Lego Bots..

2022.01.23 22:27 77idspill Lego Bots..

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2022.01.23 22:27 intercostalspaces Simpson’s Forensic Medicine, 14th Edition-PDF

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2022.01.23 22:27 Cover_the_story When did people start saying space? What is the reason behind it?

Recently I've noticed a lot of people using the word "space" where I previously would have heard "field". Ex: I'm in the education space. Is this something new, and if so what is the difference? I tried to Google it, but came up empty handed.
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2022.01.23 22:27 chitt0713 what to do, what to do?

my husband and i have been trying to no. 2 since we got the all clear to have sex again. no. 1 is breastfed—exclusively as of the last few months—so i haven’t gotten my period back yet…i don’t think?
at 8 or 9 mo PP i had period-like symptoms and red/brown discharge. Now i’m having it again (pink) after testing and getting a negative. i’ve been having symptoms but nothing major.
anyone else have this experience with several not-quite-period-periods? Should i just go to my OB?
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2022.01.23 22:27 RhombusSlacks Book - A short Horror Comedy
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2022.01.23 22:27 ShiningRedDwarf Let's Play! The Secret of Monkey Island (MI1) Community Playthrough: Part One: The Three Trials

What is this?
As I posted a few days ago, every Sunday I'll put up a new post to allow everyone to play the same part of the game together. Think of it as a book club, except you're point-and-clicking your way through instead of turning pages. Feel free to talk about the weekly section of the game, ask questions, post tips and trivia, share screenshots of scenes you love, etc. Whatever floats your pirate ship!
What section of the game does this cover?
This first post will start with The Secret of Monkey Island (MI1), and discussion will start with the beginning of the game, Part One: The Three Trials, and will end when you reach Part Two: The Journey
When will the next post be put up?
I will make a post for MI1 Part Two on Monday, January 30th, exactly one week from now.
I love Monkey Island, but I don't even have a floppy drive anymore. Where can I get my hands on a copy?
You can download the Special Edition on Steam (you can switch back and forth between the new graphics and the 8-bit goodness you grew up with on the fly).
Lastly, even though the game is over 30 years old, please use spoiler tags if you would like to reference anything that happens beyond Part One. There may be some first-timers playing!
Let the trials begin!
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2022.01.23 22:27 idunnosothis Oh geez another stock market holiday on Monday

Feb 21st
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2022.01.23 22:27 anew742 [H] Loads of OOP fantasy models - Blood Bowl, Chaos & Beastmen, Sisters of Sigmar, Tilean/Alcatani, Empire, and other old metal miniatures (GW, Harlequin Miniatures, AEG, etc.) [W] PayPal [Loc] USA-CA

Timestamps & albums of all miniatures
I'm selling mostly as "mini lots," and will throw in bits for free. If there are any bits in one group that belong to another, let me know - I'm happy to include them if you buy their associated models. I also have lots of '90s AEG square slotta bases, so I can include some for free as well.
Stuff for sale individually: any model from the "Misc Bits & Miniatures" and "Harlequin & Other Non-GW" folders are being sold as individual models. "Character" models can be bought separately, as they're actually worth enough to ship separately Pricing: Not 100% set in stone, feel free to maker an offer! I don't have time to price them all out today, so I'll update with pricing as people ask about 'em
Tileans (aka Leopold's Leopard Company, Alcatani Fellowship) x30: $180 shipped. eBay lots half this size have sold for $110+, and individual models sell for $15+ each!
Sisters of Sigmar x14 and Bertha: $120 shipped or $145 with Bertha. eBay lots of 8 have sold for $100 - $150, and the cheapest Bertha available is $50+
Blood Bowl Orcs x9 (metal): $45 shipped or $55 shipped including the 12 plastic Orcs. Full teams have sold for twice this, so I figure 1/2 that since it's missing models.
Beastmen: $60 shipped for the lot. Includes plastic Beastmen (x9), metal Ungors (x7), and metal Beastmen champions/heroes (x7). Individual metal Beastmen tend to sell for $10+ each, and the Ungors ~$5 each so I think this is fair!
Blood Bowl Humans (plastic) x22, plus a metal one: $25 shipped. Smaller teams have sold for ~$15 - $20
Yhetees x4: $50 shipped. Note that one is missing a head! They go for ~$25 each on eBay, but I'm discounting due to the decapitation.
Dwarves x13 & assorted bits: $35 shipped. Individual ones sell for about $10, but this is a weird mix so I'm not certain about pricing tbh
Harlequin, AEG, and other non-GW models: $??? I have no idea what half these things are! If you're interested in one, let me know what it is so I can make sure that I'm not charging more than eBay
Everything else not listed: $x. Ask and I'll get back to you - I don't have time to research all of them today
Once again, pricing isn't final and I'm open to offers...hopefully these aren't completely unreasonable
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2022.01.23 22:27 Icy-Interview7715 I have a ps3 super slim and when I join dragon age inquisition it loads but when I trie to play the controller shakes then the ps3 freezes

Hi I downloaded dragon age inquisition and was trying to play today and when I tried to play the controller shakes and it freezes the console
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2022.01.23 22:27 bdubz3 Post patch tactics Old Gen

What tactics have you been using post patch? My 3-5-2 has been awful. Is it 4-2-2-2 or 4-1-2-1-2(2) meta?
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2022.01.23 22:27 InsideInformation340 I love this stage of development.

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2022.01.23 22:27 ImagineeXD Trying to get a light setup my old one was pretty heavy whats some light parts? Im talking extremely light lol

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2022.01.23 22:27 Flaming722 If you could make one character from a book real, who would it be and why?

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2022.01.23 22:27 KarmaAddict 2010 R56 base 135k and needs clutch. Mechanic says $2.5-3k but there could be other stuff to replace? What could I be looking at realistically? Is this engine going to last another 60k?

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2022.01.23 22:27 Guy_Who_Jumps Yo Ludwig, you have knights dude.

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2022.01.23 22:27 NouTinFoil Staying warm

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2022.01.23 22:27 much2learn95 5.1 working with Denon ARC from TV but not Chromecast audio

I just switched receivers from Denon AVR S510BT to Denon AVR S750h. I plugged everything in the same inputs such as speaker wires, chromecast, HDMI monitor (ARC), etc. The HDMI going into the ARC HDMI for the receiver is going into the ARC input for the TV as well.
When I chromecast and play audio like Spotify, Youtube, etc only my Front Left/Right speakers work play any sound, and then switching to a built-in TV app like Spotify (to play audio from the TV itself) to use ARC correctly plays audio through my entire 5.1 system. So it doesn't seem like it's a problem with speaker wiring as it does correctly play when I play something off the TV. Note that this exact setup worked with Chromecast on my old Denon S510BT receiver.

I've been reading the manual and trying to debug for the past few hours but can't seem to figure this out. Some additional settings I have that might help are:

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2022.01.23 22:27 ThreeDrunkWhales Filled out the website, boss

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2022.01.23 22:27 Pitiful_Raisin6052 companies

Many companies are reforming, and it is right to reform towards the concept of Metaverse.
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2022.01.23 22:27 Hot_Guide8944 Live now topless

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2022.01.23 22:27 pocfdept SafeMoon Wallet 2.1.3. Thank goodness the charts are more accurate as possible.

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2022.01.23 22:27 CubKodiak Pflueger supreme

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2022.01.23 22:27 CPLife8 YouTube Channel

Hi! I'm new on Reddit. Thought I would share it here. I have been working on building my channel and thought people would be curious about how I live with CP and being deaf and a mother of a teenager. Here's the link!
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2022.01.23 22:27 Call_me_Cas_ 23 [M4R] Looking for someone to regularly talk to.

I'm just an overnight security guard with too much free time. I'm looking for someone chill to talk to on a regular basis and kill time with, maybe voice chat eventually. I like music and I like to be active, I don't complain much but I can listen to other people's problems without it being an issue. Hobbies wise, I play guitar and like songwriting, and I play DND pretty often. I'm also a fan of old horror movies and art. If you want to chat, just hit me up.
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2022.01.23 22:27 otakudiary1 Live-Action A3! Autumn & Winter Film Previewed in Trailer Before March 4 Opening

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