EUW 1v4 clutch immortal/radiant, enemy team flashes

2022.01.23 20:50 weekendlover123 EUW 1v4 clutch immortal/radiant, enemy team flashes

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2022.01.23 20:50 droopyjupee How Can I Group These Rows

Is there a way that I can group all of the rows under a given type (such as the rows under "racking") so that their values are not represented in the (blank) category of the pivot table. I would prefer the cells to remain blank so as to make the table more readable. Thanks.
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2022.01.23 20:50 Thaldrath Pernix Quiver buff bar icon

Can we please get a buff bar icon for which Ammo is being active inside Pernix Quiver?
It would be easier to keep track of.
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2022.01.23 20:50 gingereno AVOWED LORE - Paladin lore & class Overview

AVOWED LORE - Paladin lore & class Overview For those not in-the-know, AVOWED will be taking place in Obsidian Entertainment's original fantasy setting of EORA, which serves as the game world for their Pillars of Eternity games. So, by diving into the lore/history/game mechanics of both Pillars games we can gain some insights about Avowed as it undergoes development.
Intro. One thing we can certainly expect in AVOWED is an inclusion of a character creation tool. So, by going through Pillars of Eternity's tool, we can speculate about we might see in Avowed, as well we can look at the lore for what we see in there. Including races, classes, backgrounds and special abilities. This post today will look (as an overview) at the PALADIN classes found in Obsidian's WORLD OF EORA...
Paladin icon
(there already exists a Fandom article on Paladins if you prefer to begin there. This post attempts to serve those unfamiliar with Eora and Pillars of Eternity)
  • What is a Paladin?
  • Paladins in Eora
  • Paladin Orders
    • Bleakwalkers, Darcozzi Paladini, Frermas Mes Canc Suolias, Goldpach Knights, Kind Wayfarers, The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga, and The Steel Garrotte
  • Connection to Avowed
WHAT IS A PALADIN? Captain America... a paladin?
Pre-amble. For those not familiar (b/c there might be some people that aren't) a Paladin is a class of character that is typical in fantasy RPGs. We see them in Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, and countless other RPGs. If you think of a charismatic medieval armour-clad holy knight, serving a cause/king/creator, then that is a typical Paladin character. However, they are not limited to that alone, that is just an example. Another non-knight example might be Captain America of the Avengers.
PALADINS IN EORA In Eora, a paladin is just the same: a charismatic leader and "holy" warrior. The world holy here can also be replaced with zealous, or even loyal; it depends on who/what the paladin is serving. Here is the official lore written for Paladins in Pillars of Eternity:
"Paladins are martial zealots, devoted to a god, a ruler, or even a way of life. They can be found in any culture where a fanatical group of like-minded individuals have formed a warrior society dedicated to advancing their cause. Among those aligned to their worldview, paladins are viewed with respect and admiration, if a bit of fear. Many paladins hold leadership positions in armies and mercenary companies, but in the heat of battle their fanaticism often overrules the chain of command - and common sense."

Fire Godlike Paladin in Pillars' Character Creation Tool
Paladins are often part of a larger group of people called Orders. Though there are many orders of Paladins in Eora, we primarily only deal with 6-7 orders in the game. In character creation we must select an Paladin order as our subclass; in the first Pillars game, we can only pick from five options, however in the second game a sixth option becomes available. The last order that we will overview here is one that Pallegina (a companion character in both Pillars games) is a beholden to.
PALADIN ORDERS Below are a list of Paladin order's and their respective in-game descriptions. Commentary on descriptions posted after the quotes. At the end of each commentary are four Dispositions listed (two favoured, and two condemned). These dispositions reveal the morality/values of the Paladin Order in question.
"Dreaded for their mercilessness and cruelty, paladins of the Bleak Walkers believe that extreme brutality in warfare brings conflict to a swift close. To maintain their reputation for unrelenting savagery, the Bleak Walkers never give quarter and never abandon the field, even if their employers command them to."
Though the Bleakwalkers are the evil paladin order to choose from in this list, they are not evil for evil's sake. As with all things Obsidian, there is depth to these characters and factions.
The philosophy behind the Bleakwalker Paladin Order is to stop wars before they even begin. They do this by unrelentingly destroying groups of people that would start conflict on the battlefield. If the Bleakwalkers are hired for a battle, it is to end it swiftly before it claims more lives than could be lost. They are not there to negotiate or pick sides.
Bleakwalkers favour aggression and cruelty; they condemn diplomacy and benevolence.

Bleakwalker paladin by Qissus on DeviantArt

"The oldest known paladin order in the world, the Darcozzi Paladini were founded as the guards of the Darcozzi Palace in Grand Vailia over 2000 years ago. Since the shattering of Grand Vailia, the Darcozzi Paladini have transformed into the protectors and ambassadors of the immense Darcozzi family as well as Old Vailian culture. The Darcozzi Paladini are widespread and occasionally even come into conflict with each other due to the machinations of the Darcozzi family. Paladins of the order are renowned for their wit and love of life."
Being the oldest (known) Paladin Order in Eora raises some interesting ideas. The foremost (in my opinion) is that the Darcozzi Family still exist in modern Eora (ie: during the time that Pillars of Eternity occurs). For a family to exist even in a broken manner for 2,000 years is a staggering lineage.
Darcozzi paladins favour cleverness and passion; they condemn cruelty and stoicism.

"Mercenaries with a solemn reverence for the sanctity of contracts, Goldpact Knights fulfill their obligations with unemotional, unswerving commitment and without moral judgment."
If you ever received a missive informing you: "The Goldpach Knights are coming for you", it should provoke emotions of terror. These paladins are (ideally) wholly devoted to their contract, and as such, are unable to be bargained with. Regardless if you believe the contract against you is unrighteous, the knowledge of the Goldpach Knight's unwavering pursuit against you would drive you to hermitage, a fugitive life, or the ending of it.
Goldpach knights favour rationality and stoicism; they condemn passion and aggression.

Disposition ranks example in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
"A charitable order of knights-errant who assist troubled travelers and celebrate kindness, condemning deception and malice even when dealing with their enemies. The ranks of the Kind Wayfarers are filled with kith of all races and from all cultures. They can be found in any part of the Old Empires, Eastern Reach, and even the Deadfire."
King Wayfarers are the token good paladin order to choose from (that and the Shieldbearers). While most paladins are thought of as armour-clad knights, or charismatic leaders of a movement; the Kind Wayfarer paladins are travelers - or at least those who assist travelers. I like the inclusion of "the ranks...are filled with all races and...all cultures", because it makes me think of them as an equal opportunity Paladin order, haha.
Kind Wayfareres favour benevolence and passion; they condemn deception and cruelty.

"A paladin order of Aedyran warriors who emphasize honesty and diplomacy over cruelty and aggression. The Shieldbearers were founded in honor of an elven noble who helped unite the Aedyr and Kulklin kingdoms after a long war."
Since AVOWED is likely to have an Aedyran presence in the game, there is a decent chance we may see the Shieldbearers in the game. They are another typical good paladin order, originating since before the Aedyran Empire even began - protecting the Wood Elven noble St. Elcga if the Kulklin Kingdom (pre-Aedyr).

Aedyr banner
The Shieldbearers favour diplomacy and honesty; they condemn aggression and cruelty.

"The Steel Garrotte is a feared paladin order dedicated to Woedica. They work with powerful individuals and business interest to hunt down those who violate contracts, especially if said contracts were endorsed by a priestess of the Exiled Queen. They were founded in the Aedyr Empire and are active throughout the region - branching out as far as the Dyrwood and the Vailian Republics."
The Steel Garrote remind me a bit of the Goldpach Knights, in that they value contracts. However, the Goldpach Knights seem to value the contract they hold, itself, whereas The Steel Garrote seem to value the idea of contractual obligation. They would hunt down a contract-breaker due to the ideal behind bureaucracy, rather than because they were contracted themselves.
Like the Bleakwalkers, they are not in the business of negotiating, and do not show favouritism to their targets. When you stop and reflect on the values of this order, there is a reasonableness to their philosophy - people need to be held accountable for their oaths/contracts, and we cannot show impartiality to individuals based on circumstance. However, despite a level of reasonability, there is also a decisive lack of mercy in their philosophy.
The Steel Garrotte are another paladin order we may see in AVOWED, since it is closely tied to Woedica, the patron deity for Aedyr.
The Steel Garrotte favour rationality and cruelty; they condemn diplomacy and benevolence.

"The Frermàs mes Canc Suolias, or the Brotherhood of the Five Suns, is a paladin order of the Vailian Republics. The "Five Suns" refer to the five Vailian ducs bels, or "great dukes". The Brotherhood is loyal to the collective will of the ducal congress, rather than to any particular duc or ducess, and members are forbidden from active intervention in the congress's debates."
We learn of this order because a potential companion character in the game, Pallegina, is a member of the Frermas Mes Canc Suolias.
This paladin order, otherwise known as The Brotherhood of the Five Suns, serve the Vailian Republics. Which is a new confederacy originating from Old Vailia that consists of five city states and their ducs (the "Five Suns").
We do not know their dispositional preferences, and cannot necessarily extrapolate their values based on Pallegina's personality (though, perhaps, from her comments about the order).

In the Pillars of Eternity character creation tool Paladins gain a boost to Endurance. Health, Deflection (defensive trait), and gain skill bonuses to Lore & Athletics. As a result, we see Paladins serving well as characters who have a higher amount of health and physical defense, with a decent knowledge of the world around them and the endurance to perform laborious duties.
They gained abilities that focus on magical auras either buffing allies, or debuffing enemies; as well their offensive abilities focus on emboldening their already existing abilities (such as adding flame to their sword attacks). As to be expected, based on the character archetype, there are also support functions available in the form of bolstering allies, and marking enemies for extra ally damage. As a result, Paladins are a well-rounded character to play in Pillars.
For AVOWED, we might expect to see Paladins as high-health characters, who have a passive ability to help/hinder those in their immediate proximity. As well, we might expect to see added benefits to our offensive capabilities/attacks, and have an easier time commanding companions in the game.
As in Pillars, paladins are expected to behave in obedience to their Order; so we might expect that in AVOWED, we are encouraged to roleplay with a certain value system (compliance to which will increase our abilities potency).
Lore-wise, the Aedyran related Orders are more likely to appear in the game, but if we are truly playing in the Living Lands as rumours suggest, then any of the orders might appear in the game. Just be aware if someone says a Goldpach Knight is coming after you, to get your character's affairs in order...

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I'm Gonna Make teams with the top players and simulate them with the top games
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Hello, everyone. I'm sorry if this is not the place for what I'm about to ask.
My nephew is starting art school and one of the requests is to get a laptop strong enough to run Photoshop. As I dont use photoshop I can't advise him as well as you probably can.
If it's not asking too much, would it be possible to get some feedback regarding what specs a laptop should have in order to run photoshop without becoming too slow?
Thank you so much in advance.
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I’ve been feeling very insecure lately because I’m too ethnic looking and I feel like guys don’t find me attractive because of it. Social media also doesn’t help when I see everyone getting nose jobs and surgeries to fit the beauty standards in the west.
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Think about it they could have SSJ4 Gogeta and SSB Gogeta be the LRs with the new Goku and Vegeta being the new rarity cards.
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