[US-CA][H] F1-8k WK Silver, Leaf65 WKL PC Dark Green [W] Paypal

2022.01.20 15:05 buhoww [US-CA][H] F1-8k WK Silver, Leaf65 WKL PC Dark Green [W] Paypal

Hi All,
I have a few items I want to off load. Please comment before PMing. No chat please. Prices are shipped to CONUS. (can ship to Canada for extra)
F1-8K WK Silver / PC bottom v2 -Excellent condition, built once with alu plate -brass weights (Platinum coated) -alu leaf spring v2 plate and 1.2T Poron gasket FR4 plate (unused) -02D TKL-C2 Rev.0 PCB (millmaxed with 7305) -viton and silicone oring gaskets -keyboard bag Looking for $790 shipped
PC Leaf65 WKL -dark green mid piece and weight -dark green alu plate -solder PCB -new and never built Looking for $470 shipped
Thanks for looking and I hope everyone is staying safe!
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2022.01.20 15:05 xandthey Frogs are in danger spicy

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2022.01.20 15:05 SauceySaucer Is this lonely or someone else?

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2022.01.20 15:05 prowannabe1 Rad lil seahorse from yesterday ✌🏼 done by @jayke_cox on insta ✌🏼

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2022.01.20 15:05 Goanimelist1 Ousama Ranking episode 14

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2022.01.20 15:05 GasMaskGhou1 face mods that don't conflict with ethereal elven overhaul?

Mainly for the other humans and orcs.
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2022.01.20 15:05 Jackofallmakes (WTB) BCM MLOK VFG in Black $18 (MN)

Please sell me one. I see them pop up almost 4 times a day for $15-18 shipped and every time I’m 5 mins too late. :(
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2022.01.20 15:05 MildewTheMagical I found some MOSS that has a CAVE! and it looks like there are two tiny eyes looking out of it, do you wish you lived inside? because I do :)

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2022.01.20 15:05 S3LVR What should you never do while visiting Disneyland/Disney World?

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2022.01.20 15:05 theleaderdotinfo Marijuana plantation seized on Las Ramblas Golf Course

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2022.01.20 15:05 Experience1429 Failed relationship

Hi, I recently joined the Healthygamergg community not too long ago, and I found a lot of really good videos that helped me cope with a lot of what I'm feeling. I also reached out to a therapist and a counselor at my school to try to process what I feel better.
For some context, my girlfriend and I dated for 2 years and 1 month until yesterday. For the first 7 months of the relationship, we were relatively nearby, I was a freshman in college, and she was a senior in high school, and the drive to see me was only 45 minutes away. Things were great for those first 7 months, and I was experiencing the start of what I thought could be my last relationship. I was totally under the belief that we were indestructible because we were so loving and caring toward one another, and for the majority of our relationship, we communicated well. However, after those first 7 months we ended up going long distance because she was studying at a school in Alabama, and I was staying in Illinois for my own studies.
At this point, I became really anxious, and all I could get myself to think about was how this was going to ruin our relationship. I was right, because I ended up being the root of the majority of our problems. I ended up becoming really controlling, and I think this was, in part, due to a past relationship where I was controlled, and never got to fully process those feelings. I have nothing to hide, and many people may hate me, but I started asking her when she went out to the bars that she try to text me every 20 min or so just so I could "know she was ok." To add on top of this, she was in a sorority, and I had a hard time accepting that she would regularly go to frats because I always over thought myself into thinking that someone there wouldn't respect her and I's relationship. I always subconsciously knew that this was the most wrong thing to do because I knew that SHE would respect the relationship. My girlfriend was right, and there were multiple times that she expressed to me that this was a wrong thing to do and that it was toxic and controlling, but I kept telling myself that we were indestructible and we would figure these things out. After about a years worth of time, we had let this conversation sit, but we came back to it a couple of weeks ago, and I asked to compromise some more and I said "every hour" or so, and she couldn't do that because she knew it was toxic, I fought back hard, and was totally unwilling to get to a point where she could just text me if she wanted to while she was out. After letting that conversation sit for so long it caused more and more irreversible damage, and I feel so much shame and guilt for it.
To continue, the issues that this caused ended up seeping into a lot of other parts of our relationship. As a result of telling her I trust her when she's never truly given me a reason not to, and providing her with behavior and responses that said I didn't trust her caused her to become distant and cold with me. I was able to notice this because after I had caused her so much hurt already, she was gradually pushing me out of her life. For example, when she did go out, I had to ask for details about her night because I would only get a response saying that she was with her friends, and she wouldn't want to tell me about it at all. I started to feel less connected to her. As a result of this, I wanted to gain the connection we had back before all of this toxicity started. A few months ago, I offered to see professional help, and she was happy to hear me do that, but I wasn't able to get in with a professional until yesterday. However, at this point, we had decided on taking a break, but all I could recognize was that she was over the relationship and wanted to break up, especially considering we were going on this break to try to understand our feelings more.
So I met with my therapist yesterday and told her how I've been feeling depressed and unmotivated for life, and how this relationship coming to an end is effecting me. She told me to have a conversation with her and gave me some tips on how to communicate with her better. The tip she gave went like this "I feel -> Situation -> I need." I put this method into practice and asked "I feel scared and anxious about this break because it feels like one foot is being kept out of the door, I need to know whether or not we are taking this break to work on ourselves and come back together, or are we doing this so I can be let down easy because you care and love me." After saying this, it put the final nail in the coffin. She expressed to me that she came to the decision that it was better we broke up.
I wanted to make the relationship work, and I'm acknowledging my shortcomings and (for the sake of keeping this post as short as possible, I left out a lot of details and things I needed from her). I have never felt so alone and sad in my life. The first thing I did was go through old photos, listen to music, and cry. The only thing that brings me real comfort in my day now are hugs, and I'm getting those from my family members. I am scared that when I go back to school because I don't necessarily have the friends I can go to and ask for a hug. I hope that her and I's paths come together again whether it's a year or 10 years from now. I am having trouble dealing with the guilt and shame because I wasn't emotionally able to be in a relationship that could have been my last, and I feel horrible about it. I need an outlet to get these things out and be totally honest because the shame I feel talking about how I really was in the relationship is hard to do in front of my closest friends, so that's why I felt comfortable doing it here.
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2022.01.20 15:05 CursedAngel42 What's the best bayverse Optimus figure, wanna get one and having a hard time deciding which one

Not from AOE or TLK, any from the first three is okay although I slightly prefer ROTF so that I can get his energon swords as well. The truck mode isn't important to me since I don't really transform them I just want the most screen accurate robot mode. Preferably less than like $100 but not a requirement. Also the bigger the better and the darker the better(I've seen some that look good but the colors are too bright in my opinion). Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts.
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2022.01.20 15:05 PerhapsAnEmoINTJ MBTI type and the kind of teachers that win your respect.

As an INTJ, I love when teachers share what conventional knowledge often overlooks, thanks to their observations and experience.
Some teachers have a patience, positivity, tolerance, and a certain level of authority that makes their fascination and keeness on a subject contagious.
What about you?
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2022.01.20 15:05 Noremac_5156 Thc cartridge question

I’ll be in Michigan next week to visit in-laws. Am I able to walk into any vape store and get a thc cartridge? Any type of rules/regulations I need to know about?
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2022.01.20 15:05 iardas Enjoying every minute of the game on ps5. Being a samurai is amazing.

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2022.01.20 15:05 sealein The Expanse Popsocket

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2022.01.20 15:05 frozenfp I've finished my Just Sleep edit! New sound effects, OST and reworked storyboard. Hopefully you can relive the Ch117 Eren you used to love...

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2022.01.20 15:05 Environmental-Leg759 This guy took my nudes and blocked me😐, be careful girls!!

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2022.01.20 15:05 anotherAAAbattery I need help

Can someone tell me how they told their parents their prefered name 🧍
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2022.01.20 15:05 Radiorxy Streak 22: Gastar dinero en la exploración espacial

Tal y como yo lo veo, la exploración espacial es algo muy interesante. Hay tantas planetas y estrellas que yacen más allá que casi no podemos comprenderlo todo. A ese respecto, entiendo perfectamente a quienes desean explorar el universo y siguen aprendiendo sobre ello. De chiquito, me flipaba el espacio exterior y hasta ahora me sigue gustando.
No obstante, no hay un porqué tener que gastar infinidades de dinero para explorarlo. Es una mierda cuando existen tantos problemas en nuestro propio planeta. A los gobiernos y ricachones como Musk les da lo mismo si el resto del mundo no puede ni permitirse las necesidades básicas. O eso se parece. Y tampoco estaría de más resolver los demás grandes problemas del mundo, antes de sondear otros lugares por gusto. Dejemos el espacio al lado por ahora y céntrenos en lo que más importa.
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2022.01.20 15:05 TheThiccChemist-TTV What to do when you hit a wall? (Plat4)

Newish to TFT (played set 1, forgot about the game, picked it back up a month ago) & I recently hit Plat 4. I struggled in gold 2 a bit but then I read some posts in this sub, watched YT vids & realized I was avoiding early loss-streaks for no reason. Started econing better, opening with yordle loss-streaks etc, and went on a big streak from bottom gold 2 to Plat 4 68 LP.
Now I seem to have hit an even bigger wall though. Early loss streaking hasn't been as easy to recover from & all the meta comps I see here are highly contested. I went from feeling super confident to feeling like I don't know how to play anymore.
Any advice? Should I just pick a comp to force regardless of being contested? Should I take a ranked break & play hyper roll? Less playing, more watching streams/videos? All the above?
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2022.01.20 15:05 FatStacksDCMoney Jesus Christ Has Spoken -- The New Dream Team

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2022.01.20 15:05 GucciRifle [WTS] BNIB Geissele URGI 10.3 [TN]

Selling a brand new URGI I waited 7 months for. Literally put the order in the beginning of July. I’m just hoping to get out what I put in, I just am priortizing my mk12 mod 1 now and clone glass aint cheap
$1250- havent even opened it up from its oil, there looks to be no blemishes what so ever
Featuring REBCG and 4 prong surefire muzzle.
Including H3 buffer and 42 spring.
$1250 shipped with paypal friends and family, also I dont charge tax/shipping and you dont have to wait 5-7 months for it like people report.
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2022.01.20 15:05 YopangilaFarm LILI ACCOUNT AND GET $100 BONUS

Open Lili account and spend at least $250 with your Lili card within first 45 days and earn $ 100 bonus.
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I also have other Bonuses linked Here
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2022.01.20 15:05 Holly_VioleNt Titles are about as hard as drawing lips on straight 🙂

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