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Blursed_Buddha | Sometimes You Can't Scape Redeyes In Photos

2022.01.23 21:09 essen11 Blursed_Buddha | Sometimes You Can't Scape Redeyes In Photos

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2022.01.23 21:09 Trick_Syllabub_8067 Going to stream rainbow six and madden at 7:45 F4F

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2022.01.23 21:09 eka2344 Is Leopagel okay for anoles?

So I've had my green anole for a few months now and he's a pretty picky eater. He doesn't like live food, so we have some dried calcium-dusted flies and a cup of honey for him because those are the only two things he'll eat. Recently, we tried some Hikari Herptile Leopa-gel and he ate it pretty quick. However, he was brown for around two days until he pooped. Did the goober have a stomach ache or should I be worried?
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2022.01.23 21:08 EdwinCalvin AQA A-level COMPUTER SCIENCE 7517/1, Preliminary Material and 7517/2 June 2021 Question Papers

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2022.01.23 21:08 MAZE-n I need advice , kinda

Hello everyone. I don't know if this is the right place or community to ask this... Is 460$ too much for PS 4 500gb + FIFA 22 ?
If this is wrong place to ask this, please send me right community 😉. Thanks.
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2022.01.23 21:08 Batman_bananahammock Does anyone have resources for remote and/or ASD-friendly job openings?

Any resources or advice--please SHARE below! I’m in dire need of remote work! I am desperate to avoid going back into the restaurant industry. For health reasons and the utterly toxic ...especially for NDs... environment. Remote jobs are seemingly plentiful right now. I have work experience and a good amount of (admin, UX, tech) skills/certs; but I’m finding the whole “game” and process of networking/connecting plus researching positions at ND-friendly companies to be… debilitating. To the point that I just shut down and do nothing until I force myself into my car and use gig apps (don’t get me started…) to barely get rent. I’m exhausted from being exhausted and getting closer and closer to eviction. I recognize my privilege here and I’m so very grateful for what I have always had access to and to be able to fake my way through almost any short-term situation.
This culture of being ON or reachable 24/7 is so toxic for all sides. I understand many companies are short-staffed but eliminating applicants because they weren’t the first to respond immediately… is just sad. There are moments when I physically cannot be communicative. So the thought of being required to be “reachable” is scary and something I probably won’t even try.
Hiring managers, recruiters, etc.: please let applications build a little and then assess them on skill. Not by their “email response time”. Neuro-divergent's want to be successful too; we just have to be given a chance. We make the BEST employees!!
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2022.01.23 21:08 Mickleborough Was this the real reason for Megxit?

According to Neil Sean, Royal Reporter for NBC (and other outlets), the tipping point for Megxit was the Queen declining the pleasure of the Sussexes’ companionship in Windsor Castle.
Athough there have been suggestions that Megxit had been planned from the outset, Mr Sean seems quite definite about this. It is conceivable that living in Windsor Castle would have made up for a lot of shortcomings, eg the Sussexes would have had their feet in the castle, and would be difficult to dislodge.
Is this possible?
In the meantime, there’s speculation that the Cambridges could be living in this…fort on the Windsor estate.
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2022.01.23 21:08 KindlyMarzipan2682 Charlotte for CYL6!

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2022.01.23 21:08 oldmayne [WTS]- Sony RX100 V w/ Box + Accessories (10.6 oz)

I have a Sony RX100V in good condition. I bought this a year ago from someone, and I thought I was going to be more inclined to shoot video with it in the backcountry. It never made it off my shelf, with the exception of a few test shoots in my yard. Great little camera, exceptional video quality for the size and weight. No Scratches on lens. The attached grip makes this thing very easy to hold. The only problem is that one of the strap attachment bars broke off, but there is still another on the side of the camera.
(1) Sony RX100V Equipped with a Lensmate Filter Adapter, screen protector, and grip. All can be removed easily
(1) Charger
(4) Rechargeable batteries ( 2 Sony , 2 Wasabi Power)
(2) Sandisk Extreme Pro Class 10 V30 128GB Memory Cards - 170 MB/s
(1) Red Filter (Makes black and white landscape photos and videos look great)
(1) B+W ND filter (Attached to camera in Photos)
Pictures and verification:
I can send any other request pictures or other information if you need.
Price: $550 for everything listed shipped CONUS

Thanks for looking
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2022.01.23 21:08 Flacon-X Terrain Features for Part 2 (Encounters Added)

This is a travel guide and follow-up to my Terrain Features for Part 1 post a while back where I detail terrain and encounters I used on the day-to-day journey. However, on our return to the Underdark, our players have likely had their fill of terrain descriptions. So, I used them more sparingly. Not all of the entries here will be about terrain. Yet, you might glean a few things to steal for your own game. Enjoy!

On Your Way: Managing Your Expedition Party The expedition force is a tool that adds great flavor and utility, but you also don't want it getting in the players' way. I borrowed many of my ideas from Elven Tower, but put my own spin on it. He has some good diagrams to steal though.
First off, you need a lieutenant. A person who manages the day-to-day affairs of the expedition party and offers advice. It should be someone the players reasonably trust or respect, like an Order of the Gauntlet leader or a returning NPC from Part 1. We used Prince Derendil.
A transcript of my lieutenant's advice to the party on managing the expeditionary force (I used a visual aid from the ElvenTower link):

Your lieutenant explains that as important as you are, a lot of the activities you used to do while traveling can now be delegated to other people. You should assign a lieutenant to be in charge. One of the veterans from the Order of the Gauntlet is a great choice. Additionally, you may want to assign a master-explorer or a camp-leader. Think of the expeditionary force like a bubble structure, you can use a three layered structure of responsibilities with well-defined roles:
1. The Inner Circle - Here are the highest status people, this includes you, any assigned lieutenant and maybe a Zentharim thug representing his faction. These people make all the decisions regarding the expeditionary force as a whole. You have the last word, but may consult the other leaders for their opinions.
2. The Main Force - This is the bulk of the group, most people fall in this area. The force’s lieutenant leads them and delegates the different activities to be done, such as foraging, cooking, repairing stuff, fight threats that the scouting party finds, setting up camp.
3. Scouting party - The scouts don’t travel with the expeditionary force, these brave people often travel a few kilometers ahead and behind the main force. Every hour one of them is sent back to give report to the Force’s lieutenant, he can then make decisions. If the scouts spot a threat they are supposed to get as much intel as they can and then go back and report to the lieutenant, they don’t fight before informing.
The underdark is dangerous, but with such a big group, most threats won’t likely attack openly. When they do, the main force has to fight something and they are mostly capable of handling what they find.
At the end of the day the lieutenant should report any combat encounters.
The members of the expeditionary force know about the your prowess in combat but will not bother you with threats that they deem small. A few examples of when you would get called in:
1. The scouting party spots a threat and reports back to the lieutenant. He decides it’s better to inform his superiors (you). You can then go to the front line and face the enemies. There should be an instruction that when the scouts spot demonic activity, this always goes all the way back to you. The main force never fights demons by itself.
2. The scouting party spots a threat and reports back to the lieutenant. He decides to take on the enemies with the main force. Mid fight, the enemies get reinforcements or just prove to be too powerful for them. He sends an urgent messenger back to the inner circle to inform you of the ongoing fight.
3. The scouting party misses a threat and the main force is taken by surprise. Regardless of the threat level, an urgent messenger is sent to inform the you.

For travel, my method for planning was to create the following sets of encounters between major destinations and roll for which one happened each day:
3 PC fights - Potential fights strong enough to get the players involved
3 Expedition Party fights - Fights that your expedition party handles themselves and reports back to you.
3 Roleplaying encounters - Inter-party conflicts or events they run into.
What you see below are my choices from those rolls.

I strongly recommend locating Gauntlgrym in the mountains beside Luskan for the interim period before the characters return to the Underdark. They are very close together canonically. Luskan also provides some benefits:
- Is a port town, so travel is easy.
- Is where Gromph Baenre is hiding out. He is the one that broke the Underdark and summoned Demogorgon.
- Is where Jarlaxle's Bregan D'aerthe holds base. They are a political power in the Menzoberranzen chapter.
- It holds the arcane tower, where Cattie Brie and all the mages of the area are hanging out and distracted by trying to pacify the primordial fire elemental Maegera. This is why they aren't helping YOU, and also provides side quests in Gauntlgrym.

Teleportation circles. I recommend there being a teleportation circle both here and near Blingdenstone (at Entemach's Boon?), and that the faezress doesn't interfere when you use a permanent circle. Your players will thank you.
I recommend 3 new events happening in Gauntlgrym:
  1. Maegera - Cannonically, the primordial fire elemental Maegera is waking up, and Gauntlgrym is very concerned about this. Read the novel "Archmage" for details. I would fashion something as upsetting Meagera. In my game, the characters threw the stone holding Fraz-urb'luu into the lava to try to destroy it.
Either way, right in the middle of the council, fire elementals attack the whole city, and the PCs have to run down to Maegera's chamber to defeat a Phoenix that has arisen as her avatar. Doing so will win favor with at least one of the factions.
  1. The Siege - Shortly after you leave on your expedition, a minor demon lord lays siege to Gauntlgrym. It is fairly inconsequential to the party, but they have to get past it to go in and out. I recommend a demon lord most people don't know, like Eblis of the Unbended Knee. He is the type who would refuse to surrender even though the dwarves clearly outmatch him. He also is odd in that he summons devils instead of demons to help him.
I would push the players to sneak or run past the blockade, sealing the path with dynamite behind them.
  1. Demogorgon - About the time the PCs get to the Gravenhollow, Demogorgon's forces push into Gauntlgrym. I wrote a vision of it HERE All the important denizens escape, but it's a very "this is getting serious" moment. The players either learn about it from a vision in Gravenhollow, or a Sending spell from the dwarves.

To Mantol-Derith
I strongly encourage you to have set up a portal of some sort to Blingdenstone in the first part of the game. It could be a Teleportation Circle run by the Stoneheart Enclave, or a property of Entemach's Boon. Regardless, your players will be happier that they don't have to travel all the way from Gauntlgrym to start their journey.
5-day journey:
Day 1 - Straightforward tunnels with patches of faerzress in them. You see an ooze watching you from a nook in a wall, but it doesn't approach you.
Day 2 - Crawl down a craggy area full of mundane crystals, then gradually up a slope in an open and empty cavern.
Day 3 - Highly branching tunnels full of pits and tall walls to climb over. No faerzress. You go near the territory of the Demon Lord of Worms (Kyuss's current form in my game) who has moved into the power vacuum in the area when Juiblex's minions were defeated. They have to walk through a couple mundane swarms of worms.
ENCOUNTER: The expedition force detects a lone demon (chasme) and later set of 3 (1 Barlgura and 2 Dretches). If they choose to take a route around the demons, they will encounter the Behir on Day 4.
Day 4 - Same as Day 3
ENCOUNTER: The party has come into the territory of a Behir. The stealthy serpent starts picking of members of the expedition party and won't stop until it's either defeated, or the group gets to Mantol-Derith. They must make a harrowing climb to get to it's lair.
Day 5 - High Faerzress and go near a major lava flow. Expedition force should roll for madness.

To Gravenhollow from Mantol-Deirith
Gravenhollow is 20 days from Gauntlgrym and 60 days from Mantol-Deirith.
I recommend an NPC convince the party to find Sladis Vadir who is 7 days west of Mantol Deirith, going along the Darklake. Coppervein from Mantol-Deirith can lead you to her and promises to help you get to Gravenhollow if you do. Sladis then convinces the party to teleport back to Gauntlgrym for the journey because it will knock a month off the travel time.
7 Days to Sladis Vadir, going along the Darklake.
Day 1 - Along the coastline is a two-headed duergar sitting on a dock who attacks the party on sight.
Day 2 - Ooze Rain encounter (Encounter 8 HERE).
Day 3 - More coastline travel, or into water-worn tunnels if the players prefer.
Day 4 - The path slopes downwards, going underneath a portion of the lake that you can see through, as if it had a glass bottom. You see various fish above you that are illuminated by faerzress and electric eels.
- You sleep in a hollow that someone burnt all the edges of a long time ago in an attempt to get rid of any mold or fungus that was there. There are the remnants of a hollowed out zhurkwood cot.
ENCOUNTER: Your expedition party takes out a troop of aquatic goblins that attack them. A grell joined the fight and almost took off with a Lord's Alliance spy, but the scouts caught it before it got far.
Day 5 - Take a tunnel through more glass-like rock that now surrounds you to the left and right, like you are inside a modern aquarium. If anyone gave you instructions on where to go, she would have mentioned this as a landmark.
- You sleep beside a crack in the ground that has zhurkwood and nightlight fungus in it.
Day 6 - You take a very steep incline upwards. Someone has attached silk ropes to the rocks to help travelers ascend. At the top, there is a small, swampy area with many beasts in it that they can explore if they want, but the path you are going along bypasses it.
- A scout finds a Gas Spore (under Fungi in Monster Manual). In her dash to crawl back up to where she came from, she fell and landed beside another one and realized that they were fungi in disguise. However, she started having trippy visions that she can’t describe. She was found babbling by another scout, but is mostly recovered by the time it was reported to the players.
Day 7 - Reach Sladis in the evening. You had to trek up a long, diagonal spike of rock. At the top, thief signs mark where you throw a rock or shoot a crossbow bolt at a target to let down a rope ladder. Above could be a small village with a tavern and farmland, with Sladis's zoo within a 10 minute walk. Sladis says that Gravenhollow is west of the Wormwrithings and MUCH closer to Gauntlgrym than here, recommending you all teleport back.
- One of your lieutenants might recommend here as a good place for an outpost, with someone you leave behind drawing teleportation circle runes every day so you can return here later.
Day 8-25 - The path from Gauntlgrym is very boring. Tell the players just that. It's tunnels and cracks. The demon presence is relatively sparse here too, being farther away from ground zero (Menzoberranzen). Hand wave that you took out a number of demons along the way that you were perfectly capable of defeating.
Day 26 - The Great Library/Temple to Skoreaus Stonebones
Ghazrim DuLoc's ring, or whatever method you used to find Gravenhollow, can only get you so close to it. Gravenhollow is unfindable unless it wants you to find it, and is thus impossible to track. However, this temple is very close to it and a good landmark for the ring to lead you to.
Day 27-30 - Fairly mundane tunnels, if not tall as if a giant should be able to through them. My players knew they had arrived when they found a blind basilisk sitting on the ground wearing sunglasses and singing the blues.

In the Wormwrithings
Honestly, the terrain here is simple. They are all perfectly smooth, round tunnels made by purple worms. A few encounters I added:
  1. A disease breaks out among the expedition party shortly before the Vast Oblivium.
  2. You meet Juiblex. Ideally, this means avoiding Juiblex. He should be in a cavern devouring something in the most eldritch horror visuals you can conjure up. There are massive sanity checks to anyone who witnesses this. He is travelling east, ultimately ending up in the Fetid Wedding.
  3. The drow girl, as scripted in the book.
  4. A purple worm comes from behind you and chases for a while. Another one comes from in front of you and forces a detour.

In the Labyrinth - 20 Day travel at minimum
Day 1 - Kobold Fortress. This answers the question of how to transition into the Labyrinth. 3+ days southeast of Gracklstugh is a large cavern. You can't see the fortress until you start to descend a few hundred feet down stairs, platforms, and ladders. You better leave the expedition party behind while you secure the route. At the bottom is a 300 foot stretch of open land before you get to the castle walls that stand in front of the cave's backside. Kobolds patrol the top, and traps are laid in front of that. A portcullis sits as the entryway (Strength check to open. Or kill the guards, scale the wall, and raise it). Inside can be as messy or mundane as you want. I'd allow a straight-shot forward into the labyrinth if they take it, but something enticing them to go a side path. I'd include a permanent teleportation circle somewhere, but that's because I'm nice. If they make it through, they come to a long, constructed tunnel that skirts around the side of the labyrinth for several hours.
Day 2 - Old city. This has changed hands a few times. Duergar used to own it, but now the minotaurs just raid it for crops every now and then. You come out of the Kobold's secret entrance to an overlook. You are in a gigantic, rectangular room. This is the most constructed looking thing they've seen in the underdark, and it only gets more so from here. The ground in the center of the room is divided up into multi-hundred foot long squares of soil where crops were once grown and rotated. Some still grows. Stone rectangular huts with flat roofs sit along the perimeter. A few wide service exits lead off from this room. Whichever the players choose is the right one. It goes a few hours before it gets to the maze.
Entrance to Maze - I had them use a key they found in the city or the kobolds area to get in without using magic. This is a good place to insert Gash in, near the entrance. Unfortunatey, my party just stabbed him, so I put a clone in later.
As you near it, you walk through tunnels that have glass bottoms. You can see for miles beyond dark rocks and crags. All the way to a dark tower that is surrounded by yellow, blue, and purple crystals that light it and the surrounding area. If they try to get through here, they run into a wall of force, and if they try further, they find it was an illusion. This foreshadows the Adamantine tower.
Maze - Run as you wish. I ignored the book's descriptions. There should technically be several exits here, including at least one minotaur or baphitaur city. However, this can be very distracting. Make sure the players find the right one. A few things we ran into:
- Elemental corridor guardians. You come to a long corridor, and there is a baphitaur (fiendish minotaur) at the other side with an axe, blocking your path. Each one utilizes a different element. For example, the air one has a wind that constantly blows, slowing movement by a third, except the baphitaur that can move at double. So, it leaps forward, strikes with a shove, then dashes backwards.
- The players get briefly separated from each other because there is a portal that closes after 3 of them go through. When they see each other again, one group is walking on the ceiling. In the following room, there are stairs that descend into another invisible portal that corrects their gravity.
- I actually ran the main floor of Sunless Citadel as a side quest here when some players couldn't make it. It was minotaurs and goblinoids fighting each other. One side had an elemental key that could be stolen.
- One way or another, I had the players find 4 elemental keys by happenstance that allowed them to finally unlock the exit. I actually had one group standing on the ceiling have to drop down a key to the one on the ground, and the ground group open the door for both sides.
Day 3 - Mine shafts. You are in an area where mining happened. Ore cart rails go everywhere and into different holes in walls. Shafts go up and down.
- Some mine shafts are magically dark.
- Encounter: Some hezrous randomly attacking and stripping an ore cart, because they feel like it.
Day 4: The dome-caverns. A series of dome-shaped caverns take them between mine shaft tunnels. Some of them are strange. For example, one series has each cavern covered in a different colored faerzress. One is covered in mirrors made of crystal. Another has a steaming pool of water like a hot spring.
Day 5: The battlefield. You go through more mine tunnels. One comes out to a battlefield, mid-fight. Dead gnolls, hyenas, minotaurs, and baphitaurs lie by the hundreds. Gash should be the only survivor, even if it means he was knocked out early on and wakes up, or had been playing dead. He has been having second thoughts for a while, but has been terrified of Yeenoghu.
Day 6: Filthriddens.
Day 7: The cube-walk. A Multi-mile long stretch. It is 50 feet wide and 50 feet up. However, the ground is divided up into solid cubes at different heights. It should look like there is something mechanical that could bring them together into a continuously flat ground, but they can't figure out how. They have to climb up and down them. Occasionally a lowered cube exposes an exit to other places. Any choice is correct.
Shoosuva: As they enter, they see that various parts of the ceiling are transparent. They here scratching up there, and if they look, they can see a shoosuva hunting them with a pack of gnolls and hyenas.
Modrons: This is where they can find a lone monodrone hopping around the cubes that can lead them to the other modrons.
Adamantine Tower: At the end of this room, they should see the adamantine tower sitting. It can be approached. I would have the Shoosuva attack while they are in there.
Day 8: The rift: They come out of a mine shaft to a bottomless rift. The mine tracks have been long since sheared off. The party has to go down a 100 foot switchback to get to a bridge that goes across it. Area should resemble the bridge in the Mines of Moria.
Day 9: You go through a long, large tunnel, about 50 feet wide and 50 feet tall with unfinished yellow stone ceilings. It gets monotonous after a few hours.
You pass an abandoned derro settlement. It resembles square, stone huts. There are no skeletons or remnants of life, but you recognize some writing on the walls to the derro murder god.
Encounter: The Hunter
Day 10: Your monodrone has led you to the other modrons!
- You also pass an abandoned minotaur village. This one was recent and has bodies decaying.
Day 11: The modrons lead you into a series of tunnels that only go 2d4x10 feet before turning. It is a vast network that you never would have found your way through without them. It should include stairs that lead downwards.
Day 12: Images of gears cover the walls. The paths are broad and crafted with many stone stairs leading up and down. Most have cracks in them. You see a dead shoosuva corpse, killed by Baphomet's elites. If they didn't kill the one you saw previously, this is that one.
Day 13: Flumphs! You run into a group of them when you try to find a side tunnel to sleep in. They can tell you that the war between the minotaurs and gnolls has been fierce. They offer guidance to the Gallery of Angels or the Maze Engine if the players need them.
Day 14: You use an old rope bridge to pass over another large crack in the ground. This leads to another stretch of mine cart rails and shafts.
Day 15: An underground river.
Day 16: Yeenoghu encounter. Run as stated in the book. If he is not killed, you will feel hunted for a few days. If you have a gnoll with you, they will have strange impulses of self-mutilation and be otherwise uneasy.
Day 17: The tunnels take a geometric feel. Chambers are octogons and hexagons. Tunnels are laid out like spokes of a wheel.
Day 18: Same as day 17. You pass an abandoned Pech settlement that was dug into the ground, as well as an abandoned duergar village on the surface.
Day 19: Same as day 17.
Day 20: The Maze Engine. I recommend giving it an entryway. I've detailed my ideas here: Maze Engine Expanded

The Time Warp
I encourage the time warp scenario, but a clear choice of it should be given to the players. If done right, it barely adds any time to the game.
I set up a scenario where one of the Maze Engine events elicited feelings in one of the PCs of a deep regret about something that happened at the beginning of their journey. He felt a tugging towards somewhere.
I then stopped the game and directly asked the party if they wanted to do this. I wasn't going to if they didn't want to.
Alternatively to directly asking them, you can go ahead and do the time warp. Give them an apparent, single, important thing to accomplish (specific thing should be personal to the players, like saving someone's life or to get a lost quest item), and then they can step back through a portal to their original timeline if they so desire.
Regardless, when they go back in time, they keep all their knowledge and equipment.
Also, all the expedition party members and people in their vicinity would be time warped to where they were at the time that the game started in Velkenvelve Prison. Thus, your Order of the Gauntlet member would suddenly find himself in Waterdeep and Glabbagool would find himself in the Oozing Temple. They would ALL remember what happened.
This gives the party a HUGE head start. Their expedition party members might be able to rally the surface world with what they know and pre-empt many problems. The party can quickly get all the final components to DeVir's ritual and complete it themselves.
The only real downside is that nobody will remember them. Is it worth being a hero if nobody remembers what you did?
Let them decide. Let them see what could be and give the option into their hands.
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2022.01.23 21:08 Kineth The hope is gone, but I wish they had added Kazuma, the Shell Bullet's Alter from S-Cry-ED to this game.

I meant to make this topic a couple of years ago, but didn't for whatever reason. If you're familiar with the anime, you'll likely understand why I suggest this. For those that aren't, in his base form, his arm gets a power boost and it has 3 special attacks: Shocking First Bullet, Destructive Second Bullet and Obliterating Last Bullet. Typically after he uses the last one, his power fades away and then gradually returns.
... Whatever. It woulda been a cool ass weapon.
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2022.01.23 21:08 blemish818 30 [M4F] what are your sun and moon signs?

Hey! Looking for anyone up to talk about astrology. Yes I'm a dude yes I'm into astrology and no I'm not homosexual. Just a few questions I get whenever I post this post haha! Let me know! Would be best if you're around my age.
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2022.01.23 21:08 Financial_Guava4273 Gf(F22) and I(23M) broke up but we still act like we're together?

We broke up awhile ago to work on ourselves but the thing is we still talk almost everyday and when we hang out its like we're still together. She'll still lean on me when we're watching a movie, we still hug each other from the back, heck she's even slept over at my place (just sleep not sex). We still call each other by our nicknames, it honestly feels like we're together but just not in title. I don't see how I could move on if we're like this? But at the same time I don't want to lose her completely in my life?
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2022.01.23 21:08 AlphaMarshan [WTS][USA-GA][H] Schiit Bifrost 2 [W] PayPal

Link to pics and timestamp:
Hey there, I'm selling my Schiit Bifrost 2. It is an awesome DAC in excellent/mint condition that I no longer need.
I am including the unit, remote, power cable, and documentation. I will not be including any cables outside of the power cable so be mindful of that - no balanced/XLR cables, RCA cables, USB cable, etc.
Asking $635 shipped via UPS ground shipping to the lower 48 / CONUS only. Thanks!
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2022.01.23 21:08 Docx83 So many awful uniques, thanks for updates on them!

With so many uniques of course many are deemed worthless, but I’m happy they are reworking them to bring them back into relevancy for some people. No they don’t need to all have a place in end game or be a chase unique so I say nice job.
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2022.01.23 21:08 PANZERKAMPWAGEN0088 Mega Raid 14 min 5497 9188 2016

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2022.01.23 21:08 lucky_gemini Bot was posting messages in global, ao i went to thier website....

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2022.01.23 21:08 Yuuvia_UwU Heavily Gifted Fang in boxes, will trade for nook miles tickets

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2022.01.23 21:08 Yayzeeeeee They are losing their minds over the main sub over being called a meme coin. This is how majority view it as but they can't handle it.

They are losing their minds over the main sub over being called a meme coin. This is how majority view it as but they can't handle it. submitted by Yayzeeeeee to SafeMoonInvesting [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 21:08 throwaway364745 You own the Fart Notes, write any name in it and they fart the nastiest loudest one of their lifetime

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2022.01.23 21:08 Karechta Sander

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