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fuck you

2022.01.23 21:17 Phyllox65 fuck you

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2022.01.23 21:17 IkigaiSagasu What plant is this? Can I grow this in my room? Am from Southeast Asia (if that info helps)

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2022.01.23 21:17 vacationday Commercial AirTag Tracking?

Hey guys, I own a company that manufactures and ships large auto body racing parts directly from our storage and shipping facility. Lately our freight companies have been losing some of these items, keep in mind these are 72"x28"x24" boxes and we had an idea of putting AirTags in our shipments with a pre-postage return package for our customers to ship back the AirTag to us for a rebate that would be the cost of an AirTag incase the customer did not return the AirTag that we would use to pay for another.

My question is how can I share viewing access to the customers that choose this enhanced tracking option as well as my logistics team without the customers ever having to register the AirTag in their names.
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2022.01.23 21:17 CardboardSoyuz Do bubbles for from the epoxy reaction?

Second attempt to make some dice -- was a lot more careful to stir epoxy slowly, but bubbles still formed. Is this coming from the reaction of the two components as part of the reaction? I know of ways to minimize effect of bubbles (pressure pot, warming, etc.), but if these are being formed chemically rather than mechanically, I won't try to improve my stirring technique much more.
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2022.01.23 21:17 jediprime74 Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics

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2022.01.23 21:17 BroKick19 Testing

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2022.01.23 21:17 Turbulent_Device_828 What company does Amazon use for background checks for fulfillment center?

My background is taking awhile granted I had a felony 11 years ago but it's the only thing on my record but still I wanna reach out to the company to see what is happening. I've already reached out to the Amazon candidate support they just say it's still processing 😒
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2022.01.23 21:17 charlieandcarlos was going to buy one until they told me i have to link a facebook acount lol

thought that was optional, is so sad. they banned me the other day from facebook for sharing something THAT WAS ALREADY IN FACEBOOK haha
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2022.01.23 21:17 FishyKeebs School/play/render megadesk. If you can not hide the cables;embrace and organize them.

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2022.01.23 21:17 Stumpy907 There’s going to be so many new Lambo owners (or insert your dream car)

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2022.01.23 21:17 Rae_JAL 20[F4M][San Francisco/Bay Area] I probably shouldn't post this but oh well...

I'll be honest, I don't know whether I am in the emotional state of having a boyfriend but that doesn't mean I don't want one. While I look decent (I don't look like one of those Instagram models but I don't look like shit either), I unfortunately have very bad social anxiety which makes me unable to talk to people irl and so basically, I don't have friends and naturally, I know for a fact that I will die alone if I don't find myself someone online.
I'll start with my issues so that you'll know what you're dealing with. First off, I'm depressed. Trust me, I'm not kidding about this, I can barely live a normal life with the mental state I'm in and while I'll try my best to not have you deal with my bullshit, I can't promise that you'll never have to deal with me hysterically crying about how much I wanna die. So I'm already sorry about that beforehand. I've already tried everything (including therapy) and nothing have worked so far (well, atleast I'm not trying to kill myself everyday so thats progress) and things have been like this for years and I have lost hope on things ever being any better than this. I don't wanna die alone, I'm pretty sure no one wants that so this is basically my attempt at having someone to share whatever little happy moments come to my life.
I have moved to the United States from a different country and I will be getting therapy here too (well, I've got insurance so gotta make full use of it) and let's see how that goes. Again, I'll not be involving you in any of my bullshit so don't worry about that.
Well, now that that's out of the way, my only other problem is the fact that I'm a workaholic. I have the tendency to spend an entire day studying without any breaks and yeah, you'll probably have to remind me to eat or take a break. I've always been academically smart so yeah, I can help you with your studies too if they're anything similar to what I'm majoring in.
Now, I'll get to the good part. I am obsessed with anime and if you're into anime, we can definitely talk about that all day. I draw too and I'm currently working on my own little manga sooo yee, we can totally talk about that too. If things work out and we end up dating, I can vouch that no one (except maybe your parents) will ever love you as much as I will. When I care about someone, I'd go above and beyond for them. Ofcourse I don't expect you to do that for me but yeah, I would expect you to atleast have some respect for me and return my feelings to some extent.
Now, here's what I expect from you. Please be within the age of 19-23 cause I don't wanna date someone too old or too young. If you don't live in San Francisco or somewhere nearby, don't text me cause long distance relationships aren't my thing. Please be moderately goodlooking and in shape. While I'm not looking for someone who looks like a Greek god, looks do matter to me so atleast have a healthy weight and be 5'9 or taller. I really wanna date a guy who is taller than me.
Thanks for reading this!
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2022.01.23 21:17 ecaj10 LF: shiny offers. FT:masterballs

No aprilballs only masterballs
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2022.01.23 21:17 Old_Truth6995 Xoana - Maestro de la mentira y Mirame

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2022.01.23 21:17 Professional-Milk-32 Pokemon Legends: Arceus - english option?

Hey all!
My wife and I are new-ish to Japan and haven't bought any Switch games here yet. We're looking at picking up Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but we were wondering - does anyone know for sure if it will have an English option? Do games that have an international release usually have multiple language options?
I'm not against picking up games that are fully in Japanese, since I'm trying to learn the language, but since I'm not *quite* there yet with my language skills I'd like to have the English option for this game in particular.
Sorry if this isn't the best place to ask, but I thought there might be some more experienced gamers here who know where to find out for sure! Thanks!
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2022.01.23 21:17 lucvdberg Took off the valve cover. Getting it cleaned up and polished.

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2022.01.23 21:17 Oinkness I am going to kill myself

Im poor and broke whats the point of living
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2022.01.23 21:17 Turgid-Derp-Lord King Cakes with trans fat

Well i finally read the ingredients to my Manny Randazzo's king cake. I suspected it but I was disappointed -- sure enough, 1 gram of trans fat per slice. Yikes!
If your king cake has hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil as an ingredient, it has trans fat in it. Even if it says "0g Trans Fat!!" or shows 0g trans fat but still contains hydrogenated oil, it has trans fat (due to a stupid fucking FDA rule you can have .499999 grams of trans fat per serving and round it down to 0g on the nutrition label).
Sorry for being a prude but it's 2022 and trans fat is just terrible. If they can take it out of Oreos then they can take it out of king cakes.
Who's got a trans fatty king cake? Would love to have a list so I can avoid. To each their own, eat whatever you like, but i would take a full stick of butter over a gram of trans fat, which is exclusively bad for the body and has negative nutritive value (two minutes on the googlr machine will give you all you need to know about trans fat).
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2022.01.23 21:17 IWantPizza555 What video games have you played 1000 hours on?

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2022.01.23 21:17 Contacttb Hairstyle suggestions for someone with super straight, thick, and restrictive hair?

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2022.01.23 21:17 goblin_welder Trashpanda meme

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2022.01.23 21:17 SweetsbyCaroline Wanted to create something fun for all the single ladies and gents this Valentine!

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2022.01.23 21:17 Covidpoops Tips on healing? Still in contact with ex, he is aware he was abusive. Should I go no contact to heal or should be be involved in the healing process?

Main goal is to no longer feel so horrible about myself and what I’ve gone through. I’ve been kicking myself for months and thought something was wrong with me. Began to convince myself that I must be going insane and making things up. Therapists have confronted me that I’ve been in an abusive situation. I told my ex and he recognizes the wrong in it, and knows he also needs to heal.
I feel relief knowing he’s aware of it, but I also still have feelings for him. Should I cut him out or keep him in the picture as we both heal? Not sure what context, he says romantically we are forever done and I’m too messy right now to decide what I’ll feel once I am proper healed.
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2022.01.23 21:17 level100loserr Rouge

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2022.01.23 21:17 propr4r 31 [M4F] Let's find out if we're best friends or if we hate each other?

Hey there stranger, are you my new best friend? Future wife? Mortal enemy? Only one way to find out, let's chat! I have a pretty relaxing and slow week coming up and I would love to meet someone new to spend the free time chatting with!
I'm 31, single, from Ohio, and work in the software industry. I have a super cute boxepitbull who I can supply you with endless pictures of. I also offer my fair share of jokes so terrible that you will hate yourself for laughing if you do. My hobbies include gaming, binge watching various things, and trying new foods and beers whenever possible! Outside of that, my time is primarily spent with the pup and with family and friends.
Movies: Emperor's New Groove, How To Train Your Dragon, The Dark Knight, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Big Hero 6
Shows: Game of Thrones, It's Always Sunny, The Witcher, Avatar the Last Airbender, Black Sails
Games: Path of Exile, Sea of Thieves, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Escape from Tarkov
Bands: Architects, Starset, Rise Against, Bring me the Horizon, Motionless in White
Send me a message with a bit about you if you'd like to chat! I do prefer to chat off of Reddit as Reddit hates my phone and almost never gives me message notifications.
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2022.01.23 21:17 WhoGotTr33s Sponsor me Xbox

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