabaxi took my character in and I want them to have been given a tabaxi styled name. The Holly becomes a bard rouge if that is important.
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2021.11.27 02:22 phdjourney Research

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2021.11.27 02:22 Trynsolace Why do I attract pisces and Taurus Romantically?

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2021.11.27 02:22 Dashboard-Devil "Which merchant would you like to meet with?" "Oh, any will do"

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2021.11.27 02:22 ashleewildcat Need New Friends

My husband and I just left the church two months ago and need some new friends since a lot of them here don’t understand us. We graduated from BYUI in September and are relieved to be out of there. We live in the Beaverton, Oregon area and would love to make some new connections with people who won’t judge us for leaving the church. We are tired of feeling hated because we no longer believe. Please let me know if anyone here lives near and thanks for reading ♥️
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2021.11.27 02:22 yawningvoid28 What have you never paid for?

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2021.11.27 02:22 The_Timberwolf With the addition of Trench, my TØP vinyl collection is complete! Like with most people, RAB is a bootleg lol

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2021.11.27 02:22 Garnet_Butthole It has been difficult for me to go on trips with my husband

Hi! First post here - I also put this on relationship advice, but I wanted to see if you ladies could offer any insight as well.
A conversation we had a couple months ago has made it difficult for me to agree to going on rides with him. We got our licenses in June, and he is a lot more comfortable riding than I am. This wasn't a problem, I thought, until I was feeling guilty after every single ride. At first, it was him mentoring me and saying "well if you don't push yourself you're not going to get better". Then it started to always feel like a test, and that every time we rode together I would be in a situation I was not comfortable in. He would get irritable with me if I couldn't catch up on a dirt road, or fast around tight curves, or if I got nervous about something he would get silent... It built up to when we were riding together and I suggested we turn onto a road and he did so without prompting me, so I had to stop abruptly going 40 miles per hour. It was my first time ever doing a fast stop like that, and it was in an area where I saw loose dirt on the cement. Emotion built up in me extremely in that moment and I yelled at him out of fear. I wasn't proud of that, and I apologized for yelling at him. He responded by saying something along the lines of how he is always doing something wrong and then drove off without me. I was headed home and he was up the road a little farther waiting for me, and his reasoning for that was so that I wouldn't "do something dumb".
I needed to get to the bottom of this because it was starting to pour into all of our activities, this guilty feeling. Hikes, trips, rides, you name it. After some thorough, honest, sit-down communication, he disclosed that he does feel frustrated with me at times because I cannot meet him at his level.
He usually goes on rides on his own now. He'll ask me over and over if I want to join, he shows me pictures from all of these beautiful places he rides to and says how he wishes I were there but I don't think that he does.
Now I'm finding that I can do all of these things comfortably and happily when I don't ride with him. It's difficult to want to go riding with him now. To answer your questions:
Yes, we tried therapy.
Yes, we even tried therapy apps.
Yes, we have communicated round and round and round.
The amount of communication which I enact almost feels intrusive and onesided. It's draining to constantly have to explain myself while fighting for him against me at the same time. I often have to remind him that there are no sides.
We're going on a trip together in a couple of days and there's some anxiety in me I need to come to terms with and try to get better from. Any suggestions on how I can regain confidence to not feel anxious to do activities with him anymore?
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2021.11.27 02:22 midnightZ3ROx Stephen Curry vs Trail Blazers | Cooks them up with 32 PTS, 7 REB, 8 AST, 1 STL

The Chef cooks the Trail Blazers with 32 PTS, 7 REB, 8 AST, 1 STL with scoring splits of 48.0% FG (12/25), 40.0 3PT% (6/15).
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2021.11.27 02:22 somethingicanspell 2022 HOF Ballot Picks

My 2021 Ballot
These 10 in order of preference
The Clear HOFers that are pretty unobjectable
Scott Rolen - At 70.1 bWAR Rolen is clearly a HOFer. He was one of the best defensive 3B of all time and his hitting alone would have gotten him on the ballot (although not in the hall) Yes he may have lacked many MVP caliber seasons but being consistently very good for a very long time makes you great
Andruw Jones - Both Fangraphs and Baseball reference give him above 60 WAR. Thats a pretty good case there. Some may object to his pretty good offensive record but then they need to realize that he is by a mile (278.8 defensive runs to 170.1) the best defensive CF of all time by modern metrics. That to me is a HOF case.
The Guys who I think pretty clearly should be let in but one could have objections to
Curt Schilling - Statistically a no doubt HOFer. To all the haters trying to pretend a 216 win career doesn’t make you a HOFer he has a 79.5 WAR. Thats better than Derek Jeter and thats 20 points better than Vladimir Guerrero. Schilling was a great pitcher. Now onto the character clause stuff, I don’t care very much. Theres a lot of grade A assholes in the HOF I’m not going to pretend that the HOF is necessarily an endorsement of one’s character. If the BBWA doesn’t want to vote for him given his comments about journalists thats fine. I can see why journalist might not necessarily want to vote for someone who advocates violence against him. The VC though should then elect him in.
Todd Helton - The abuse of Coors Field continues with Todd Helton. While nowhere near as bad as Larry Walker. Helton even with adjusted offensive metrics ends up looking really good. He has a 133 OPS+ career with 9453 PA (which is adjusted for Coors). Thats a solid borderline HOF hitter. Thats not Jim Rice with 128 OPS+ and 9058 PA. Thats not Mark Texiera with a 126 OPS+ with 8029 PA. Thats more like and a little better than an Orlando Cepeda with a 133 OPS+ with 8699 PA. The main difference being that Helton was also a pretty good defensive 1B with an extra 700 PA. So I end up being a Helton fan. He’s not a clear HOFer but he’s no Coors illusion either. In the end I think he smashes most of the borderline HOF picks.
Barry Bonds - Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are some of the greatest players to ever play. They probably had HOF careers before they started using and they would have undoubtedly been HOFers even if they hadn’t used. If anyone who used PEDs should be in its inarguably them. The question then becomes should the Hall impose a zero tolerance policy. Its an interesting moral question but I think the hall decided it when they let in Bud Selig. Selig was more responsible for the steroid era than Bonds was. If we are going to let in the architect then I don’t see why we should exclude the builder. Pre 2005 steroids were tactily encouraged by the owners. That doesn’t give Bonds a free pass but I no longer think the hall has a good case to wipe their hands of him either. This is why I propose that post 2005 players that are clear HOFers should be let in. There should be a penalty. I am happy that none got in 1st ballot. I don’t think a 60 WAR PED guy is the same as a 60 WAR clean player but with Bonds and Clemens they’re too good in an era that cared too little for me to feel ok excluding them.
Roger Clemens - See Bonds
Billy Wagner - Wagner is the best reliever besides Rivera of the modern era. His 187 ERA+ at 903 IP is exceptional for a modern reliever. If relievers are going be in the HOF outside of Rivera and Eckersley, Wagner should be in it. You can make the argument that they shouldn’t be but I think thats a weak argument. Relievers are becoming a more and more integral part of the game and the best of the best of them should be honored. Wagner’s low WAR relative to Eckersley or Fingers is entirely a result of pitching less innings as relievers have reduced their workloads. His 903 IP isn’t really that low it represents the 12th most by a reliever since 1990. The 12th most IP by a starter would be 3123. Thus we should should consider relievers who pitch more than about 750 IP as guys who had a full career and can be evaluated as such. I don’t really think there is anyway the hall can exclude Billy Wagner.
The True Borderline Picks
Tim Hudson - Hudson and Buehrle to me form the borderline of what a HOF pitcher can be. He at 57.9 bWAR is an edge case but I like how he gets there. He has a 120 ERA+. That means he was a pretty good pitcher on average for his entire career. He pitched a respectable 3126 IP which is good longevity for a modern pitcher. His 2002 and 2003 years were also exceptional so there is some star power even if his peak is little flatter than I like. He also has a little bit of everything. Some star power, good longevity, and decent consistency. I don’t think Tim Hudson stands out in any way but I think the whole package ends up being a HOFer.
Bobby Abreu - Abreu is a lot like Hudson in that he in no way really stands out as a HOFer but has enough going for him that I support his candidacy. At 60.2 bWAR I’m already leaning yes. He has 15 seasons above 2 WAR out of 18 so he was consistently good. He ends up with a 128 OPS+ which while not great is good when paired with 10081 PA and 400 SB. I think all of these numbers are borderline but I think they are consistently borderline in Abreu’s favor. So I’m inclined to see him as a HOF.
Jeff Kent - I’m very conflicted about Jeff Kent. Saber-metrically Kent kind of just misses being a HOFer. His 55.5 bWAR is pretty good but a little bit on the low end. His 123 OPS+ is pretty good but a little on the low end. And modern statistics rate him as not a great defensive 2B. I believe those numbers are probably right but given that I’m a big hall guy who’s seen a lot of bizarre VC picks from the pre-war era I’m gonna give Jeff Kent the benefit of the doubt. Jeff Kent drove in the most RBIs for a modern 2B by a large number. He also hit the 2nd most HRs and recorded the 2nd highest slugging percentage. Yes we don’t really care about RBIs anymore but this all leads me to my real conclusion which is that there isn’t any better hitting 2B who aren’t in the HOF. Theres also a pretty big gap between him and the next best hitter outside of the hall Larry Doyle. I also like that Kent was a high peak guy. At his best Kent was a player that was on peoples top 20 lists. He even won an MVP. So I come to the conclusion that if we are going to show modern players the same levity we show old ones, Kent is a HOfer.
Players I would also vote for but don't make my 10 man ballot

  1. Mark Buehrle - Buehrle is another very borderline HOFer. At 59.1 bWAR I am leaning yes on that number but am not necessarily convinced. I like that he pitched over 3000 innings in the post 2000 era. That’s a very rare thing to do these days and should be considered a very long career for a modern SP. The case against him would probably be to compare him to guys like Jim Kaat or Tommy John and say Buehrle is a compiler who lacked the star power needed to be a HOFer. It is true that Buehrle only attracted significant attention for the Cy Young in 2005 and he was not a guy who was in the elite of the elite at any point in his career. But, I think Buehrle differs from John and Kaat in that he was consistently very good. He pitched 14 of his 16 seasons above 2.0 bWAR and 8 above 4.0 bWAR. John had 13 of his 26 seasons below a 2.0 bWAR and Kaat had 18 of his 25 seasons below that number 9 of which were below 0. Consistently pitching very well in an era defined by short careers makes you great in my opinion. He doesn’t excite me the way a high peak pitcher might but I think he deserves a HOF spot.
  2. Jonathan Papelbon/Joe Nathan - I think these guys are as good as a Goose Gossage or a Lee Smith. If we are going to let in about the same proportion of relievers in as we have historically they’re both in. People complain their WAR’s are lower but like I said about Wagner the game has changed. Papelbon at 177 ERA+ and 141.7 RE24 in just 725 IP was incredibly dominant. Nathan with a 151 ERA+ and 168.3 RE24 at 923 IP was very good consistently as a closer. Both are the equal of a guy like Goose Gossage or Rollie Finger. I don’t hate relievers in the HOF. I think the bar should be higher for them than SP but Papelbon and Nathan were some of the best relievers of their generation and I’d be happy to see them in the hall.
Steroid Guys who I might vote for:
This argument only applies if Bonds and Clemens get in. If the BBWA does not create an absolute no PED line then their candidacies are plausible.
Andy Pettite - I have a lot of a sympathy for a guy who used PEDs to overcome an injury in an era where no one cared if he did that. That excuse may or may not be true but its plausible and I extend the benefit of the doubt given Pettite’s far more mature response to the allegations than his contemporaries. I still fault him a little for it and will not vote for him if I think there is a clean player that is also deserving of the hall but if the ballot ever clears I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the hall.
David Ortiz - What separates Ortiz from Sheffield and Sosa? He’s arguably a little worse statistically than those two but I think he makes up for it as DH adjustment are unfairly harsh and he was an exceptional post-season player who was a team leader. But this still puts him in the tier of Sosa and Sheffield rather than beyond it. But I think there is a differences and it lies in a variety of factors
A. Unlike Sheffield there’s some degree of doubt about what exactly he did. I’m not letting Ortiz off the hook as I think its more likely than not it was something bad but he’s not Bonds or McGwire in terms of guilty.
B. I don’t disqualify him as he wasn’t caught post 2005
C. What really decides it for me is that Ortiz somewhat uniquely of the steroid guys produced 45.1 WAR out of his 52.7 when he was drug-tested and almost surely clean. We know that Ortiz was a really good player without steroids. Most of David Ortiz’s career he was drug tested and played at an elite level without steroids. The fact is that the vast majority of Ortiz’s career is not under a shadow. The same cannot be said about Sheffield and Sosa.
Now I have the same view about Ortiz as Pettite. If there is a clean guy I think deserves to be in a HOF I will always pick him over Ortiz. However, if the ballot is clear I’m fine letting Ortiz in.
Players I wouldn’t vote for
Omar Vizquel - I am not baffled as to why Vizquel has managed to do as well as he has done. 11 Gold Gloves at SS is impressive. I see why he has been a perennial contender. However, I don’t think the stats really speak to a HOF quality career. His WAR is 45.6 after 24 years. WAR is kind of a counting stat and thats not very impressive. Vizquel only really had one star year ever (1999). His OPS+ of 82 needs some serious defensive lifting to make a HOF case. So does being the 9th best defensive SS of all time by defensive runs get you into Cooperstown alone ? I don’t really think it does. He’s not quite a Luis Apracio, He’s not even quite a Rabbit Maranville with the glove. I might be convinced by Vizquel if the VC begins letting a bunch of guys in who I think are more deserving but right now he’s just a little too one-dimensional of a player for me to let him in on anything other than being the best at that. If he was Top 5 at his position at fielding maybe. I wouldn’t be mad if Vizquel got in I don’t think he’s a terrible choice but I wouldn’t vote for him.
Texiera, Rollins, Hunter - All borderline players who I fall on the probably not side of the line. They both are a little low on WAR and need to make it up. There are too many SS like Rollins but slightly better outside of the hall for me really to see the case. Bert Campaneris comes to mind. I don’t really see how Rollins overcomes his low War. Texiera makes a more interesting case but just misses the cutoffs for me of what a HOF 1B should look like and where I would extend him the benefit of the doubt. His 127 WRC+ is not quite 130. His 256 Offensive Runs is not quite 300. He’s a little short on longevity. He didn’t have the perkiest of peaks nor did he shine in the post season. There’s just a little too little there for a HOF case. Hunter 110 OPS+ is not making the case there so he’s relying on being a great fielder and he’s very good but he’s not Andruw Jones. I too find him not really able to break through his 50.7 bWAR with something really impressive.
Sheffield, Sosa - Both players who I think are HOFers without PEDs but weren’t the best of the best either. I think their cases become much more dubious if you adjust their stats for PED use. Bonds and Clemens would have been indisputable HOFers even if they had never put a syringe in their arm. I don’t think that is necessarily true about Sheffield and Sosa and I don’t give PED users the benefit of the doubt. It’s also just there are more deserving clean players on the ballot this year. I’ll pass on both but I have slightly more sympathy for them than Ramirez and Rodriguez.
Rameriez, Rodriguez - I have sympathy for the argument that pre 2005 baseball turned a blind eye to steroids and we shouldn’t really judge players for something that was being tacitly encouraged by the owners. I have very little sympathy for players caught after the rules became firmly established. Winners never cheat and cheaters never prosper. Rodriguez may be one of the GOATs but I think he firmly belongs outside the hall as a necessary lesson.
Peavy, Crawford, Morneau, Fielder, Pierzynski, Lincecum, Howard - Not enough WAR for consideration. I think theres enough of a margin of error in WAR stats that 40 and 50s WAR guys might be HOFers in some circumstances but for non-relievers and catchers 40 is a pretty strict cutoff of no way in hell. Piezynski is far too low for a catcher as well.

Golden Years:
Dick Allen - A 155 WRC+, 452.6 Offensive Runs. Allen is without a doubt the best hitter not in the HOF and probably up there with Jim McCormick, Kenny Lofton, and Bill Dahlen for best player (excluding PED and bans). Mostly maligned for dubious rumors about alcoholism and being a bad teammate, most of which have been called into question as to their legitimacy. Also maligned for not being as graceful to racist bigotry as other players to which I say in the year of our lord 2021 should not be something we ever hold against a player.
Minnie Minoso - A borderline guy but one who I think does enough to merit a spot. He finished his career with an impressive 133 WRC+. He was not a bad fielder either. Was one of the superstars of the 1950s and also a cultural ambassador for Black Hispanic players. Had he lasted 3-4 more years he would have been a shoe-in but I think he did just about enough to get into the HOF. Whereas I think Tony Olivia did just a little bit too little to merit a spot.
Billy Pierce - Another borderline guy who I think does just enough to make it. Billy Pierce finished top 10 in ERA+ in the AL 7 times between 1950-1959. He also finished in the top 5, 5 of those years. He was without a doubt one of the most consistently very good pitchers in baseball during the 1950s but he also had moments of greatness. In 1955 he was probably the best pitcher in baseball. He had a claim of being in the top 3-5 in 1953, 1956, and 1958. His 53.4 bWAR is not great but is also by no means terrible. Overall a good mix of dominance and consistency with decent longevity.
Danny Murtaugh - The manager won 2 WS and got the Pirates to the NLCS 3 additional times. He was a pretty good manager that probably deserves a spot in the HOF. The question for me was does he or Ken Boyer deserve it more.
I end up concluding that while Boyer probably is a HOFer, Murtaugh deserves it more because
  1. There are a lot of better third-baseman than Boyer who haven’t made it in yet
  2. Boyer doesn’t wow me. He’s a combo player who ends up netting 62.8 WAR but he does that without being in the top 20 in either wRc+ for a third baseman or defensive runs. He’s just a guy who was a very good fielder and a very good hitter but was never legendary at either.
Besides Ken Boyer I don’t think the other players on the ballot deserve a spot.
Maris - Didn’t do that much besides his exceptional 1960 and 1961 seasons. Finishes with a 38.3 bWAR.
Kaat - The hall of very good was made for him. A guy who pitched a long time and compiled decent numbers but was rarely among the best in the league nor consistent. Exceed 5 WAR 3 times in 25 years but also had 9 negative WAR seasons.
Willis/Olivia/Hodges all 40-45 WAR guys who are Hall of Very Good. Olivia was probably the most dominant but falls short by JAWs, bWAR and fWAR. He wasn’t dominant enough for me to extend a Koufax candidacy.
Early Baseball:
Bill Dahlen - Probably the best non-negro league player outside of the HOF. Certainly the best SS coming in 5th for fWAR for the position
Buck O Neil - This is hard since there are many deserving negro league players but I have a strong preference for letting someone in whose family can still celebrate than someone who has been long dead. Buck O Neil deserves to be in the HOF for his outsized role in getting the Negro Leagues the respect it deserves, and for his contributions as a player and as a manager
George Scales - Probably the greatest negro league hitter not in the hall his stats speak for themselves
Dick Redding - Dick Redding and John Donaldson are both quite deserving of HOF inclusion as Negro League pitchers. I think there is slightly more consensus around Redding being one of the best pitcher of the 1910s than Donaldson’s achievements so I’m gonna lean Redding.
All of the other Negro league players on the ballot also deserve a spot. Bud Fowler probably not as a player but certainly as a pioneer.
Lefty O’Doul is interesting because he’s not remotely a HOFer as a player but he was a pretty good cultural ambassador for the game in Japan. It’s a tough call.
Allie Reynolds does not impress me.
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2021.11.27 02:22 stupidusernamesugh If you’re on your p2s and lose your licence can you get an exception to only drive to work?

And how do you do it.
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2021.11.27 02:22 WangShizu_Dadou Woman praying in Yamuna river as toxic foam floats over her

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2021.11.27 02:22 Pantsman1084 First Body I've Painted in a LONG Time.

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2021.11.27 02:22 Forsaken_Divide_3333 It’s here!!! I bought on October 7th!!!

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2021.11.27 02:22 MrMaradok Random Thought: Boss Playing Cards

I had a thought while watching a match against The Trapper & Trader; Wouldn’t featuring those two as a (normal) playing card be interesting to see?
I’m thinking you’d have them be a face card, like a Jack, and feature them in a kind of “duality” pose?
Just a thought.
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2021.11.27 02:22 No-Perspective7557 It’s amazing…

How you spent my entire 8 hour working shift shopping online for Black Friday but not do a single dish in the overflowing sink of dishes, not put the food away that you made, not take out the overflowing trash, not change the dog’s filthy water bowl, pick up the package that was sitting on the porch for 5 1/2 hours and bring it inside, not fold a single piece of laundry that you left on the bed but I was able to do all of the above when I got home in 20 minutes while you couldn’t peel your eyes off your computer screen.
Tomorrow will be a week that we haven’t spoken a word because you decided it would be fun and exciting to be the manipulative child you are and shut down as per usual because I couldn’t do what you wanted, to go shopping. I know I am expected of you to “break” this silence because in your eyes I am wrong for canceling our plans because I was fucking sick. Fuck you and fuck that. I used to beg you to talk to me, stare at my phone hopelessly waiting for you to message me and now I don’t hope for those messages or hope for you to realize you’re at fault too, not just me for everything. Times have changed and I haven’t felt stronger. I allowed you to let me feel like shit and believe I was the villain but the truth is, you’re just the victim in your own story and we aren’t on the same chapter. We haven’t been in years. Your victim card has expired.
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