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2022.01.23 20:48 bonnie_blosom Hi please upvote :))

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2022.01.23 20:48 maczara Slowly becoming my best self

I’m 2 months in, and I’ve done soooo much since the breakup. I’ve gone completely out of my comfort zone and was in 2 tv shows, went on 3 week vacation to Greece, met so many new people, made a new close friend and even had professional photos been taken to boost my confidence. I’m the dumpee, and he really broke my heart. I would have never experienced all these fun adventures If I still was with him.
I think about him everyday and some days I feel completely fine and some days I cry and feel like shit. But I’m slowly starting to get better. I’m slowly growing in to a new person. I miss him but also don’t. I still love him, but some people aren’t meant to stay in your life forever. Even though I begged him to stay while he was breaking up with me, I’m finally starting to see that this was really for the best. I deserve more, WE deserve more. We deserve someone who loves us hard and who will never give up on us. I’m really learning that healing isn’t linear, and that some days are really worse than others. But now I see the light of the tunnel. Now I’m starting to finally prioritize me, and only me.
This is the first time in my adult life that I’m completely single. No crush, no texting anyone, no one I’m interested in. And I’ve understood now that I really need to heal from my codependency. For the first time, I really just wanna be on my own and focus on me. Focus on my goals and work on myself.
This sub have saved me so many times I when I’ve been at my lowest. It was the only place I felt understood, and not lonely. So thank you.
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2022.01.23 20:48 Palehorse13 My New Diplomat Magnum... For Real This Time

My New Diplomat Magnum... For Real This Time
Nine days ago (according to Reddit.) I posted here to report my new Diplomat Magnum I had purchased from Goulet Pens. Unfortunately, I had some major issues and ended up contacting Goulet about what could be done about it.
Well, Goulet Pens got back with me and asked me to send them some pictures of the nib. After doing so they determined nib was "all sorts of misaligned" and they sent out a replacement pen at no cost to me. I'm happy to report that this replacement seems to work pretty flawlessly. Happy with the Magnum so far.
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2022.01.23 20:48 soomsoomz Pod Suggestions for Nespresso VL

Hi all, god a Nespresso VL machine for Christmas. I'm an iced coffee drinker mostly, I love adding some frothed milk along with vanilla and caramel for sweetness.
So far I really enjoy iced leggero, Bianco leggero, double espresso chiaro and double espresso scuro. I've tried altissio hot and I like that as well. I tried the Peru Organic and while I liked it, I prefer the other espresso pods.
I want to try the larger coffee's, but I'm not sure what might be in line with my flavor preferences. I tried the vanilla custard pod, Costa Rica, and gingerbread but didn't like any of those.
any suggestions? I'm open to any other espresso suggestions along with any of the 7oz and 5oz ones.
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2022.01.23 20:48 Remote-Substance-193 *9 years experience* General Readings, Love Readings, Finance Readings. What is your crisis? Let's solve it together 😌

As the Title suggests, I have 9 years in this, I'm rather "advanced" and give extremely thorough readings, we don't stop until you get whatever it is you might be looking for. I decided to quit my job, complete leap of faith, and let the Karma of the Universe take care of me 😌 Help me solve with my "Earthly Matters" and I will help you with yours 🙏
Spread Love and Love the Love 😌
Reviews Reviews 2
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2022.01.23 20:48 Aarolin Caution: Rogue Robots.

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2022.01.23 20:48 No_Maybe5570 Friends

I need more people who play this game, if you're on PlayStation drop me a friend request, sadly I'm at the age where you gotta be close to my age or over 18 sorry (don't wanna get swatted for kids playing jokes or lying).
GRID_Overgeared is my psn Overgeared3394 is my ID on the crossplay feature
Hit me up if you live in the UK or are on mostly around 20:00 - 04:00 GMT (must be over 18, no kids)
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2022.01.23 20:48 Unigraff_Jerpony stock photo of Kevin

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2022.01.23 20:48 Rattional How to run a script across multiple tabs?

var SHEET_NAME = 'In'; var DATETIME_HEADER = 'datetime'; function getColByHeader(headerval){ var headers = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName(SHEET_NAME).getDataRange().getValues().shift(); var colindex = headers.indexOf(headerval); return colindex+1; } function onEdit(e) { var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet(); var cell = ss.getActiveCell(); var datecell = ss.getRange(cell.getRowIndex(), getColByHeader(DATETIME_HEADER)); // Conditions: // - edited (active) cell is in the first column // - edited cell is not blank // - corresponding datetime cell is blank // - active sheet is named [SHEET_NAME] if (cell.getColumn() == 1 && !cell.isBlank() && datecell.isBlank() && ss.getName() == SHEET_NAME) { datecell.setValue(new Date()).setNumberFormat("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm"); } }; 
I'm trying to run the above script, which creates a timestamp in the datetime column, on two sheet tabs "In" and "Out". I've tried a bunch of solutions from stackexcahnge but with no luck :(. Can anyone help me please
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2022.01.23 20:48 Lemounge Favourite type of flavour?

View Poll
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2022.01.23 20:48 BigJimmy121 How should I handle HR?

I'm in the middle of 3 star LR with GS I plan on Volvidon Armor and Nargacuga GS and just beating all of LR with that. After LR how should I handle HR?
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2022.01.23 20:48 the-cutest-girl I want to sleeve my Legendary Decks II (OG print) finally what brand should I go for? Official konami, titan shield or dragon shield?

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2022.01.23 20:48 Actual-Chicken3624 Can i get out of the friendzone?

Yes, i know "there is no such thing as the friendzone". But it's easier to say it this way.
So the story is like this, that 2 years ago i actually had a chance with someone. I matched with this chick (who is way out of my league looks wise) on tinder and we actually had a very nice conversation. She seemed interested but sadly i fucked up and it never went anywhere. I have shown myself to be too emotional and clingy and what i realised lately i never asked her out properly. From what she and other people told me i think she isn't aware of the fact that i like her (thought i take it with a grain of salt). So like i said, things never went anywhere. Never got formally rejected, she just got together with another guy and i ended up in what is commonly known as the friendzone. Or maybe even just the palzone, it's hard for me to say. Now, while i don't really regret staying friends, i could never really get over her. The opposite in fact. I started out as being somewhat interested because she was hot and gave me a chance. I ended up falling in love with her due to her personality. Honestly i realised she is the only person i ever loved and propably will ever love, because frankly since i met her i don't think i've even been so much as interested in another woman (which actually made my life as a FA so much easier). Now, while i couldn't get over my feelings for her, i respected her choice and didn't make any moves. Just accepted that we are friends and i better get used to it.
At least until now. I did a lot of self improvement over the last year, got into shape, got a job, got better as a person when it comes to personality and mental health. This all gave me a massive confidence boost. And the idea got to my head that maybe i can still somehow make things work. That if i just tell her things honestly (but casualy) and just straight up ask her out on a date there is a chance she'll say "you know what? ok". Now, i'm aware that the chances are slim. We know eachother for two years and i've already shown myself to be a clingy and lonely loser. But i really did improve a lot so i can't stop myself from clinging onto that. I really need your opinion if it's actually possible or if i'm just deluding myself.
Honestly though i decided i'm gonna tell her how i feel anyway. I really need to do this for the sake of closure. I think she won't get upset over it. I just need to wait till the end of february so i can lose a bit more weight, pass my half year exams, get my contract at work renewed and get my pills prescribed. I want to be at my best when i tell her everything. To increase my chances of it working or at least show some respect towards her and not half-ass it even when i know it won't work
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2022.01.23 20:48 Horror_Towel_7103 Sunday Driver

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2022.01.23 20:48 curious_curtain Have I got OAB?

24M, for over a year, I've been experiencing symptoms such as the inability to empty my bladder and the urge to go back to the toilet soon afterwards. At first I thought I was overthinking or not drinking enough fluids, but it lasted for too long.
I also have solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (i.e. chronic constipation) and I suspected it to be the main culprit.
So last week I decided to visit a urologist. He told me that my bladder and prostate were okay, but there "a little imbalance" that need to be fixed.
I was prescribed diclofenac suppositories for 7 days and solifenacin and alfuzosine pills to take for two months before the check up.
Does this treatment say anything about my condition? The doctor hasn't been very clear, and my main wonder is for how long I should expect this to take if it ever goes away.
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2022.01.23 20:48 Sufficient_Catch_456 Go gift!

AnitaDawn012 is using Clapper’s LIVE https://clapperapp.com/AnitaDawn012?live=4KZq7Ny0JEg5&r=b62bkEex6A&c=sh&m=mo
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2022.01.23 20:48 HudsonHawk28 Stoned out now!!🔥

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2022.01.23 20:48 disdainedharmony Some Fun at the Range

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2022.01.23 20:48 immetalion Golf 6 1.6 (105hp)

Best way to improve car performance. After stage 1, reprogramming should get some power. What about a better turbo, no? What you guys suggest?
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2022.01.23 20:48 ShareInternational74 What’s up with the cast in season 3

I literally can’t focus on the show - the bunch seems like very dumb, vapid shallow group of individuals without any real charm like seasons 1 and 2
They chose a lame cast for season 3 just my two cents
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2022.01.23 20:48 Spkr_Freekr Onion sprout update. All systems are a go.

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2022.01.23 20:48 SnooCrickets1810 Could not load the image when hosting build

I am so close to finishing my website.
Everything works on Npm run but after I build the app and upload to my server, several images in the Portfolio section (https://www.willpowell.uk/#portfolio) do not load and give the following could not load the image.
The directories of the image are correct so no idea what's wrong. I have tried renaming them in case.
Sorry! I have no idea what additional information I should post to help diagnose this error.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
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2022.01.23 20:48 brucethebatcat87684 Uhhh…

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2022.01.23 20:48 AmarilloMike Alien Spores - Priorities?

Scenario - you have 200 gold alien spores - who do you take to G15 first? I'm thinking Symby Spidey and AV, the Ghost Spider with the leftovers.
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2022.01.23 20:48 eatingbubbless Anything I should know about living in Reilly or rushing?

Hey! I'm a fully committed incoming freshman and my room selection date is coming up on the 27th of January. I have a roommate and we're girls. Im not sure about what floor or if I should know anything before choosing Reilly!
Also if anyone wants to tell me something (advice or anything at all) about rushing at NAU it would be greatly appreciated! My roommate isn't rushing so Im not sure how that will go.
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