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Updated my old pirate crew for this challenge - Crew of the Dragonsbane

2022.01.23 21:26 batemochael Updated my old pirate crew for this challenge - Crew of the Dragonsbane

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2022.01.23 21:26 pm-me-souplantation Kind of a silly one, but just cleared out the spice cabinet of some old spices.

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2022.01.23 21:26 uselesspoliticalhack Now isn't the time for vaccine mandates, even with low rate of COVID-19 shots for kids: experts

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2022.01.23 21:26 Alvin_Whee The post above me is cool 😎😎

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2022.01.23 21:26 RoysRealm The LA Rams have an assistant coach whose job is to make sure Head Coach Sean McVay doesn't run into the officials

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2022.01.23 21:26 alphaomega_2021 There are subreddits that hate on AMC, those bag holders make AMC more relevant. + PLTR is building an empire.

Wherever you see AMC being hated ;
The smartest retard once said ;
Oscar Wilde’s famous quote, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”.
good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells.
Now on to something more important;

5 years PLTR is a money making machine.
Because those two will never stoped being talked about making media more money, they are doom to spike again the more they are hated on.
Buy PLTR because it is what you will need tomorrow and not today.
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2022.01.23 21:26 PraetorArcher The One Thing Every RTS Developer Needs To Understand

This post has been a long time coming and will no doubt be controversial but I feel it is important to say none the less. To recap, in the beginning was Dune II which established the convention of a new genre of game, one of building armies and battling them. Somewhat serendipously, the design choices at this time produced one of the greatest esport games every Starcraft and its worthy success Starcraft 2. However, as time went on UI improvements replaced what gameplay mechanics that were themselves a relic of programming limitations in the 1990s. Starting in the 2000s we began to see an emphasis of micromanagement, variably described as tactics or combat-oriented gameplay, at the expense of macro management, defined by large-scale strategy or, alternatively, the pursuit of economic, production and technological advantage. Ultimately, this deemphasis on macro spawned the MOBA genre, which as we all know has been a massive success. Concurrently we saw the decline and stagnation of RTS as we know it.
Much has been made of the “skill ceiling,” this idea that macro gameplay is difficult for new players to learn. However, I would contend that it is not that macro is difficult to learn but rather that it is unfun. Furthermore, I believe that the inability for RTS designers to make macro more fun is the primary reason for the decline of RTS. By removing macro, rather then improving it, designers cannibalized the heart premise of RTS, this idea of a game where you build your army up and battle it. As an example the Tension and opportunity cost of having to balance micro and macro is lost with UI automation, especially that which eliminates the need to Screen Shift. Many RTS developers had tried to find some kind of a sweet spot by minimizing macro, leaving only enough in that their game such that it did not qualify as a true MOBA. They all failed.
But why is this that macro is so unfun? Well fun is of course rooted in psychology and notoriously subjective. But that does not mean that it is impossible to analyze. There are several factors but the biggest contributor to unfun macro in modern RTS is a dearth of decision making. Specifically, modern macro does not have good Spatial Decision-Making (where do I click?) nor does it have good Temporal Decision-making (when do I click?). The developers of Starcraft 2 recognized the loss of Tension that would occur with UI automation but did not fully grasp the importance of decision making. As a result of this the macro mechanics that were put in place for SC2 lacked good decision making of one kind or another. For example, the Temporal Decision-Making of Spawn Larva was to cast this every 29 seconds. The Spatial Decision Making was to cast it on whatever Hatchery was closer since there was not variation in outcome between different Hatchery targets. So why is it that macro suffers from this decision-making problem and micro does not? One simple reason and I apologize for the long-winded preamble to get here but it was important to lay the foundation.
Micro is Opponent-Facing
I will say it again for those in back. Micro is opponent-facing. The presence of an opponent means that the Spatial and Temporal Decision making of micro are not only complex but also dynamic. Because half of the RTS game involves the opponent and the other half does not, this inherently leads to an asymmetry in decision making. And it is this asymmetry of decision making that is the reason so many players find macro unfun. With this we are once again faced with the same choice, do we write off those who find don’t find current macro fun as worthless noobs? Maintain the mindless mechanics as a skill differentiation? Or perhaps we should do what was done in the 2000s and shrink macro until it is small enough to drown in a bathtub? Some kind of evolutionary transition state between the dinosaur of RTS and the feathered MOBA? Or perhaps there is a third way. A way to make macro fun by recognizing the root of the problem.
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2022.01.23 21:26 js001232 Does it get better?

Today, my STBX moved out and moved to a new city. I don’t want to get divorced, but she’s no longer open to reconciliation. I’m devastated, and I feel completely alone and isolated. Talking to my parents makes me feel worse, and I feel like I was isolated from all of my friends during the course of our short marriage.
I’m depressed, anxious, and terrified of the future. Does it get better?
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2022.01.23 21:26 Longjumping-Price-42 SLPT- Hungry for breakfast but don't have the time to cook? Poach an egg in your coffee! You'll save time and have a meal on the go.

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2022.01.23 21:26 ImHerzen11 How do I prevent my neighbors from making noise? Neighbors who live underneath my flat slam windows and doors, and they let their 4 year old kid run across their apartment every day creating noise. I've warned the neighbors and contacted police 3 times and the police did not do anything.

I am not blaming a 4 year kid for doing this but I do blame their parents because 100 meters from where they live there's a coffee shop that has a play area included and where parents bring their kids to play. All these two parents have to do is to pay $3 for two cups of coffee and they can let their kid play at the play area that's indoors.
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2022.01.23 21:26 Spectralyeti Does anyone have any fantasy action anime recommendations?

Just bored looking for some cool fantasy action anime (e.g. that time I got reincarnated as a slime, blue exorcist, seven deadly sins and so on)
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2022.01.23 21:26 DrinkRoutine5176 OSU trailing spouse question

Hi Corvallis!
There is a chance that my partner will be getting an offer from OSU, I was wondering what others experience in this situation is? Have you been able to find interesting work?
For context I'm a late 30s M professional in oil and gas, although not in the US. Seems this is an industry that isn't very strong in Oregon! I can see a total of 1 job tangentially related to what I do in the state. I'm not too fussed about my careeindustry per se, but would like to work in some kind of professional capacity. From what I can see it looks like a pretty small job pool, at least in Corvallis.
I see OSU have a "program" to help out couples in a similar situation, anyone has any experience with this? Is it actually effective?
We managed to spend a day in Corvallis, seems to be a nice country town. Big fan of your beers.
Appreciate the help.
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2022.01.23 21:26 cyanAstrologist Latin name for an Assassin's Guild?

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place for this question, so forgive me if I used the wrong flair or anything.
I'm doing a bit of worldbuilding, and I'm trying to come up with a name for an assassin's guild. A friend suggested 'Mortalitasi', but it turns out that name is already taken by a popular franchise. Which is a shame, since I really like it. If anyone could help me come up with a similar one, or offer any other suggestions, I'd be very grateful.
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2022.01.23 21:26 CASHMERE1977 Yael Shelbia

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2022.01.23 21:26 TheThunderWithin NG Soldier is Mega fun and actually somewhat competitive

Here is my decklist
Pretty fun combo deck, and can spew points. Vilg renegade buff feels pretty impactful, and the entire deck is carried on the insane amount of value illusionists can generate. Your leader can give them armor too, so it is very hard to deal with. Since it is a point slam deck, it doesn't care for no units and has a good matchup spread; with the amount of thinning it has, it's very consistent too.
The issues with it are that it is very combo-oriented, relying on access to Germain piquant round 1 along with slave infantry and Vrygheff to bully round 1. Menno is also only included here to provide access to Royal decree, which can get you your key cards. This means that if you draw bad, and lose round 1, you can be bleed very easily. the Vilg illusionist combo is also very hard to pull off if you draw into it round 1, as to get the best value your opponent needs to put good bronzes in the graveyard.
Although it can't beat jackpot long round, or deal with Alumni, it is a deck that is strong enough to climb with and won't disappoint on the fun factor.
(Please buff Tibor, or make him more useable in a soldier deck; I want to use his premium but as of right now best-case scenario he plays 10 for 9, plus mill value, but that's pretty bad to put in a soldier's deck.)
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2022.01.23 21:26 Happy-History1776 🏆NFT GIVEAWAY🏆 ONLY 28/50 Available!!! Get them while they last!!! SEE COMMENT FOR DETAILS!!!

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2022.01.23 21:26 Tedious_Grafunkel Player faction idea/suggestions

When Titan production gets implemented I was thinking it would be cool if there was some kind of story line for your faction on trying to get the technology from the aliens and end up in some kind of arms race with the other human factions with the outcome being all of them has one. Also I feel like this would allow for more player ships and weapons to be implemented.
Or just have a quest line for the aliens that will eventually allow you to buy a Titan albeit for a very high price but enough to not make it feel less rare
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2022.01.23 21:26 Epicmanant HOW DO YOU FIX THIS

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2022.01.23 21:26 Funny_Wolverine_9 When you wonder if you should get married because you may die alone or not

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2022.01.23 21:26 drunkbackpacker I need a rivnut that’s m8x1.25, how do I go about finding that? Will any m8 work?

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2022.01.23 21:26 BeesoftheStoneAge 6 hour pork roast in my 10" Lagostina. Details in the comments.

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2022.01.23 21:26 JackOfAllInterests1 I overlaid remixes on Shanghai and Catching Smoke!

Shanghai (Reimagined)
Catching Smoke (Reimagined)
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2022.01.23 21:26 Tristan_wage 5X NFT GIVEAWAY

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2022.01.23 21:26 ExpensiveGeneral735 What do you guys think of the Springfield Defender .45ACP?

I’m normally a WaltheHK guy and have bee n wanting to add an American made pistol to my collection. I first looked at an RIA but I think the SA might be a better choice for approximately $150 more.
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2022.01.23 21:26 politicly1 On the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, could it be the last

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