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Fechas, dónde son y dónde ver la transmisión en vivo de los JO de Invierno 2022. Los deportes de invierno se adueñarán del escenario en Beijing

2022.01.23 21:03 SamoEmpalador Fechas, dónde son y dónde ver la transmisión en vivo de los JO de Invierno 2022. Los deportes de invierno se adueñarán del escenario en Beijing

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Hi it is me, Kyle, the kid who Stephen pulled down his pants at the Gym, well I will say yes Stephen was a wannabe tryhard who had a small gang, of Nathan, Ryan, Sharon & someone else, he always act like a wanna be jock and try to be all tough but that all ended, when Jack posted a video of Stephen putting the remote up his butt and Nathan got turned on, so they got in a relationship, and i asked him on the bus about it, which is why he chocked me on the bus lol!!!
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2022.01.23 21:03 Not_Goatman What’s an easy 2TC combo that doesn’t require lots of micro?

I want to get the 2TC achievement, and was wondering what an easy 2TC combo was
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2022.01.23 21:03 LoneNoble The Sentinel of Avalon: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Human [First Chapter] | [Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter]
Sam POV:
I opened my eyes and groaned in my helmet. I had a splitting headache, and I couldn’t dodge the feeling that something was off, wrong, missing. Everything felt slower, and just weird, like Deja vu, I knew I’d felt this before, but it was so far back in my memory I couldn’t place it.
My visor was still blacked out, but I passively watched the text scroll as it initiated the boot-up sequence.

[Armour Boot-up Sequence Initiated][Preliminary Proximity Scan: No hostile FOF’s detected in proximity][Executing systems diagnostic]
[Life Support: ONLINE][External Sensors: ONLINE][Internal Sensors: ONLINE][Solar Harvesters: ONLINE][Backup Power: FUNCTIONAL]
[Executing Secondary Proximity Scan: 3 lifeforms detected][Ending Boot-up, launching HUD]
My visor blurred the image of what was before me into clarity. The darkness that had filled it before had faded, my HUD was online, and all systems were functioning properly, but what was before me made me roll my eyes, honestly it was corny and I must have been drunk to do this, explained the headache anyway.
There were 3 alien creatures, all resembling bipedal dragons. One with red scales clad in bronze armour, wielding a sword of matching colour, with a mismatched bracer. The one to the right was slightly shorter, with light grey scales, and no armour, not even a weapon. The last one to the left was taller than them both, with blue scales, again no armour, no weapon.
This has to be the corniest bloody simulation I’ve ever been in. Dragon people? Real original. And half of them don’t even have swords, let alone guns, how am I supposed to get a fight out of them? What did I fall asleep screwing around in digital space? Simulation end.
…Simulation end.
…Huh, Must be an issue with the neural chip. Run Diagnostic.
…That’s out too huh. Okay the old-fashioned way then.
“Simulation end.” Well, that did nothing, but now the dragons looked confused. Suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore, but aliens weren’t real, this couldn’t be real! Yet, this place isn’t my bed, or the engineering deck, where the hell am I?
One of the weird dragon things, the blue one, started to speak, but it was all gibberish to me. The translator program automatically launched in the corner of his HUD and began to decode it. Assuming they were sapient (likely with the clearly well-crafted sword) and had a developed language, then the program would have it cracked in a bit. Until then though, I didn’t know these people’s intentions, so, pulling myself up, I stepped back and pulled my sidearm out of its holster in one motion, aiming it at the armoured one, and pushing out my other hand out to create distance between them.
The speech ground to a halt, and the air grew thick, the red scaled dragon thing shifting its stance with the new hostility, I knew they wouldn’t understand, but tone and body language might help here.
“Keep talking Dragon.” I said, pointing at the blue one, and twirling my hand in a ‘continue’ gesture. It appeared confused but started going again, and slowly my translator caught up. As the gibberish faded out, I slowly tuned back into whatever was being said.
“…still, it seems to communicate via body language and verbal sounds, similar enough to us, but I can’t read it at all. How can we even tell what its emotions are? It doesn’t even have a tail! And what the hell is he pointing at me”
“It’s a weapon of some kind wise man, obviously. Look how he created space between you, combat basics.” Well, the red scaled one was sharp at least.
…Right, maybe body language and tone wont work, but the translators covered him, and it was worth a shot. A little embarrassing though. Time to get some answers.
“Identify yourselves.” The red scaled one was unshaken, but the grey and blue ones jumped so high their souls must have left their bodies.
“I am Guardsman Aasira, we mean you no harm, please put the weapon down.” I decided I liked her, authoritative and to the point. This first contact was already going to hell; however, I knew that if she was lying then it was 3 of them against just me. Instead of lowering it, I flicked the selector to NL, Non-Lethal, not that they would have understood the gesture.
“I can’t do that; I don’t know you. But lets keep talking, nobody needs to get hurt here. Understand, I just woke up in the middle of nowhere, I’m not sure how I got here, and you three just happen to be stood here. Put yourself in my place.”
This definitely frustrated ‘Aasira’, judging by the angry huff and body language, but I wasn’t going to budge, I needed intel, and I needed to find a way to get back to where I was before. Before the situation could escalate any further however, the grey one spoke up.
“I suppose introductions are in order then. I am Ase, and the man to Aasira’s left is Sophus. We are Curtani, what are you?” I watched as my VI recorded their faces, and those facts, and stored them away into a database that I could check over later to get a better grasp of the situation.
“My name is Sam. I am Human.” I tried to keep myself collected, but I was feeling the excitement bubble up in me. Despite the danger, this was what Humanity had always wanted, first contact! So much exploring, so much development, time thrown towards this end goal, and it was me! I got to do this, its just a shame I had to be alone for it. If they could see me now… Still, I quashed it in me, this was a dangerous situation and I had to focus.
“Well, Sam, We can answer some of your questions back at our town, but it isn’t safe here. We can’t stay here longer than necessary, there’s too much at risk.” Aasira seemed to take charge again, admirable, but this was really out of my favour. If these people had bad intentions, then going to a place filled with them could well get me killed.
“Walking into potentially hostile territory alone? No backup, in unknown territory sounds far more dangerous than any wilderness could be. So, I think I’ll be just fine on my own.”
There was a pause, Aasira seemed to turn that over in her head before she responded in an irritatingly logical rebuke.
“Even if you can survive in the desert, beat all the predators, and set up refuge safely out of the way of any local settlements, without civilisation you will never learn why you are here, never learn where here is, and never find your way back home. If you return with us, we can get you some of that information.”
“Aasira you can’t-” Ase seemed to take objection to Aasira’s argument, but she shut her down quickly. “I know you wanted me to have faith, Ase, and I do. But we promised we’d keep him safe. That’s all I’m doing, its dangerous out here.”
Promised they’d keep me safe? From what? And who did they promise for that matter? As the questions piled up, I realised Aasira was right, there was no way for me to know without visiting their settlement. With that defeat, the logic and tactics thrown out of the window, I felt the excitement from before rising up in me just a little more, and I started to laugh, holstering my weapon at my side again.
“Well, with that behind us there’s only one thing to say I suppose…” I grinned behind my helmet, not that they could see it. “Xeno’s, take me to your leader.”
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ase POV:
As we journeyed through the sand on the way back to Dune’s End, my thoughts were focused completely on the champion who followed behind us. This was the one the sentinel had told us to watch over, to teach and protect? We’d started on a bad foot, but I could see it from Sam’s perspective, waking up somewhere they’d never seen, surrounded by people they don’t know. Must have been terrified. Still, the ability to stay confident in all that, reason their way through a tense situation the way they did, only reinforced my belief that they were a worthy champion.
I only hoped Aasira’s methods haven’t set us back too far, we have to co-exist if we are to get this right, and the strange faceless ‘Human’ doesn’t seem to truly trust us. Hopefully when they see Dune’s End, that changes. Its all I can hope for.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sophus POV:
I had a million questions, but I knew now was not the time to ask. I was a curious fool, but not so foolish as to risk angering or scaring the ‘Human’. It was fascinating, something completely new, of unknown origin, with unfamiliar technology. It looked like a Golem of some kind, like the ones I had written into my books, except metal rather than stone. The head was a blackened hardened metal, with its face glowing a bright blue, some kind of thinking machine? It was surreal, a complete fantasy, but so many possibilities.
I bit my tongue to stop me asking questions, but it doubtless saw me glancing back at it several times on the return journey. Being patient with a mystery like this would be one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but I must endure to get my answers. Its going to be a hard week, keeping this urge contained, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aasira POV:
It was hard to focus on the journey back, but it was still the desert, and it was still a threat. I kept an eye on the top of the dunes at all times, scanning for anything that could hurt us. But of course, I couldn’t help but think of the Champion. I had plenty of time to take their measure in the ruins.
They were armed, dangerous, but not strictly speaking malicious. They lowered their weapon when my point got across, and in anyone else that wouldn’t be enough for me to make that judgement, but I wasn’t kidding myself. They were calm and collected, logically choosing the words and actions they used carefully, confident with a weapon in hand, whatever it was. They were clearly a warrior of some kind, perhaps a guardsman themselves, of some other town wherever they were from.
Their armour was something else, that helmet was solid metal, or something close to it, and covered the ‘Humans’ whole head, either it was light enough that it didn’t hinder him, or he was so strong the metal didn’t hinder them in combat. The rest of the armour matched, and that was a massive threat. Either they had so much brute force behind them, that she was totally outclassed, or (more likely with that glowing blue face-plate) they had very advanced technology that would make anything she had worthless. Or even more concerning, both.
I had no doubt that if they were truly hostile, they could have killed me and interrogated the others for answers or forced them to take him back to the town, Guardian forbid, and take whatever answers and resources he needed from there at proverbial sword point. All this drew me to the same conclusion we had all known going in.
He could be trusted.
But damn it, I have trained for so long, spent so long on patrol that I just cannot trust so easily. Not least of all when other lives are at stake. The Guardian told me to have faith, and that he was trustworthy, so he was. But I couldn’t deny the comfort in running it through my own head and reaching that conclusion on my own.
Faith reinforced, and slightly less concerned about the figure following behind me, I crossed the last of the Dunes as the town appeared before me.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sam POV:
I had a lot of time to think on the journey over, but the time for hesitation was over and the course was set. What occupied my mind wasn’t the aliens before me, nor the dangers of the action, rather it was myself.
I was trying hard to remember what had happened to me, how id gotten here, but nothing would come to me. I remembered lots of things, like my name, my role, my ship, space travel and the hum of engines, I remembered my armour and how to use it, things that I used every day. But I couldn’t remember how I got here, I couldn’t remember why I was here, I couldn’t remember much about my older memories, it was like my mind was fogged up, or something more.
On top of all that was that weird feeling I noticed in the ruins that hadn’t let up, that half-knowledge in the back of my mind that something was missing. I’d have put it down to just my memories if it wasn’t for the rest, but I felt like events were happening so fast, too fast, and the malfunction of my neural chip had me concerned as well. I’d have to do some introspection and answer some important questions when I got a rest.
Seems I have a lot ahead of me, and I don’t just mean the aliens trudging through the desert at my front.
Finally, we cleared the last of the pale-yellow dunes, and a settlement appeared before me, presumably the town they’d told me about. Curiously, it sat on the line where sand and… orange grass? Where sand and orange grass met. There was a wall protecting the settlement, and in the middle of the wooden wall, reinforced with what seemed to be some bronze alloy, was a large gate.
An open gate, surrounded by more armoured dragon people, with spears, swords, and warhammers made of the same metal.
“Welcome to Dune’s End” Aasira told me, just before one of the guards started yelling at her.
She winced at it, and I let it go over my head, catching snippets like ‘left the gate open’, ‘exposed to predators’, ‘no patrol’ and ‘latrine duty’. I’m sure it would have kept going for quite some time had I not nudged her on and approached the gate myself.
As soon as they saw me silence descended quickly, and they were caught off guard enough for us to walk right past them. They must have quickly caught up to their duty, as they circled around to our front not long after entering.
The one who’d been yelling at Aasira approached us, seemingly having lost his confidence, replaced with confusion, and strangely some odd form of reverence in tone. “Please wait here, we need to get the priests.”
Well, I suppose Exorcism was as valid a response as any to the ugly alien strolling into your front door, but I’d be lying if I said id thought that would be the outcome.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [First Chapter] | [Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter]
AN: So Sam is here! Let me know what you think of him, next chapter we get to introduce him to Dune's Edge, and see how it looks from a human perspective, and what interesting bits he can glean from observations of the people and place.
Leave me any comments that you think will help, be it critique or just appreciation, it all helps, either with my writing style or my motivation lol.
I cut it a bit close this time, but im still on schedule, hopefully the next one will be ready for Wednesday, if not ill adjust my chapters and space them out a little more.
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I have 38k, se and rr set just not the skirts, December’s dream heels, Christmas pageant skirt, and bat mo heels. I’m not looking for the goth Lolita sleeves just the cuffs, skirt and the purse
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yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum, 2000Pa Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with 800ML Big Dustbin and Tangle-Free Brush, Perfect for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floor, Self-Charging, Compatible with Boundary Strips - Price: $110.86 With $40 COUPON submitted by Bestechmarket to redditdeals [link] [comments]

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