Which "Psycho" Tango is the best? Ricki & Derek (Season 13) or AJ & Cheryl (Season 29).

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2022.01.23 21:01 HannaHyena Which "Psycho" Tango is the best? Ricki & Derek (Season 13) or AJ & Cheryl (Season 29).

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2022.01.23 21:00 xtian_22 I was thinking about leaving them at Night 1. But I wanted them to win lol. They gave me some materials, I did'nt notice that they barely built any turrets till the game ended (maybe they were destroyed) lol. It was actually fun.

I was thinking about leaving them at Night 1. But I wanted them to win lol. They gave me some materials, I did'nt notice that they barely built any turrets till the game ended (maybe they were destroyed) lol. It was actually fun. submitted by xtian_22 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 21:00 Ok-Level5942 Marxists: want to create a better society free from oppression by the bourgeoise and eventually the state Nazis: want to kill anybody who is a minority, disabled or disagrees with them Redditors radlibs: MaRxIstS aRe WoRsE

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2022.01.23 21:00 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.23 21:00 ANumberNamedSix Best game of the Winter Championship, if you want to watch one game watch this.

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2022.01.23 21:00 DeMelonBoi Idk if im actually and INFP

Hey guys, ive been marked as an INFP for a while now but its starting to bother me that I may not be one. Im very shy when Im talking to new people but very energetic around my friends. I like being around my friends but I also give high value to my alone time aswell. How do I research the functions and try to discover what type I actually am?
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2022.01.23 21:00 MrNature73 My interpretation of Mars and it's two moons as a ring, entirely hand-made by me.

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2022.01.23 21:00 removedfromgame Sorry for potato quality. Ps4 user. I just wanted to share this -ridiculous- deck I built

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2022.01.23 21:00 ChickenDaddy03 Hi guys, do you know with camcorder is used in this picture? 🕵🏻‍♂️ thanks in advance!

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2022.01.23 21:00 The_Archer2121 Do I belong here?

Hi everyone
I've never been officially diagnosed with CFS but I've struggled with fatigue as far back as I can remember. I was born four months premature and have underlying health issues like underdeveloped lungs, so I've always thought that played a role in my fatigue?
As a kid I remember lying on the bed for hours, watching television, too tired do anything. My teens weren't any better. In Junior High I slept for three hours every day after school, yet still woke up feeling tired. In high school I couldn't make it through a regular school day. My schedule had to be modified to allow me to sleep later in the morning and arrive at school later.
The fatigue has always prevented me from working full time. I'd be exhausted just working a three hour shift, hardly able to move.
To this day I sometimes feel so tired I almost feel sick. Headache, light sensitivity, sore throat sometimes, etc.
I have to pace myself with my archery or exercising, or I'll pay for it later on that day or the day afterward, feeling horrible.
I've thought that maybe I have CFS, but I generally feel well enough to exercise, get things done, but I'll usually feel tired by the middle of the day and need a nap. Then other days I feel so tired I've literally cried, when the fatigue settles over me like a heavy cloak. I definitely feel that it has impacted my ability to do the things I want to do.
I feel like I don't belong here. Do I?
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2022.01.23 21:00 Oreyt I built a medieval farm for a medieval save file 😊

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Coupon link: https://dealhaggler.com/xhep80nu
Exp. 2022-01-31
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Admins are up our asses about harassment. Links create pings and are considered harassment so if you're complaining about a certain subreddit or a certain moderator you can write out the name but you CAN NOT make it a link. (No or u/ attached)
If you want to show something the moderators wrote use a screenshot from an outside of reddit host. No reddit links.
I don't enforce much on our users here but this one has got to be. If you want to bitch about it, write the admins and bitch to them about it. It is what it is.
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2022.01.23 21:00 Desgraciado93 Do ppl buy the ampersand promos?

My LGS would hand them out during drafts, and I ended up with a few. Now im wondering if ppl are actually looking to buy these promos.
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2022.01.23 21:00 gzcl 1,000 Workouts Without A Rest Day

Age: 36
Years lifting: 13
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 158 to 196.
1,000 no-rest days.
In this period I accomplished numerous goals. Including a 1RM Press of 235 lbs. (+10 lbs. PR), a 315 lbs. 20-rep max squat (both at 175 lbs. bodyweight), gaining size (about 20 lbs. of lean mass), and stamina (I can shovel snow literally forever). To celebrate the 1,000th day, I completed 33 rounds in a 60-minute AMRAP of a 1,000 lbs. total (345 squat, 243 bench, 412 deadlift).
Hello! GZCL (Cody) here. Creator of the GZCL Method and many popular programs derived from it. A good intro to the method is linked in the /Fitness Wiki.
For over 1,000 days I have worked out without rest days. That means no days out of the gym, and no counting steps as a workout, nor yoga, and not even shoveling snow… quickly becoming my least favorite activity.
All my workouts used resistance training in some way. Workouts were 99% barbell based and all but about 30 were above 10,000 feet elevation, where my gym is nestled. My training is structured by and progressed through my General Gainz training framework.
I accomplished these things by using a simple training framework, being consistent, and patience – the three foundational elements of progress.
· To see if I could.
· Assess potential for overtraining.
· Better regulate my training.
· Improve strength, size, stamina, and the condition of lingering injuries.
· To test and refine my General Gainz training framework and programs derived from it. (Read the above linked reddit post to get an idea of what that looks like.) All my personal training clients have also been lifting within this training framework.
One client has surpassed a year without a rest day. Read his fantastic write up:
365 Days and Counting.
No missed workouts for 1000 consecutive days (closer to 1,050 now). Nearly all workouts consisted of lifting weights. Only one was bodyweight only (while on vacation, a fast paced, high volume, nauseating bodyweight circuit). Running, hiking, snow shoveling, etc., did not count as a workout, nor did yoga or other such activities. On many days in the winter because I live at over 10,000 feet elevation, I must shovel snow for hours. This I counted as survival, not training. Same for chopping and hauling wood in a sled. Training is the means to survive easier.
Because I was working out daily, I grew more aware of my recovery limits, thereby avoiding overtraining. This allowed me to better regulate my training as the days continued. Previously, when I was taking rest days, I counted time out of the gym as being a major aspect of recovery. That is a false notion. Because of that former belief I would go too hard in some workouts, figuring that “I would be out of the gym, and so recovering for the next session.” This was not always the case, as some workouts would go on for hours, often performing excessive amounts of sets and needlessly high intensities at all to frequent occurrences.
I had the mindset that a hard workout was always a beneficial workout and that a hard workout meant that I must be puking, shaking, or crawling out of the gym – I was wrong. A beneficial workout is one that produces a positive training stimulus while not increasing recovery debt so much that it inhibits the next workout. As I continued to train within my General Gainz framework I grew to understand this distinction and apply it consistently to my training. This improved the quality and consistency of my training. Compounding interest, but for gains.
I set personal records across rep ranges, from 1RM to 20RM, particularly for press and squat. These are the two lifts that I have favored because they are less stressful on previously injured joints. Six weeks ago I hit a PR 203 lbs. behind the neck press at random. It was just feeling good that day, so I went for it – an unusual decision for me lately – but old habits die hard. This lift improving shows me that my regular pressing is also, despite not currently being in an intensity directed training phase.
This was not my first bulk. But I do consider it my best. I gained 38 pounds between Day 31 and Day 1,000. Going from a low of 158 pounds to a high of 196 pounds, with about 25 of those in 2021. I committed 2021 to a long bulk and a body building phase. The words are separated because I do not mean the sport, rather the goal of building muscle, particularly my arms and shoulders, as those were my goals.
Fat mass increased by about 5%, going from approximately 12% at 158 pounds bodyweight to 17% at 196 pounds bodyweight. This increased how much lean mass I am carrying by about 23.5 pounds (158*.88=139, 196*.83=162.6). This means that in about 1,000 days I gained on average 1.4 pounds of muscle (and associated water weight) per month, or .35 pounds per week average. This is the biggest I have ever been.
(1000 days / 365 = 2.739 years * 12 months = 32.868 months / 23 pounds = 1.42) If my math is wrong here, let me know. I’m a pleb history major, not a king math wizard.
Additionally, I achieved the goal of rehabbing a hip and shoulder that would often cause pain while lifting and during daily living. In 2017 and 2018, before these last 1,000 days, I could not even do a bodyweight squat, or bench, or deadlift one plate without pain. That is no longer the case, as I can now squat four plates and deadlift five without those prior issues. Not my best weights for those lifts but considering what they were rebuilt from – it is great progress for me.
This was accomplished without training either of those lifts with powerlifting-esq training intensities during 2021. Likewise, despite bench pressing maybe five times in 2021, I still managed an easy 293 pound paused single. This lift is the one that causes my shoulder the most grief, so I have not trained it much in the last two years (a mistake discussed in the following section).
Lastly, during this period I exclusively used General Gainz as the basis for every workout. Doing so improved the concept by expanding and refining the framework. Throughout these 1,000 days it became easier to plan, execute, and assess workouts. Since I began lifting in 2008, my training evolved from random everything to percentage-based powerlifting focused, to volume, intensity, effort relationship based, with a general strength and conditioning focus. In my early powerlifting years, from “OG GZCL” to Jacked & Tan 2.0 to UHF and later VDIP. The last of which grew into what became General Gainz.
This section is not a prescription or advice. It is meant to describe how I improved the conditions physically ailing me. Consult your physician regarding your specific problems.
Do not use reddit to diagnose and treat your injuries!
During the 1,000-day period I sustained no major injuries. Only aggravating a previous tear to the right trapezius and rhomboid, and a left groin strain. Both were caused by pushing too aggressively in a single session, causing old injuries (hip and shoulder) to flare up. When this happened, I trained those areas using light resistance and high rep exercises to improve the affected muscles. I would then focus on unaffected muscles and movements, training them with more weight and/or volume.
For example, when benching caused my shoulder to stiffen or ache, I began to do more overhead pressing, a movement that did not cause such problems. Likewise for deadlift, which affected my hip more than squatting – so I squatted more.
When a movement or muscle was giving me problems, I simply ‘worked it out’ in a very literal sense. In fact, years ago I bought a specialty leg press (Shuttle Systems MVP) to help rebuild my hip strength after the joint sustained multiple injuries; the worse of which were not due to lifting, but by falling (I am clumsy and unathletic).
Through exercise I was able to improve the deteriorating condition of my two problem areas, left hip and right shoulder, thereby gradually improving the lifts that tax them most. Granted, I am not at my peak powerlifting strength, but I have not been training for powerlifting for years now.
Where I could have done better is the bench press. Between 2012 to 2016 I had strained my right pec numerous times. This coupled with a once dislocated shoulder resulted in a total dislike of the bench by 2017, for even 135 pounds caused serious discomfort. Disheartened (as I once enjoyed the lift) I abandoned it almost completely these last three years. That I should not have done. Instead, I should have committed to regularly benching very light weights, alongside the other kinds of pressing that I had redirected towards (predominately the strict press).
Apart from those things described above I sustained no other injuries. Symptoms of overtraining, considered by some a kind of injury, were only experienced after months-long bouts of doing the same lifts daily (squat and press, later deadlift and press). Those symptoms were slight (and perhaps more psychological than physical) and came on the heels of testing High Frequency Undulating Progression (HFUP); a training program detailed in a link below. After ending the HFUP training cycle, symptoms of overtraining disappeared within days. Therefore, I do not think I had overtrained, I was just carrying more fatigue than I was used to at that time.
Training Organization
Workouts were built using my General Gainz training framework the entire period. From that framework, various training plans were built, tested, and improved. Training ranged from periods of high frequency and specificity, where I would do the same lift daily for a month or more (HFUP). Such periods resulted in all-time personal records for press, behind the neck press, and pause squat (linked above). Throughout 2021 I largely stuck to a body building training plan to achieve the goal of gaining size, especially to my arms and shoulders.
I have not done the same program throughout these 1,000 days, but I have stuck to the General Gainz framework, using it to construct numerous progressions to achieve various training goals. Example Training Plans:
Generally Strong: A flexible uppelower split. (Post includes details on applications and adaptations of General Gainz; ideas to implement GG and improve your training.)
High Frequency Undulating Progression: (HFUP) Training the same lift(s) daily by changing the reps/sets/weights each workout.
Wave LP: 4x Week Full Body. (Built by ctye85) I’ve built and ran a similar progression to Wave LP.
General Gainz Body Building: (GGBB) A body part split using supersets. This is the training plan I followed for most of 2021, in some form or another, as I was tinkering with what seemed to work best and changing the workouts as my recovery dictated. This means I was adjusting or changing exercises, order of exercises, volumes, and intensity, so that I could workout frequently – without training an under recovered muscle group. The linked post describes in greater detail a weekly progression outline, schedule options, exercises, supersets, etc.
With GGBB, I followed (mostly) a split of this nature:
Day 1: Legs
Day 2: Shoulders
Day 3: Back
Day 4: Arms
These were the muscle groups that were the focus in the workout. I would often do abs alongside legs or back, for example. (I did not train chest intentionally, but if that is your goal, then you can tailor GGBB to suit you.)
I would progress volume first, then once I hit a designated Rep Max (RM) target I would add weight and try to push that new weight to a higher RM. If in a workout I could not add reps to an RM set, I would do more reps in the sets that came after it.
Lift variations were used and rotated as I trained with GGBB. Such as doing SSB squat or Romanian deadlifts instead of the standard variety. Same for football bar press or incline bench. I used barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bands, TRX, etc.
The above linked posts detail the training plans I used during this period. Each was developed using General Gainz, which works by performing one or a combination of four actions to progress: Find/Hold/Push/Extend. Those concepts and associated progressions are also detailed in the above linked posts. (The GGBB post has a good intro to General Gainz.)
You can develop your own training plan using the GG framework. If you do, I have high confidence that you will be successful in achieving your lifting goals. GG provides a simple and intuitive organization and direction. Your consistency and patience produce the results.
My training is based in GG and so is my client’s training.
How to Train Daily: Prioritize Recovery
“Gains are made out of the gym” is a cliché.
One should not consider such a cliché the dominate factor in improving their physicality. People who say such things are often better at giving unsolicited advice than lifting weights.
To physically improve, it takes physical training. To consistently train, you need to recover – but that does not necessarily mean that sedentary days are required. There is nothing magical about staying out of the gym. Doing so does not guarantee an increased recovery rate.
If lifting regularly leaves you hobbled for a few days after, then you likely need more physical activity, not less. (And you also need to reassess how your training is set up. Follow a proven plan. Read the /fitness wiki.)
Do more general physical preparedness (GPP) work, like snow shoveling (my favorite, not). If you don’t have snow, then just dig and fill the same hole in the dirt. If you don’t like those options, then push and pull a sled in the gym for an hour a few times per week. The point is that recovery is just as much about your work capacity as it is about your practices and habits outside the gym. None of which require staying out of the gym as a condition for success.
If you don’t want to lift weights or do manual labor daily, that’s fine. Go for walks, runs, bike – do something!
I have been able to recover from my workouts by prioritizing:
1.Eating and hydration.

  1. Sleeping.
  2. De-stressing.
People confuse not going to the gym with recovery because not doing something is easier than working on improving recovery habits. Knowing I had a workout tomorrow, I made those three things bigger priorities in my life. I was also able to better regulate my desire to absolutely crush myself, because I have the weekend off and need to earn it. (So I would say years ago.)
Time out of the gym is not the most important aspect of recovery. If it is for you, then you’re probably not prioritizing good recovery habits. An easy workout is better recovery than a hard night out partying, or a late night of Netflix, or a day full of stressed-out consumption of “news.”
Of the things listed above, I did the worst with eating. This has always been trouble for me, but I do think I improved a bit in this aspect these 1,000 days. Having always been a scrawny manlet, getting to 200 lbs. was my goal. I barely missed that. This is due to the many days where I forgot my lunch or was just too consumed by work to eat. I could do better here, and if I had, I know I would have had better results.
When it comes to nutrition, I have a consistent diet that is made up of rice, salad, eggs, and various meats. Often in the shape of a burrito.
I also eat a fair share of potatoes and bread but will limit those during a cut period when I am trying to lose weight. I do eat out a few times per month on average, but rarely more than once a week (if that). My most common meal is a salad with rice and beef. Since I was bulking for all of 2021, I simply increased the serving. In 2022, I’ll eat less, but typically the same kinds of foods.
Generally, my motto is: “If bulking, never be hungry. If cutting, always be.” And I try to bias my eating to the “Green Faces” practice (if it is green or had a face, eat it).
I tend to not track macros closely, nor calories. If I did, I would have had better results. 13+ years of training has developed my ability to gauge my own eating and practice good habits somewhat accurately and consistently. I could do better here, I admit.
As for hydration: I pee so often it sometimes annoys me.
Alcohol consumption is rarely more than a six pack per week. If I averaged out the number of beers drank over these 1,000 days, it would probably be one to two per week. Some weeks have more than others, especially if I find a beer I have not tried, and it turns out to be good.
I regularly get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. If I do not, then I try to squeeze in a nap. I try to nap as much as I can. One to three a week on average.
De-stressing can be hard. To do this I have tried to limit my media exposure, which I determined to be the greatest source of stress for me. Doing so has reduced worrying about things I cannot control. I admit that I could do better, and just delete every social media account and stop watching and reading any current events whatsoever – perhaps later down the road.
I have found that spiritual and philosophical practices are helpful in de-stressing and am working on improving this aspect of my life. Same for reading literature. My favorite book from last year’s reading was Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.
Regarding supplements, I infrequently consume protein powder. Perhaps 3 to 5 scoops per week. Many weeks not even that much. I try to focus on whole foods as best as I can, and supplement as may be necessary (they’re called supplements, after all). More protein powder is consumed during bulking periods for this reason, as it is easier to get in a few ounces of fluids with 30 grams of protein than it is to eat that much more beef, chicken, or fish. On reflection, I should always have an emergency shaker of protein, just in case I forget my lunch.
Additional supplements I use are creatine, vitamin D, ZMA, Arginine and Ornithine. I had (have) an unhealthy amount of caffeine daily, but I have recently switched to half-caff and have drastically reduced my energy drink consumption. I try to keep it less than 300mg daily.
At no point in these 1,000 days have I used prescription or otherwise obtained performance enhancing drugs such as hormones, SARMS, pro-hormones, or steroids. I am not a “lifetime natural.” For about one year, ending in 2016, I tried TRT. I did not find it that helpful and I could no longer justify the cost. Well before that I was a crackhead addicted to Jack3d, which was basically crystal meth… remembers the good ol’ days (they were, in fact, not).
Over 1,000 days ago I started lifting daily and have not stopped. I gained size, strength, and stamina. I have not overtrained. The condition of pre-existing injuries has improved and were only aggravated on occasion that I became a knucklehead and did more reps than I knew better to.
Additionally, I worked through my General Gainz training framework, further developing the concept, and many successful training plans in the process. Several are linked in this post. GG improved my training and my client’s training too. I hope this post improves your training similarly.
If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I hope you’ve found this information helpful. Below are more links to posts I’ve written along the way to 1,000 days.
100 Days
200 Days (Also linked above for Generally Strong.)
300 Days (Also linked above for HFUP.)
500 Days
600 Days
1000 Days
Lastly, /weightroomthank you. It was about 11 years ago that I started sharing my training with you here. Now people around the world use my training to get bigger, stronger, and more fit. Moderators, you have a thankless job that you do wonderfully. I appreciate you. Without your help I would not be as successful at doing my part in improving humanity.
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2022.01.23 21:00 yungdamo2020 Do you guys think these are good pictures/edits? I took them and edited everything off a iphone 6

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2022.01.23 21:00 MedicTF2Official Medic Pogged Too Much He Became Meic

Medic Pogged Too Much He Became Meic
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2022.01.23 21:00 glassefactory Shawn Mendes releases heart-wrenching music video for “It’ll be Okay”

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2022.01.23 21:00 petrzapletal This week in #Scala (Jan 24, 2022)

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2022.01.23 21:00 MarinaKD29 Geralt went to his bedroom and exclaimed in surprise: "What the hell is going on here?"

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