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A truce, Bruce. As long as you have this card, a truce. But all you have to do is tear it in half and I'm happy to discuss with you in any way you like, why you sent the Boy Wonder to do a man's job?

A series based on the Batman mythos that started in 2014 on FOX, chronicling the story of a younger James Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie), an idealistic rookie detective for the Gotham City Police Department, before the Dark Knight and his colorful Rogues Gallery rise to fruition. In fact, Gordon's first case is investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the future Batman's parents. Dulcé Sloan has been a correspondent on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" since 2017, and her half-hour "Comedy Central Presents" stand-up special premiered in 2019. She was also added to the cast of the upcoming animated FOX series "The Great North," joining an ensemble of comedy heavyweights including Jenny Slate, Nick Offerman, Megan ... If it is an academic paper, you have to ensure it is permitted by your institution. We do not ask clients to reference us in the papers we write for them. When we write papers for you, we transfer all the ownership to you. This means that you do not have to acknowledge us in your work not unless you please to do so. Art fairs are logistically complicated events in the best of times. Why the LA Art Show, Frieze Los Angeles and others say the show must go on amidst the pandemic. Ass in the air like you just don't care. Hanky Spanky Maria! ... Chloe asks Brit to test her Man's loyalty. Oh Boy! ... The O in chOke is Kelly's collar, the C in Collar is meeting her half way. Two adjoining forces collide. Then, there is Dakota! YIKES! Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Starting at $7.95 per month. Search the Image Archives. TEXT-ONLY ARCHIVES . powered by Newsbank. Over 2 million text articles (no photos) from The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News; Text archives dates range from 1981 to today for The Philadelphia Inquirer and ... Latest news from around the globe, including the nuclear arms race, migration, North Korea, Brexit and more. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Any reader can search newspapers.com by registering. There is a fee for seeing pages and other features. Papers from more than 30 days ago are available, all the way back to 1881. Scottish perspective on news, sport, business, lifestyle, food and drink and more, from Scotland's national newspaper, The Scotsman.

2022.01.23 22:11 Schwarzeneggerowns A truce, Bruce. As long as you have this card, a truce. But all you have to do is tear it in half and I'm happy to discuss with you in any way you like, why you sent the Boy Wonder to do a man's job?

A truce, Bruce. As long as you have this card, a truce. But all you have to do is tear it in half and I'm happy to discuss with you in any way you like, why you sent the Boy Wonder to do a man's job? submitted by Schwarzeneggerowns to hottoys [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:11 g33dot Letter: Burnaby transit is an ‘unrideable shitshow’ – thanks TransLink

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2022.01.23 22:11 PutridPestilence1 Got a 20 pack of jibbitz today. What do you think? Should I keep them like this or add more?

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2022.01.23 22:11 perashii SEA Snack Crate?

Idk if this has been asked before, but for any SEA players out there who were able to unlock the snack crate in-game about two months ago, has anyone received theirs already? The shipping was said to start in mid December, so I just wanted to see if it just hasnt arrived yet or if I did accidentally put my shipping info in wrong :,)
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2022.01.23 22:11 BIazedog PS4 Compatibility

I wanted to preorder the Skywalker saga on my PS4 but it kept on saying only PS5 version available. I was wondering is it coming to PS4?
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2022.01.23 22:11 danielous I think the gray looks pretty sweet

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2022.01.23 22:11 Bilbothepanda Mommy? sorry. Mommy? sorry-- (we respect Voxanne in this house)

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2022.01.23 22:11 kymertau не благодарите

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2022.01.23 22:11 filmfan90 Tell me what you saw or I'll call you and ask you personally

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2022.01.23 22:11 WeebNetwork Let's see if you're a scaredy cat or not~ ;)

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2022.01.23 22:11 KingDanius Box draft for my 1-4 player cooperative boss battle board game. What do you think about it?

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2022.01.23 22:11 idiotlizard could it be that alcohol isn't my problem?

i'm starting to think that I am the problem.
i got the worst hangover of my life today. worst anxiety, barely ate today, either for bad stomach and lack of interest. i'm starting to think i am a immature person. I realized i don't like "adult" hangouts with friends. i just find it too boring to just sit, dinner, play a boardgame or something without drinking. I'm always in need of a "big party" kind of energy, i need things unbalanced, i need intensity, maybe because i think my own life or myself is damn boring. i don't know if i'm being too harsh on myself, but i'm on the verge of 26 years old and all of this makes me think that i'm only able to have fun like a god damn teenager.
i don't know if this idea of facing it as "I am the actual problem" is helpful, but, after all, one of the major things that disturbs me from achieving a moderate consumption of alcohol, a successful attempt of not smoking, or not seeing porn is.... me. i ended up smoking again yesterday simply because i was too drunk to care and it never happened before. i'm hating myself for this. my hope is that idea at least motivates me enough to change
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2022.01.23 22:11 SuricatoGuerrilheiro Craft of the Week #1 - Hammer

Processing img h9zvwxy2djd81...
Tomorrow i'll make another poll for this week theme!
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2022.01.23 22:11 EmotionalGarbage8940 AHHHHH IM SO HAPPY!!! I got a new drawing app and now have a new drawing style!! They look way better then my last style! I’m so happy!

AHHHHH IM SO HAPPY!!! I got a new drawing app and now have a new drawing style!! They look way better then my last style! I’m so happy! submitted by EmotionalGarbage8940 to lgballtart [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:11 ireallylovepokemones Starters

Anybody have any extra piplups or chimchars? I have some breedjects to offer
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2022.01.23 22:11 Suspicious-Nail-949 Something Evil is in the Paris Catacombs

I was an agent with the Supernatural Branch of the FBI for 14 years, and in that time, I’ve been a part of several cases that would objectively be classified as interesting. It’s a caveat of the occupation. This one, though… It was without a doubt one of the most revealing cases I’ve ever heard of, let alone been a part of.
To this day, I still wonder what could’ve been if things played out differently.
July 18th, 2000
It was a Tuesday. I came into work just like any other day and, as was a fairly common occurrence, there was a case file waiting for me on my desk. An identical one, as always, was on the desk across from me, that of my partner, Emilia Cooper, who hadn’t arrived just yet.
The file was rather unusual, as it consisted of just the standard manilla folder and one piece of paper, as opposed to the beefy packet usually found within. Labeled, LUCA JACKSON: MISSING, the folder had been assigned to Emilia and I by our direct superior, Alexis Mosley.
As she was the branch’s Preventative Division Leader, that meant that there was sufficient evidence of a supernatural threat on the scene to require our intervention, and when I read the paper, it became apparent why.
It read:
23:46 (05:46 Local Time)
An American citizen named Luca Jackson has disappeared in the Catacombs contained beneath the city of Paris, France. Jackson had been visiting Paris on a vacation from work, and it is believed that he decided to record himself exploring the Catacombs. He entered at a location to be disclosed later, and then began filming as he explored many rooms, examining bones and discovering various fixtures. However, something seemed to go wrong, as he began running through the passages, making his way deeper and deeper into the maze, also passing by several strange markings, some arrows, some resembling faces. Then, after some time, he drops the camera and runs off into the distance, accompanied by a splash of water.
The film was somehow collected and posted to livejournal.com, an internet blogging website, where it was discovered by our agents before quickly being taken down by an unknown administrator. You and Agent Cooper are to fly out on location (A private plane will be provided for you) and investigate the scene. If possible, Jackson is to be brought home alive and the threat eradicated. If Jackson is dead upon arrival, the threat being eradicated or captured is sufficient.
There is the possibility of interference by local governments, so within this file are proper credentials denoting you as federal ambassadors sent to France to retrieve an American fugitive. The credentials should provide you with any access you require, should a police agency claim jurisdiction.
“This is going to be one of those cases, isn’t it?” Emilia asked, and I glanced up quickly, startled by her sudden arrival.
We’d been partners for ten years, and we’d had some exciting cases before. The millenium had been rather tepid, though, and this was our first case with some real substance to it. Not only that, but neither of us had ever heard of a Supernatural Branch case leaving the country, so this may be a landmark event.
“Sure is,” I nodded, flipping to the last page, which informed me where we could watch the footage. “Let’s check this out before we leave.”
She came around to my desk, and I opened my email account. I don’t spend much time on it, Emilia’s definitely the more technologically savvy of the two of us, but there were only a few digital letters in there, so I was able to find the one containing the video.
It wasn’t long, but it was disturbing. A man, assumedly Jackson, began recording as he entered the Paris Catacombs. He stopped every so often to film a symbol on a wall, or a certain skeleton, and the pattern continued until it was clear that he didn’t know where he was going. Then, at the end of the video, he stopped and turned around. Whatever he saw made him turn around and begin sprinting in the other direction, dropping his camera, his only source of light, as he did so. Then, he ran off into the darkness.
“Did you see that?” Emilia asked, leaning closer to the screen. “Rewind it a bit.”
“What?” I returned, but she was already hunched over my keyboard, setting the video back to the time she wanted.
She quickly paused and resumed it, and it became apparent what she was talking about. “Yep, it’s there all right.” She nodded, sitting back. “What do you think?”
The frame she’d paused the video on was chilling. It showed some sort of distorted figure, appearing just moments before Jackson drops the camera. It looked like a pale face, outlined almost cartoonishly against the blank white wall of the catacombs.
Sure, Jackson had begun to panic long before the face appeared on camera, but it wouldn’t take an extreme logical jump to believe that he simply hadn’t videotaped the thing before, and it was what he’d been running from all along.
Something about the face seemed familiar, it definitely reminded me of a creature I’d studied before, though I couldn’t quite remember what. The pale, white face, the jagged, distorted features…
It took me a few moments to stir the memory, but when it hit me, I snapped my fingers and exclaimed, “That’s it, it’s a Ciqala!”
“You think?” Emilia asked, stroking her chin. “What would a Ciqala be doing chasing an American citizen in the Catacombs?”
I shrugged. “Maybe he wanted fast food,” I replied, and she chuckled.
“Maybe.” She replied. “Want to pick up the file before we head out?”
“Let’s do it,” I nodded, standing up. I closed out of the window on my computer and took the file with me, and we began the walk from the office section of the Supernatural Branch’s headquarters to the massive archives.
Whereas the offices could easily pass for the offices of any other company, the archives were… distinctly supernatural. This was in part due to the archivist, Seth Nolan, and his borderline obsession with all things supernatural. The archives were a completely separate building from the offices, tucked away behind the towering skyscrapers that made up the branch’s national headquarters, which allowed Nolan far more creative liberty in decorating his place of business than most supernatural buildings.
Most prominently, the building didn’t seem to follow the laws of physics. It was shaped like an hourglass, with nothing to support the upper half except the tip of the lower pyramid, seemingly keeping the upper pyramid on the brink of toppling over, though with some supernatural aspect keeping it upright.
.The archives themselves are organized with the most valuable information in the center, the smaller floors, and the less valuable information in the wider sections, a system that makes sense to all but the low-clearance operatives that have to travel past information they don’t have access to in order to obtain information they do have access to.
After swiping my card in the scanner at the entrance, I saw Nolan looking through a shelf just inside, and wondered why he was on the low-clearance floor. “Hey, Seth,” I called out, and he glanced over.
Seth was a pale, scrawny guy, with jet black hair neatly pulled back, and his uniform pristinely pressed. He liked to keep himself together. “Agent Lawson,” He said, recalling my name as soon as he saw my face. “What can I do for you?”
“We’re heading overseas,” I told him. “Possibly looking at a Ciqala in the Catacombs that went after an American citizen.”
“Ah, yes, Ciqala,” He nodded, turning around and walking deeper into the archives. The file was on the first floor, so after walking a few rows down he took a left and began thumbing through the files. “Not the type of creature one would particularly like to meet in the Catacombs, eh?”
I shook my head as he tugged a file out from the shelf. “Not many creatures in these files you would want to see in the Catacombs, are there?” I returned as he handed me the file.
“Fair enough,” Seth nodded. “Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. It might not be a Ciqala in there, be ready for anything. Good luck on the mission.”
“Alright, thanks.” I replied, shaking his hand. With that, Emilia and I departed from the archives. Seth was an efficient man, that’s for sure, the whole ordeal had been under a minute.
With that, we made our way back over to the Bureau’s private airstrip, a little stretch of pavement that we used for long-distance cases. It was a short drive away from headquarters, and upon arrival, we saw a jet marked with the Supernatural Branch’s logo plastered on the side.
We quickly boarded, bidding America goodbye, and with that became the first agents of the FBI’s Supernatural Branch to leave the country on official business.
“These ciqalas,” Emilia said, breaking the silence after around a half hour of flying. “They’re native to the area?”
“It seems like it,” I replied. “Very concentrated there, at least.”
“Something about this seems off to me,” She sighed, glancing up from the dossier. “The video… Why is it like… that? It feels like we’re missing a piece of the puzzle.”
“Aren’t we always?” I mused.
“I suppose so,” She said. “But this guy, Luca Jackson? He survived a hell of a long time for someone running from a ten foot tall, carnivorous skeleton in the Catacombs.”
“You don’t think it’s a Ciqala?” I replied.
“All I’m saying is, the creature was clearly toying with him.” She pointed out. “Any supernatural being, Ciqala or not, could’ve taken this guy out in under a minute. A Ciqala’s not going to play with its food.”
“They’re not intelligent enough,” I said, shaking my head. “That means…”
“It’s not a Ciqala,” She finished. “And what’s more, it’s probably more dangerous than a Ciqala.”
“Do we call it in?” I asked.
She shrugged. “They’re not going to care, it’d take a hell of a lot more than something satisfied with killing one American citizen for them to send reinforcements.”
“What’s the equipment situation?” I asked.
“We’re prepared to deal with a physical threat,” She replied. “I doubt this is metaphysical, so we should be good in that department.”
“How about exposure? If it gets out?”
Emilia nodded gravely. “It’s smart, so I have a feeling it’s either trapped in there by some sort of ritual, or it's biding its time. Either way, if it does get out, we’re in a lot of trouble. We have to get there before it does.”
I checked my watch and said, “We’ve still got what, fourteen hours left?”
“Not much to do but hope,” She replied.
Unbeknownst to us as we made our way across the Atlantic, there certainly was plenty going on in France, and soon enough, it would have a major impact on our lives.
July 19th
By the time the plane touched down in France, it was four in the morning the next day, local time. We’d gotten some sleep on the flight over, and we'd been volunteered as test subjects for an experimental new pill that did something to keep us awake longer, so despite the early hour, we were well rested and prepared to deal with whatever had abducted Luca Jackson.
At least, we thought we were.
The branch had provided us with a car, and as soon as we got in, the driver wordlessly took us to the entrance we’d believed Luca to have disappeared into. There were a few Parisians we saw in shops or homes, setting up for the day, but for the most part, the streets were completely silent, which made the entrance to the immense cave system all the more daunting.
The driver pulled to a stop in front of a small cobblestone path that descended into the ground below an alleyway, marked with red warning signs written in French. No more than a few feet into the cave, darkness shrouded anything that could lay within.
But that all had been expected. What wasn’t expected were the two people standing outside of it, one dressed in an entirely black suit with sunglasses to match, the other apparently a civilian. They had been arguing when we arrived, but as we pulled up, they stopped, and looked curiously at us.
“Who’s this?” I asked.
“Local government?” She replied. “They’re probably investigating the disappearance, too.”
“Alright, we’ll pull jurisdiction and keep them away.” I said, opening the car door and addressing the two with my limited French knowledge. “Bonjour,”
“I take it from your accent you speak English,” The woman in the suit said. “What’s your business here?”
“We’re with the FBI, we’re going to take things from here,” Emilia said, stepping out next to me and flipping open her badge. “I can provide you with a line to my superior if you wish to file a complaint,”
“Woah, let’s slow down, here,” She replied, holding out her hand and reaching into her pocket to produce her own badge. “You can’t go in there, it’s not available to the public.”
“We’re not the public,” I said as she briefly flashed her own badge, too quick for any identifying visuals to be apparent. “We have jurisdiction here, it was a U.S. citizen that disappeared.”
“Trust me, it’s best if you leave this to us,” She said. “If you want, I can put you in touch with my superiors, and you can get it sorted out with them.”
“First of all, neither of you have jurisdiction here,” The man jutted in. “I’m the leader of a European organization that has deemed this case worthy of investigation. As leader I have no one to direct you to besides myself, and there is no matter to discuss.”
“Ok, ok, hold on,” I said, holding up a hand. “You two are both with private organizations? Not government-affiliated?”
They both nodded.
“And you’re from America, while you’re from Europe?” I asked, and they nodded again. I glanced at Emilia, then said, “Alright, I think I see what’s happening here. We’re just going to have to be honest with each other, here.”
“What do you mean?” The woman asked. “Are you implying you haven’t been honest?”
“I’m implying we’re all here for the same reason,” I said. “We’re not here for the person, are we? We’re here for the creature.”
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2022.01.23 22:11 aquilasr Common kestrels engage in a vole food fight.

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2022.01.23 22:11 00pdooter Please report to your local law enforcement agency

I was being harassed by these people for about a week before I finally broke down and went to the cops. Like a fool I honest to God tried paying these people 15 billion different ways. Thankfully only one transaction ever went through. Most transactions failed and it was for the most part their fault, that didn't stop them from getting aggressive with me and causing me to have a major anxiety attack. I took my stress to the police. The police literally had no clue what I was talking about when explaining the situation. They had me fill out a report detailing everything and I get a call back from one of the officers saying how shocked they were once they did some research. The cops don't know how deep this crime is and do not currently know how to Deal with this. If you are a victim of this crime, go to your local law enforcement agency and fill out a report in person. It's the only way to make this crime a public issue and maybe have something be done about it.
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2022.01.23 22:11 SuperGeneric19 I automatically assume most Dog owners have low self esteem

If you need an animal that will give you unconditional love without you having to do anything to earn it I assume you have doubts about how much anyone else cares about you
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2022.01.23 22:11 BoulderTheRock By far my creepiest Genshin Co-op experience…

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2022.01.23 22:11 No_Telephone3507 (Ps4)need help with slave knight gael

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2022.01.23 22:11 APar93 Record Player and Sonos - Looking for recommendations

I have recently come into owning a Rega Planar 1 Plus, a turntable with an inbuilt preamp.
I primarily have a Sonos set up of stereo pair One’s in my room and want to connect the record player to it.
Due to budget, getting a Five for RCA to aux or the Port are out of the question atm.
I’ve got a Roam and I’ve tested pairing a BT compatible record player with the Roam and then grouping that audio into the rest of the Sonos system to good effect.
The Planar doesn’t have an inbuilt BT transmitter so I’m gonna have to look at getting a transmitter I can plug into the turntable.
Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable BT transmitters and does anyone have their own experiences of using a none BT turntable with a Sonos system?
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2022.01.23 22:11 UrkoArts Jayce and Viktor

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2022.01.23 22:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Biden weighs deploying thousands of troops to eastern Europe and Baltics | Toronto Star

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2022.01.23 22:11 g0dr0w Is winner’s plaza worth having multiple time?

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